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NASAL SPRAY WILL SPREAD AND CAUSE THE PANDEMIC The nasal Swine Flu vaccine is made from live attenuated viruses. It is sprayed almost directly into the child's brain. It can cause encephalitis. Since it is a live attenuated virus, the child can shed the virus (i.e. spread it) for up to 21 days after being vaccinated. More than 20,000,000 doses have been prepared which means that it will kill many children and spread the flu to many others.

In the 1976 Swine Flu fiasco 50 people were killed by the vaccine for every one who died from the flu. But this time around there is the additional problem of Bird Flu or H5N1 that could combine with the 20,000,000 to 40,000,000 who will be vaccinated and/or exposed to a child who had a nasal spray vaccination. We should be seeing confrontations as early as next week between the government and the people who refuse the vaccine.

Video: Matt Taibbi of Rollingstone Reveals Insider Trading on Lehman Collapse I liked what Pat Buchanan asked Matt, "Does the C in SEC stand for Clueless?"

Video: Interview with William Black the author of "The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One." Bill Moyers interviews Black who supported Obama in 2008. He was a regulator during the S&L crisis of the 1980s. Obama violated the Prompt Action Law which requires regulators to act promptly to stop a fraud. We are allowing the failed CEOs to cover up their losses and to continue our crisis and to make it worse. He said both Bush and Obama used AIG to favor UBS and Goldman Sachs.

Audio: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk about the past week. Max and Stacy were critical of the police trying to stir up trouble at the G-20. Max was critical of the anemic scale of protests in America. (He does not realize that most of the alleged leaders on the Left and the Right are on the CIA payroll.) They also talked about Lori Wallach's report that the Doha Round of WTO talks have agreed to MORE FINANCIAL DEREGULATION AND THE RELAXATION OF ACCOUNTING EULES ON BANKERS. By contrast, the G-20 Summit has passed a non-binding hopeful statement wishing for more regulation. But note that the WTO dictates are binding on all member states and have the force of law no matter what you want.

Option ARMs in Financial Pain: 900,000 Mortgages and 1 out of 4 either Seriously Delinquent or in Foreclosure. OCC and OTS Report Shows Foreclosures Still Growing.

Video: A Satire Everything is OK

Chinese official: China, U.S. rift could deepen over struggle for Mideast influence If Israel attacks Iran, oil from the Persian Gulf will be cut off for at least six months. People who support the attack on Iran which has no nuclear weapons program must therefore want to pay $300 a barrel for oil for the next six months and want the dollar to collapse. They must also want to see food riots and 25% unemployment. China is restrained in what they can do because they do not want to start a Global Depression. Since an attack on Iran will start a Hyperinflationary Global Depression, there is no reason why China could not threaten to dump half a trillion dollars into the commodity markets in 24 hours. Food shelves in grocery stores would empty out in less than 3 days. And the pumps would run dry at the gas stations. The only person in the American government standing up to Israel is Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Putin could have done more. There is a meeting starting today to discuss sanctions against Iran. We will soon see what happens. China and Russia both need Iran.

President Blair ‘within weeks’ I guess I will have to strike Europe off the list of places to go when it all hits the fan. Maybe the Irish will save us and vote No on the Lisbon Treaty which will cancel Blair's Presidency.

Saudi Arabia denies it offered Israeli jets flight path to Iran This is the second time they had to deny an anonymously sourced rumor claiming they favored launching WW III.

Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’ I think we already are as close as we can get to a controlled society.

U.S. Story on Iran Nuke Facility Doesn't Add Up

US drops Marine murder charge because he issues apology to dead unarmed Iraqi

Video: BRAWL ON AIR: 'Murders for organs'
A heated debate between a Swedish journalist and an Israeli over the harvesting of Palestinian internal organs killed by Israeli forces.

Senators turn back ID requirement for immigrant healthcare

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesday 9-30 The Only Health Care Plan Still Standing

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There are currently four health care plans with many variations and amendments in the Congress and the Senate. None will work. As I noted before, the TARP Inspector General has said that the total cost of all the Bail Outs to the taxpayers is 23.7 trillion dollars. You will remember that the insurance companies were amongst those receiving Bail Out cash.

Senator Max Baucus has put forth a plan without either single payer or even a public option. It requires you to buy insurance and to pay fines and even do jail time for non-compliance. Critics point out that is a tremendous subsidy to those same insurance that have been donating millions of dollars to the senators writing this bill. Critics have also said that the insurance companies will raise our rates and fees as soon as we lose the option of refusing their services. But the major problem is that these insurance companies are bankrupt and will not be able to perform the functions we would expect them to fulfill. In short the Baucus plan and the Republican plans of tax credits that make buying health insurance more affordable will not work as we have no federal tax money to give away.

The next two plans are single payer and the public option. But, as Michel Chossudovsky pointed out the other day, Bailouts and interest payments on the national debt plus military spending consumes 100% of America's tax revenues so there is nothing left over for health care, education, roads, parks, pensions, Social Security or anything else for that matter. John Williams at Shadow Stats has said that if we set aside funds today to make our payments for pensions, medicare and other commitments as corporations are required to do, we would have to raise the tax rate on every American to 100%. And that was before we upped the ante on the war in Afghanistan.

