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Weekend Edition Want To Stop America's Wars? Buy Gold!!

To read the essay Want To Stop America's Wars? Buy Gold!! scroll down past today's news.

Precipitous Drop In State Tax Collections The third-quarter drop, though, was pronounced in some counties compared to the same period last year. The clear reason why is people are unemployed and broke. In Texas: State sales tax collections down for 8th month in a row ... Georgia tax collections dropped by about 16 percent in September over the same month last year ... In Indiana revenue for September was $166 million short of a May forecast that lawmakers and Daniels used to put together a new two-year budget that took effect July 1.

California’s Budget Suffers ‘Major Blow’ as Debt Sales Loom

Here is some really Good News: Multi-national military maneuver canceled due to US outcry This Joint exercise was seen by some as a cover for an attack on Iran some time in October. I predicted in my New Year's column on my other blog that neither Israel nor the US would attack Iran in 2009. I hope I am right.

But there is plenty of bad news on the war front. This might explain why the Times in an article I posted the other day found American morale so low: In 2008 Afghanistan firefight, US weapons failed Cubbison's study is based on an earlier Army investigation and interviews with soldiers who survived the attack at Wanat. ... problems with his M4, which carries a 30-round magazine. ... I couldn't charge my weapon and put another round in because it was too hot, so I got mad and threw my weapon down." ... The high rate of fire appears to have put a number of weapons out of commission, even though the guns are tested and built to operate in extreme conditions ... The soldiers also had trouble with their M249 machine guns

Video: Max Keiser interviews Jim Willie on the demise of the dollar Jim Willie sees $100 a barrel for oil. He sees devaluation of the dollar as causing inflation. He says monetary velocity is being hidden by derivatives. Jim talks about the Dollar Carry Trade. He sees gold going to $1,200 in the short term. The COMEX in New York is having trouble meeting their silver contracts. COMEX does not enforce collateral rules against the Big Six banks. Germany asked for the return of their physical gold from the US. They told the Swiss and the Arabs to do the same. The collapse of the COMEX could add fuel to the fire for increases in the price of gold and silver. They also talked about the Dollar Carry Trade and how that will push the value of the dollar lower and gold higher. Willie is seriously thinking that the COMEX will have to shut down.

After only eight years in Afghanistan, Washington is having second thoughts:U. S. 'sticker shock' on Afghanistan

The Five Stages of Collapse

Steep losses pose crisis for pensions After losing about $1 trillion in the markets, state and local governments are facing a devil's choice: Either slash retirement benefits or pursue high-return investments that come with high risk.

2009 Wheat Forecast From OK Ag Statistics Winter wheat production is forecast at 1.50 billion bushels, down 20 percent

Video: - 4 (Mossad) Suspects in World Trade Center Before 9/11 Doing Construction That interview he mentioned took place Saturday on American Freedom Radio's Truth Jihad Show during the first hour. The archive has not been posted yet. I will post it as soon as it is available. The guest on the second hour was also pretty good. American Freedom Radio's website is here.

Congresswoman Kaptur: There Has Been a Financial Coup D'Etat While - on paper - there are reserve requirements, banks have gone from 10 to 1 leverage (where they could lend out 10 times their reserves) to - in the case of JP Morgan - 100 to 1 leverage. But with derivatives, leverage might be much higher Instead of holding hearings on the core problems with the financial system, Congress is holding hearings solely on arcane, peripheral issues

Justice officials won't take oath before briefing Not much change since Bush and Cheney.

Get Ready to be Outraged -- 50 Examples of Government Waste

Save the Greenback, Mr. President

1) End unemployment quickly by sending home the illegal aliens, canceling most H1-B visas and building a real wall on the border with Mexico. This will also save states and local governments tons of money.

2) Seize the FED and issue our own non-interest bearing currency. Get control of Credit Default Swaps and derivatives. Let the big banks go through bankruptcy.

