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Weekend Edition Keiser: Government Backing Americans Into A Corner

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert: The Government Has Backed Americans Into A Corner With Only Two Options Audio Broadcast: This week's show did not cover much of anything really new until the last few minutes. Max said the government is forcing people into making one of two decisions to survive. One is to go around borrowing as much as you can in dollars and to buy gold so you will have something left after the government kills the dollar. The other option is to quite literally revolt.

Max also said that Peter Schiff is the only one allowed to speak in the mainstream news media who is giving current market data to his listeners. By the way, Video: Peter Schiff just issued a Red Alert saying it is time to dump the dollar.

Video Is THIS how the bank bailout money is being used? Professor Chossudovsky emphasizes the bailouts will not help the crisis, but will exacerbate it. He explains that to pay for Obama's budget deficits, public roads and parks will be sold off to private companies and banks, who will charge user fees to citizens, and that these user fees will be used to pay back the bailout money to the government. In short, the government is helping the banks finance their own debt. He also says that bailed out banks are using the bailout money to buy up assets in the real economy ( such as industry, tech, & airline stocks) at rock bottom prices, which will dramatically change the ownership structure in America. Will this lead to the creation of a financial and industrial oligarchy?

Obama Administration Takes from American Farmers, Gives to Israel

Administrative Detention in Israel Palestinians Behind Bars with No Recourse to Justice Hundreds of Palestinians are kept behind bars in Israel without charges having been filed and with no access to a fair trial. Not even their lawyers are allowed to look at the evidence. Some governments in the West have expressed their concern, but the Israelis haven't budged.

Video: Max Keiser interviews Paul Craig Roberts Two videos. Paul Craig Roberts is interviewed by Max. He says that in a failed state the criminals are operating inside the government. Roberts says the dollar will not last long and the dollar will end in inflation. Our budget deficits are much greater than the trade surpluses of our major trading partners so deficits can only be financed by printing money. America is a failed state and is close to becoming a banana republic. He says the world expects the dollar to fail. And Max says that the kids inside the US are the last to know.

Goldstone challenges US over Gaza report Here is another interview. Please note neither interview was conducted on US TV.
Israel and war crimes

The White House Doesn’t Want You To See This Dave Camp, the GOP Ranking Member on the House Ways and Means Committee, issued this devastating report on job creation attributable to the ARRA legislation. In state after state, the Obama administrations projections weren't just off but off by orders of magnitude. Heres a partial list of the worst projections: California projected gain: 396,000, California Actual: LOST 336,400 Arizona projected gain: 70,000, Arizona Actual: LOST 77,300 Colorado projected gain: 59,000, Colorado Actual: LOST 58,900 Georgia projected gain: 106,000, Georgia Actual: LOST 131,000 Illinois projected gain: 148,000, Illinois Actual: LOST 148,000

Afghanistan opium production reaches 6,900 tons Opium production rate has soared to 6,900 tons in Afghanistan in the past 10 years despite the presence of 100,000 foreign troops in the country for nearly eight years. A report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime said on Wednesday that Afghanistan produces 92 percent of the world’s opium that has devastating global consequences. The UN report also noted that Afghanistan’s illegal opium production is worth 65 billion dollars

Audio: Howard Stern Interviews Pastor James David Manning Pastor Manning takes on Obama and Oprah. Calls her the Whore of Babylon and him the anti-Christ who will destroy America. He says most black churches are just clip joints. He also compared Obama to David Dinkins who was elected mayor of New York in 1990 and promptly disappointed the black people of Harlem when he allowed Colombia University to expand and to take away a lot of homes and businesses from blacks. He said Obama will disappoint black people and enrage them when they see what he has done to destroy their nation. Pastor Manning says he still lives in Harlem even though he can afford to move out.

Asian nations look to 'lead world' Asian nations discussed plans at a major summit Saturday to "lead the world" by boosting economic and political cooperation and possibly forming an EU-style community.