That means there is no money for Single payer and for the public option or even tax credits to work. In fact we will not have enough money for our existing Medicare and Medicaid programs.

But that does not matter to Wall Street. Because no matter which of the plans we select the Congress passed a law giving them what they wanted which is to put your health records into computers so they can have access to your personal history and more easily control you.

The only plan standing is mine which I outlined in my essay Rebuilding America published on my other blog. The idea is that we file RICO lawsuits against Wall Street, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Media, the Foundations and any other persons and corporations involved in the criminal enterprise formerly known as the government of the United States. We could easily collect ten trillion dollars and put it into a retirement fund along with 4.5 trillion dollars from the Social Security and Medicare trust funds.

All adult citizens who are currently working or retired would be given a share of the 14.5 trillion dollars to be deposited in co-operatively run funds that would provide our retirement and health benefits. The co-ops would be big enough to import cheaper drugs from overseas and to hire doctors and hospitals to perform services. We could eliminate a lot of billing paperwork. And the co-ops could also provide life, automobile and fire insurance plus act as our credit unions. The co-ops would also own shares in all of the big banks and brokerage firms which should have been liquidated through bankruptcy long ago.

I would have more funding from a Tobin tax (i.e. sales tax) on financial transactions that would be sufficient to fund current federal expenditures on Medicare, Social Security and the remaining legitimate federal expenses after we put the government on a diet. This would along with having the Treasury take over the Federal Reserve would abolish the income tax and all Social Security taxes.

The government and Wall Street could no longer tell us what to do because we would own our own resources. America has always been about freedom and self-determination for the people who do the work whether they are workers, farmers or self-employed professionals, contractors and small businessmen.

Until a new health plan is devised you will have to take charge of your own health because the dollar will crash along with all public and many private services. That is why I am passing along the following information as a starting point.

Margarine and all hydrogenated vegetable oils, such as, mayonnaise are poisons to humans. Consider this: You'd butter believe it: Margarine consumption is linked to lower IQs in children

I should caution you that adding supplements to your diet might not work if you continue to eat sugar, high fructose corn syrup, MSG and aspartame. High-Fructose Diet Raises Blood Pressure in Middle-Aged Men

Technically not a "vitamin," vitamin D is in a class by itself. Its metabolic product, calcitriol, is actually a secosteroid hormone that targets over 2000 genes (about 10% of the human genome) in the human body. Current research has implicated vitamin D deficiency as a major factor in the pathology of at least 17 varieties of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, and more.

This video on YouTube is a little long. I personally take D3 and not D2.

Garlic prevents hypertension induced by chronic inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis.

Get The Lead Out This article is not just about garlic but also cilantro, chlorella and other foods that remove toxic metals from your body.

Green Tea Health Effects It is full of flavonoids, which give green tea its health benefits. These flavnoids, called polyphenols, are antioxidants. A subgroup of these antioxidants, called catechins, are abundant in green tea. One catechin in particular, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), is found only in tea and one of the most powerful antioxidants ever found. They are 20 times stronger than Vitamin E. Here is just a short list of the green tea health benefits according to various studies:

Cinnamon Prevents Insulin Resistance Induced by High-Fructose Diet

Curry 'may slow Alzheimer's' Turmeric might also help.

N.F.L. Study Finds Link to Dementia

And now for the rest of the news:

Health Care Overhaul and Mandatory Coverage Stir States’ Rights Claims

Glenn Greenwald & Arianna Huffington on Iran Video: Glenn Greenwald Takes on the Zio-Nazis

Obama chooses his words to dodge any deeds

High Frequency Forex Manipulation Evidence
The Forex market (Foreign Currency Exchange) is 3 trillion dollars a day. Front running is supposedly illegal. To front run a trade is to buy it a fraction of a second before the sucker can place his trade so you can sell it to him at a higher price.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tuesday 9-29 Tyrants Set 12-31-2009 Deadline To End Democracy

Dr Bill Deagle and John Moore, a former Green Beret, said they had been told (Audio File) by informants inside our intelligence services that the deadline for ending democracy in America has been moved up to 12-31-2009 from the same date in 2010. Deagle and Moore both declined to say why the deadline to end democracy had been moved up a year. I am willing to accept Deagle's date deadline he heard from inside sources because I don't see how the dollar will last until 2010. That is why I named this blog Almost 117 Days. I am convinced the dollar will crash before the end of the year.

Some years ago we all read about the Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR) plan to end sovereignty and democracy in Mexico, the United States and Canada by merging our nations into the North American Union (NAU) by 2010. Even before reading that study I had an intuition that the dollar would crash by the end of 2009.

I will cite three reasons why the bankers are getting anxious but there are probably one or two more reasons for them to move their plans forward by a year. When I was nine years-old, I read a small book on banking which convinced me that our banking system was designed to take money away from us and give it to bankers and that it will always end in a severe Depression. One reason for moving the End of Democracy ahead one year is that Wall Street knows the dollar cannot last one more year and they rightly fear the townsfolk will chase them with pitchforks.

