Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday 10-05 An Open Letter To Senator Max Baucus

Dear Senator Baucus,

I am writing to ask for your assistance and also that of your fellow members of the Senate Finance Committee. I am in good health and would like to make a comment on your health insurance bill. As I understand it, the House and the Senate have replaced the dot com and mortgage bubbles with the Bailout, Cap and Trade and Health Care bubbles. Unlike you I am not a law school graduate so I do suppose it is constitutional for the Democrats and the Republicans to join together and create a direct pipeline from our paychecks, our wallets, our bank accounts, our pensions and what is left of our 401Ks and IRAs to suction that money directly from us to Goldman Sachs, AIG and your other contributors on Wall Street.

I can see your point of view that we desperately need to expand the Health Care bubble beyond even its present nearly stratospheric levels to shore up the economy. I agree with you that we are in desperate times. If we used the same definition of unemployment that President Clinton used in 1993, our unemployment rate would be 17%. That is a serious problem.

You and your fellow Senators are doing your best to keep the Health Care bubble alive. Saline bags which cost $1.29 and hip replacement parts which cost $400 are sold through our insurance companies for $400 and $12,000 respectively. You get paltry millions in campaign contributions while the insurance companies take in hundreds of billions of dollars in premiums.

The gist of your bill is to do nothing to reduce the costs of prescription drugs because the pharmaceutical companies are generous campaign donors and times are tough. So what you have done is to propose a bill that would require us to buy insurance. Once health insurance is mandatory we all know that the insurance companies will increase our rates, raise our co-pays and cut service. I do not care if they cut our services and raise our co-pays because as I said I am in good health.

But I have also been hit by hard times and find it extremely difficult to keep my share of these Bailouts going. Therefore I have written to you to ask for your assistance. I cannot afford to either buy health insurance or to pay a humongous fine for not buying it.

And there are tens of millions of people on Medicare who cannot afford even forty dollars a month in cuts to their only health insurance program. And from what I have read over the Internet, I understand that 80% of working age Americans cannot afford to pay more either for insurance or for co-pays as your bill would require.

Therefore to expand the Health Care bubble even beyond its present limits, I would like to make a modest suggestion: I read some years ago at Asia Times that the total amount of bribe money laundered by the banks for politicians worldwide was five hundred billion dollars a year. How about getting some of that money to help buy insurance for healthy people who don't need the coverage or to subsidize those who do need help and are facing bankruptcy?

I wanted to go to the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh to share my ideas but I am glad I did not attend. The police and the military out numbered the demonstrators three to one even if you count the agents provacateurs wearing police issue boots. And those LRADS (Long Range Acoustical Devices) can do permanent damage to our hearing. And I did see that man get kidnapped by the military. I really do not want to be sent to Guantanamo.

Since you are a law school graduate, you can explain to me exactly how and when we the people lost our First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for the redress of our grievances.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not one of those complaining types. I just wish I had been allowed to assemble in Pittsburgh to ask my elected representatives for a little help so I can keep these gargantuan bubbles going. Since I can no loner legally assemble and petition my government, I have decided to ask you through this Open Letter for your help. I have been paying into these bubbles for decades. I sincerely believe it is past time for Washington and Wall Street to give something back to me.

Now for the rest of the news.

Mayor Bloomberg: 'We can't just say everybody can go everyplace and do anything they want'

Video: Max Keiser interviews Janet Tavakoli who wrote Dear Mr Buffet. She says that fraud has been embedded into derivative contracts and we are in much worse shape than we were last year. This article covers her views: Janet Tavakoli: Rampant Fraud and Ponzi Scheme Caused Crisis

Yesterday's edition had an article explaining that the real unemployment rate if you used the definition that Clinton used in 1993 was 17%. Now there is this: Mish Shedlock: Huge Downward Jobs Revisions Coming Mish points out how the government massages the numbers to make the unemployment rate appear to be as low as 17%. Paul Craig Roberts says if they used the same definition of unemployment the Reagan administration used in 1983, the real unemployment rate would be 20 or 21%. In the Janet Tavakoli video above she pointed out that the federal government's income tax collections are down 21%. I would point out that unemployment insurance benefits is taxable so the decline in wages income is worse than the 21% figure she mentions.

Not all people are created equal. Or maybe some people are more equal than others. Goldman Sachs to Receive $1 Billion if CIT Fails

Senator Baucus tells us that we can cut hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare. But read this and tell me where he is going to find those cuts. Waves of new fund cuts imperil US nursing homes

Video: G-20 Protesters Vs SWAT Please note that the First Amendment gives us the right to peaceably assemble and to present in person to our government leaders a petition asking for redress of our grievances.

Obama ‘Furious’ Over Gen. McChrystal Speech The problem with Obama is that when he says something he means it until the next day and he makes a contradictory speech in front of another audience. Obama is not an adult. He has not made a definitive decision about Afghanistan and he has been President since January.

Former UN Envoy Peter Galbraith Was Ordered to Cover Up Karzai Vote Fraud

City to homeowner: Let us in, or get out. Man evicted from house for resisting warrantless inspections

2 government studies find autism disorders in 1 in 100 US children The Amish do not vaccinate their children and they have no autism. A doctor said on Internet radio that every child cancer patient at his hospital over a thirty year period had been injected with vaccines.

Canada: Study prompts provinces to rethink flu plan. Report suggests people who get vaccinated are more likely to catch H1N1

New York State Tax Revenues Slump 36%, Is New York The Next California?

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