Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday 10-07 Military Chiefs Held Secret Meeting

Israeli, US army chiefs hold secret talks on Iran Sunday was Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen's birthday. If he went along with Israel's plan to attack Iran, hundreds of millions of people will not see their next birthday. Tens of millions in Iran and downwind will die from the radiation if the Iranian nuclear reactor is destroyed by air strikes.

Prevailing winds will take the radiation to America.

As I reported the other day, the Iranians have agreed to allow the Russians to do their enrichment processing in Russia and have French technicians transform them into fuel rods. Iran cannot make nuclear weapons under those conditions.

The cut off in oil will raise the price of oil to $300 or even $400 a barrel. The world economy will die. Of course American military personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf will be killed. In my opinion it is obvious that Israel's only motivation in attacking Iran is to get America to kill as many of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims as possible before the US becomes a third rate terminally ill basket case banana boat republic.

Photos of American soldiers guarding heroin poppies in Afghanistan. Please share with your friends. WHAT OUR CHILDREN ARE DYING FOR IN AFGHANISTAN

Afghanistan sitting on a gold mine. The real reason we’re fighting the war?

Court Documents Reveal Existence of New Torture Tapes A federal court judge on Monday revealed that the brutal interrogation of an alleged "war on terror" detainee imprisoned at Guantanamo for more than seven years was videotaped and she ordered the government to turn over the materials to the prisoner's lawyers...A December 20, 2005, Army inspector general report relating to the capture and interrogation of al-Qahtani included a sworn statement by Lt. Gen. Randall M. Schmidt, who said Secretary Rumsfeld was "personally involved" in the interrogation of al-Qahtani and spoke "weekly" with Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, the commander at Guantanamo, about the status of the interrogations between late 2002 and early 2003.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ANTHRAX ATTACKS AND ITS COVER-UP You might want to bookmark this article. It almost equal to 9-11 Truth and Wall Street's Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction as the most earth shattering news of the 21st century.

Former SEC Chairman Confirms That Anyone Relying On The SEC To Do Its Job Is "Making A Huge Mistake" Harry Markopolos tried for seven years to get the SEC to stop Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. He has warned us about CDS and derivatives as has Janet Tavakoli. Markopolos says the amount of fraudulent derivatives is 600 trillion dollars. Tavakoli says fraud was embedded into the contracts giving favors and exemptions to one party that the other party was not made aware of. Nothing is being done by either regulators or the Congress. Barney Frank said he wanted to do something about "bad derivatives." Max Keiser called Frank an idiot.

The Treasury Department Endorses Lying To The Public

Commercial Real Estate: The Shoe Dropped In California
I just checked Yahoo real estate and there are 7,017 homes currently listed in foreclosure in San Jose California.

China calls time on dollar hegemony

Video: Dow Will Fall to 6,300 by Year End: Portfolio Manager

American dream evaporating Great hopes stirred by Obama waning in wake of questionable performance

Video: Catastrophe - Obama's War On Talk Radio

Video: Karl Denninger Takes on Both Parties AT Tea Party

Audio: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk about the financial thefts of the week

Video: US Cedes Economic Independence To IMF

Cell phones and driving is not a good idea. Woman Struck, Killed By Train In Delaware

10 more ways to detect computer malware

Obama White House can’t find – or won’t release – millions of Bush emails

Recovering from Neoliberal Disaster: Why Iceland and Latvia Won’t (and Can’t) Pay the EU for the Kleptocrats’ Ripoffs By Prof. Michael Hudson

The mystery investor who is turning the tin market on its head A single investor – thought to be a hedge fund – is sitting on thousands of tonnes of tin in warehouses across London. According to traders almost the entire stocks of tin on the London Metals Exchange (LME) was bought up by a single, mysterious investor, last week.

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