IAF chief: We must stop S-300 delivery (To Iran) Iran is close to negotiating a solution to the nuclear weapons issue. But Israel still threatens to attack if the Russians sell Iran the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system which would defend them against an Israeli attack.

Nat Hentoff: Obama Every Bit as Bad as Bush/Cheney on Patriot Act "Democrats have to decide if they are going to stand up for the rights of the American people" or (for recent example) "allow the FBI to write our laws.",

I found this at Zero Hedge. There was one bank closed on Friday that had lost 54.22% of its depositors' money before the FDIC closed it. Makes you wonder

Citigroup's "Hail Mary Pass": How To Know Citigroup Is In Serious Trouble Citibank's average yield year-to-date (consumer and plastic) was about 12%. But they're suffering 10% defaults, making their true margin about 2%. That's still a positive number.... if it's accurate ... FASB, the Norwalk, Connecticut-based panel that sets U.S. accounting standards, voted 5-0 today to delay the rule change until fiscal years starting after Nov. 15, 2009. The board needs to give financial institutions more time to prepare for the switch, FASB member Thomas Linsmeier said at a board meeting. "We need to get a new standard into effect," Linsmeier said, though "it's not practical" to begin requiring companies to put assets underlying securitizations onto their books this year. Enquiring minds may wish to consider Citigroup's $1.1 Trillion in Mysterious Shadow Assets.

Two Videos: Look Who's Really Writing the Healthcare Bill -- It's Big Pharma & The Insurance Lobby

Video: Zbigniew Brzezinski On Iran
Unbelievable. Failure in Iraq will lead to war against Iran and spread to Afghanistan and Pakistan. His fear is there is no secret Obama admin plan but this will allow the situation to deteriorate. He admits we smashed Iraq so it is doubtful we could build an Iraqi army and nation.

Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite The people Bush appointed to investigate 911 knew about nanothermite yet refused to include it in their reports.

White House to Keep Obama’s ‘Czars’ from Testifying Before Congress

”It Has Got All the Hallmarks of a Financial Collapse about to Happen in America ...The US Dollar Is Almost Becoming like Junk Bonds”

THIS COULD NOT HAPPEN TO A MORE DESERVING GROUP Capmark Financial, a Top-Tier Commercial Real Estate Lender, Seeks BankruptcyCapmark has originated more than $10 billion in commercial real-estate loans, according to Moody's Investors Service. It also represents a blow to the company's private-equity owners. In 2006, a group led by KKR & Co., Goldman Sachs Capital Partners and Five Mile Capital Partners acquired the lender GMAC LLC's commercial-real estate business and renamed it Capmark. As of March 31, the investor group owned about 75% of the company, with GMAC and its employees owning the balance. The Horsham, Pa., company recently reported a $1.6 billion second-quarter loss and warned it might be forced to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. KKR has already written down its investment in Capmark to zero.
Adding to Capmark's pressures, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. had notified the company that it must raise capital and boost liquidity at its Utah bank, which has roughly $10 billion in assets.

$13 an Hour? 500 Sign Up, 1 Wins a Job

Video ZERO : An Investigation Into 9/11 This is a good video on 911. I have seen it before. It was recently recommended by a friend. It is especially good on the Pentagon.

Video: Crazy Israeli Settlers Attack Pacifists in Jerusalem

California Budget Solution – Ignore It. $3 Billion Financial Gap by December. State Budget Deficit Already in the Billions. Tax Revenues Collapse and Unemployment and Underemployment at 23 Percent.
Nearly 50 percent of the revenue for the state comes from personal income tax. Another 34 percent comes from sales taxes. Over 84 percent of all revenue comes from sources that are affected heavily by economic downturns. Those in Sacramento have decided to simply ignore the problem until we reach another situation where we are printing IOUs.

Soldier who refuses to return to Afghanistan leads thousands on anti-war march in London Lance Corporal Joe Glenton told protesters at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park that he found it distressing to disobey orders but felt that he had been left with no choice.


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