Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday 10-30 Ruth Madoff: The Gentiles are responsible for this.

Ruth Madoff: The Gentiles are responsible for this. She said this on tape while her husband was free on bond. It is in the first minute of the ABC News Clip, by the author of the book "The Madoff Chronicles" with Brian Ross.

Video: Palestinians homeless again after eviction Israeli cops evict Palestinians from tents after courts evicted them from homes they had owned for 60 years. The courts ruled that the homes actually belonged to Jews. MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) watched and denounced. NO AMERICAN CONGRESSMEN WERE PRESENT. The following is a printed article describing evictions in the same area. OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALM ~~ FIRST THEY EVICTED US FROM OUR HOME, THEN THEY DEMOLISHED THE TENT WE WERE LIVING IN

Video Merck Scientist Admits Cancer & AIDS Came From Vaccines

Video: Obama To Enter Diplomatic Talks With Raging This is a 2 minute satire. However, the following is not a satire. Video Barack Obama Truth Squads

Robins can see Earth's magnetic field German scientists studied 36 European robins and concluded that the birds can 'see' the Earth's magnetic field, allowing them to navigate

Pastor James David Manning Banned From YouTube Though his channel remains public, Pastor James David Manning has been restricted from posting new material on YouTube for “hate speech”, simply for stating his religious views. I warned you this was coming ... I encourage everyone who is concerned by the recent banning of Conservatives on YouTube to sign up for an account at While you are there, subscribe to my channel at

Israel denies illegal diamond trade And there is also this news from Zion:
Haaretz: Israelis at center of ecstasy drug trade

Video: MAX KEISER in Fall of the Republic the Presidency of Barack Obama This is Max's contribution to Alex Jones' Fall of the Republic the Presidency of Barack Obama

Clunkers: Taxpayers paid $24,000 per car A total of 690,000 new vehicles were sold under the Cash for Clunkers program last summer, but only 125,000 of those were vehicles that would not have been sold anyway

Telling Wall Street to kiss their assets goodbye: Florida considers state-owned bank even though this is the “secret” to the state with the lowest unemployment in the nation along with a record budget surplus (it’s North Dakota, one of only two solvent states today), the idea of a state-owned bank creating its own credit is a new idea for many Americans --- If Florida copies North Dakota, we might all follow their example and recover.

This is happening because we do not have a state owned bank like North Dakota. Market Cheers Over Ugly GDP Report A misguided Cash-for-Clunkers added a one-time contribution of 1.66 percentage points to GDP. Auto sales have since collapsed so all the program did is move some demand forward ... Government spending increased at 7.9 percent in the third quarter which is certainly nothing to cheer about ... real disposable personal income decreased 3.4 percent ... the only reason GDP rose is wasteful government spending, cash-for-clunkers and extremely unaffordable housing tax credits

The Message is Clear; It's Perfectly Okay to Betray Your Nation if You're a Jew

City of Houston is Bankrupt (So are California, Oregon, and Pension Plans in General)

New US Bases on the Black Sea a $50 million military base in Romania, which will house 1,600 American troops and a $60 million base in Bulgaria to house 2,500 soldiers ... More than 2,000 soldiers are now taking part in exercises near the two Eastern European nations ... elements of the US missile shield complex may eventually appear in Romania ... In another alarming sign, cadets at the West Point military academy are now undergoing a crash course of Russian language and culture. Just like they started learning Arabic three years prior to the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Video Dispatch: A Crisis in the Kremlin
Stratfor is a Jewish NeoCon company but it does reveal a struggle in Russia. The power elite in Russia is Jewish and were installed by George H.W. Bush in 1991 when the NY FED, the NY banks and the Harvard Endowment sacked and looted Russian state industries and pension funds to enrich 8 Jewish men and one non-Jew.

Arrogant US Misses the Message From Pakistan’s People 11 percent of the Pakistani respondents said that al-Qaeda is the greatest threat to Pakistan today, 18 percent said India, and 59 percent said the United States ... Afghanistan is a country with one-sixth Pakistan’s population, with a great many Pashtuns, too, harboring only a 100 or so members of al-Qaeda ... damage American pressures are doing to Pakistan and how fearful the Pakistani populace is, not of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, but of the United States ... There has always been in American foreign policy circles a virus called arrogance, caused by the hereditary assumption that Americans know better than others.