3) Publish a budget that details federal spending by zip code and by congressional district so people can see where their money goes. Audit federal spending and make it impossible for Wall Street to steal billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal spending.

Andy Xie: China Has Become A Giant Ponzi Scheme

Want To Stop America's Wars? Buy Gold!!

It is way past time for all men and women of conscience who oppose war, whether we be from the Left, the Right or in between, to unite and to act decisively to stop America's never ending wars. We never really finished the war in Iraq which was an absolute disaster except for the killing of more than one million innocent civilians. Now we are expanding the war in Afghanistan. We have more troops and mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan today than one year ago.

Currently, there is a debate in Washington about the future of troop levels in Afghanistan. Rahm Emanuel is opposed to more regular US military personnel, but he does want to increase the number of men dedicated to targeted assassinations. No surprise there. Emanuel was probably decisive in selecting Stanley McChrystal to be commander of US troops there. He was head of Joint Special Operations Command from 2003 to 2008 which specialized in targeted assassinations.

Max Keiser has given everyone in the world who opposes war a call to action. You don't have to march on Washington or to subject yourself to LRADS.

Max Keiser was in good form in his latest radio broadcast. MAX SAID ALL WE HAVE TO DO TO STOP AMERICA'S WARS IS TO BUY GOLD!

In previous shows he said that as soon as gold hits $1,500 an ounce the American Empire will grind to a halt. Instead of risking being beaten by cops and soldiers at protest rallies people around the world should have bought gold. In fact after the famous article by Robert Fisk: The demise of the dollar. Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading Max Keiser was interviewed by Russia Today and said he verified the story from his own contacts in Paris and the Mideast. Max also said (Video) that one of the motives behind the decision on the part of the Arabs, the Chinese and the Russians was that they refused to finance American military aggression through credit.

How long will it take for us to stop all of these wars? It could happen before Christmas of 2009. Wouldn't it be nice for Christians around the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus by not having to fear another American war.

In related news: The Germans have begun a world wide movement questioning whether or not the COMEX (The NY Commodity Exchange) has all the commodities it claims to have. In the summer of 2009 they took all of their gold that had been on deposit in New York and London back to Germany. They convinced the Swiss to do the same. There has long been a question about whether or not there is any gold in Fort Knox or, if there is some gold there, has the US government either leased it or given it all to Goldman Sachs and J P Chase?

It seems that the Big Six banks (which includes Barclays, Chase and Goldman) are allowed by COMEX to sell millions of ounces of gold they do not have. All this is a vain effort to drive down the price of gold. Some or all of the gold at Fort Knox could have gone to Bail Out the Lords of Wall Street for earlier criminal activities. Covering bad and illegal COMEX losses might be one reason why Ben Bernanke refuses to tell the Congress what he has done with the two trillion dollars he has created in the past year.

Max said something else the world really needs to pay attention to. He said that he will interview Michael Hudson next week on his TV show which you can see (here next week.) You might want to bookmark Max's website so you can see his future video broadcasts and listen to his radio shows.

Max said Michael Hudson is in Latvia and advising them on their economic debacle. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the EU have told the Latvians to cut their National Health service budget in half amongst other draconian roll backs so they can pay interest to the bankers. There have been similar though less drastic calls made by IMF members against England.

Michael Hudson told the Latvians to refuse to pay the IMF in Euros which are worth much more than the dollar. Instead he advised them to print up tons of their currency (the Lat) and say here is all the money you will get from us.

If they follow this policy, other eastern European nations, Iceland and a lot of other nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America will follow their lead. The first banks to go would be in Austria, but they would all go. All currencies and all banks would be at risk. All we would have left would be canned food, gold and silver.

Yes. Times would be hard. I am sure Max would agree with me that times will be hard even if we do not buy gold. But, if we all work together and raise the price of gold to $1,500 an ounce, we would not have any more American wars. We might have an American revolution but at least our National Guard would be fighting on American soil and not in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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