How 56.5 Million Households Live: $52,000 Median Household Income in 2009 Crushed by a Decade of Debt. A Decade of Lost Wages and Financial Debt Servitude. Americans leveraged debt in this decade to make up for their lost purchasing power ... We are still losing jobs at a rate of 3 million per year. In fact, just to keep at a normal pace we need to be creating 150,000 jobs per month. Until we get there, the average American is going to feel this as the deep recession that it is.

Obama’s Defense Bill Restarts Gitmo Tribunals

Prosecutors Turn Tables on Student Journalists For more than a decade, classes of students at Northwestern University’s journalism school have been scrutinizing the work of prosecutors and the police. The investigations into old crimes, as part of the Medill Innocence Project, have helped lead to the release of 11 inmates ... But as the Medill Innocence Project is raising concerns about another case, that of a man convicted in a murder 31 years ago, a hearing has been scheduled next month in Cook County Circuit Court on an unusual request: Local prosecutors have subpoenaed the grades, grading criteria, class syllabus, expense reports and e-mail messages of the journalism students themselves

Brief Video: Speaker Pelosi Denies Public Access to Health Care Public Plan Announcement

Paul Tudor Jones 3rd quarter letter to investors: Dollar will continue its decline and Gold is vastly undervalued

Another Bad Economic Report (PCI/Spend) Personal income decreased $0.1 billion, or less than 0.1 percent, and disposable personal income (DPI) decreased $0.2 billion, or less than 0.1 percent, in September, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Personal consumption expenditures (PCE) decreased $47.2 billion, or 0.5 percent.

Report: States set low bar for achievement Obama administration says states should adopt tougher standards
Many states set achievement standards so low that they can say their students are reading and doing math at their grade level when they haven't truly mastered the subjects ... "States are setting the bar too low," Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a statement. "We're lying to our children when we tell them they're proficient, but they're not achieving at a level that will prepare them for success once they graduate."

End-of-life counseling remains in health bill

Bank-Favoring Censorship by Congress The object lesson is the gutting of the falsely-branded derivatives reform bill. It arrived with a loophole so large you could drive a truck through it, namely that customized derivatives were not covered. So this bill will do nothing to impede the growth of complex opaque products; in fact, it encourages it, since banks will have no oversight if they tweak a product so that is can be deemed “customized.” It was further weakened by excluding most of the banks in America and by excluding a whole swathe of end users. The final insult was making the derivatives clearing house self-regulating.

New York State Is So Broke It Steals From Itself To Pay Off Unapproved Debt According to DiNapoli, "only one-third of the money in the Highway and Bridge Trust Fund has actually been used to pay for highways and bridges. The rest has been siphoned off to pay for debt service on back-door borrowing and to fund operational costs for the DMV and the state Department of Transportation."

Weekly US Railroad Carloadings Down 14.8% For Cumulative Decline Of 18.0%

Snack and soft drink sweetener putting millions at risk of high blood pressure High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is abundant in many types of foods and beverages ... has caused consumption of the fruit sugar fructose to rise sharply, alongside increasing levels of obesity.

Stunning wages/benefits for federal workers The average combined wages and benefits for federal workers is $120,000!

"Inordinate Influx" Of Orders Stalls NYSE, Locks Quote Dissemination An alert just released notifies that the NYSE cash market "experienced an inordinate influx of orders that caused delays in quote dissemination and several locked quote conditions." First the rating agencies, and now the exchanges simply have no idea how to deal with action that is not perpetually positive. Just how much selling volume will be needed for the NYSE to announce it is halting trading?

The FDIC Must Be Indicted The head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. delivered some bad news personally to uninsured depositors ... The problem lies with the willful and intentional refusal to enforce black-letter law, in this case Title 12, Chapter 16, Section 1831o which says in part: Each appropriate Federal banking agency and the Corporation (acting in the Corporation’s capacity as the insurer of depository institutions under this chapter) shall carry out the purpose of this section by taking prompt corrective action to resolve the problems of insured depository institutions ... also contains plenty of other "shall" directives such as: Each appropriate Federal banking agency shall—
(A) closely monitor the condition of any undercapitalized insured depository institution;
(B) closely monitor compliance with capital restoration plans, restrictions, and requirements imposed under this section; and (C) periodically review the plan, restrictions, and requirements applicable to any undercapitalized insured depository institution to determine whether the plan, restrictions, and requirements are achieving the purpose of this section.

How fish oil helps arthritis Previous research has shown that a key step in the inflammatory process occurs when white blood cells stick to the inner lining of blood vessels. The scientists, whose findings are reported in the journal Nature, discovered that resolvin D2 helps prevent this happening by generating small amounts of nitric oxide.

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