Another reason is that the people are organizing themselves at rallies and are talking to each other in person and over the Internet. They are also buying 50,000,000 bullets a day and stocking up on food and other supplies. Wall Street wants to cut short that time frame for the people to organize a resistance.

The final reason I would cite is that our Teleprompter Reader in Chief in declining rapidly in popularity. He is losing support amongst white Democrats and Independents. They can see he never held hearings and developed his own health care plan. He has never made any hard decisions about Iraq and Afghanistan. How do you think his voters will react when they see Obama fire up Air Force and jet to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago to get the 2016 Summer Olympics while he avoids decisions ranging from health care to Afghanistan troop levels?

Obama's popularity is declining so rapidly so he might not be able to fulfill the second of the twofold reasons for his selection to be made President. One reason was that his first job was to destroy the United States. Obama did that by getting the Stimulus and Spending bills and the supplemental appropriations for the DOD and the IMF so the dollar would crash because he could not find enough buyers for American Treasury bonds. 46 cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed. Of the 2.3 trillion dollars the US collected in taxes in 2008 100% went to pay for the Bailouts to the banks and for military spending. So all we have to do to balance the budget is to eliminate all spending that does not go directly to banks or to the DOD and its contractors.

The second reason for his selection as President was that he was to protect the uber rich and merge the United States into the NAU and end both sovereignty and democracy. We have already agreed to the accounting principles for an international currency so Congressman Barney Frank can freely support HR 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve because he knows the Federal Reserve and the dollar will soon disappear.

Obama might not be aware that he was also selected by Wall Street to become President because when the dollar dies they wanted a black man to be sacrificed for the greater good of a race war. The bankers want the blacks, Hispanics and whites to shoot each other so they cannot shoot billionaires. Wall Street hopes we will greet the UN troops as saviors when they occupy our cities. In another year Obama might be so unpopular that even the blacks and Hispanics might want him to just go away and even they would refuse to go out into the streets with weapons to riot to defend their President. Even the dimmest bulb will perceive by next year that Obama was always Wall Street's man in Washington and never represented us.

In yesterday's essay I said that Rahm Emanuel, an Israeli citizen, is the Real President of the United States and should be impeached. The government will collapse within 12 months. All we have to do is to not buy into world War III, to avoid a race war and to refuse to join the NAU.

I would like to repeat yesterday's suggestion that at the next protest rally we have signs and bumper stickers saying Impeach Rahm Emanuel. He is dangerous.

Clearly the Zionists are gearing the police up for a National Security State: Pittsburgh G 20 Aftermath & Luke Rudkowski The cops have to create riot abuses so the riot police and the military can inflict pain on innocent bystanders using their exotic new weapons Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20 Alex Jones has talked to cops who said they enjoy putting people on terrorist lists which are growing by 25,000 a month with no provision for us to clear our names of false accusations.

Rachel Maddow Reports Video: Obama Implements 'Precrime' 'Prolonged Detention'

Zionists are trying to drown out coverage of Israel's atrocities cited by the Goldstone Report and her refusal to accept the UN demand they allow nuclear inspections by focusing on Iran but not everyone is buying their propaganda. Turkey wants UN body to discuss Gaza 'war crimes'

There is also this: Turkish premier warns against military strike on Iran Did anyone notice that Roman Polanski defended his drugging and raping a 13 year-old girl was that he is a Holocaust survivor?

And then the Israelis keep doing things on a daily basis that anger those of us who do not appreciate their arrogance. Settlers chop down Nablus olive grove on eve of harvest

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday 9-28 Impeach Rahm Emanuel

Politics is the art of achieving the possible. Now is the time for us to demand the resignation of Rahm Emanuel as Obama's Chief of Staff. And, as far as I am concerned, he can take David Axelrod back to Chicago with him. The Democrats have overwhelming majorities in the Senate and in the House of Representatives so the best we could hope for is to kick Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod out of Washington.

I think we can get the backing of Obama's die hard supporters to join us in ousting Emanuel and Axelrod because their resignations would force Obama to become President of the United States and to give us the change he promised us.

To date Obama has read many teleprompter speeches but has done nothing presidential. He held no hearings to draft a health care plan. He has allowed cohorts of Cheney and Bush to tell him what to do in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The generals are still waiting for his decision on whether or not he will increase troop levels in Afghanistan.

Those of you who voted for anti-war congressional candidates in 2006 will remember what happened after the elections and the Democrats took control of the House. Rahm Emanuel had been in charge of raising funds for the House Democrats. He sent a lot of money to pro-war and pro-Israel Democrat candidates and actually cut off funding for anti-war candidates even in districts where Republicans were vulnerable.

We cannot afford to allow Rahm Emanuel to be anywhere near the White House when the President of the United States has to make critical decisions about war with Iran, health care and Bail Outs for Wall Street.

In my opinion we should also ask all of the 32 or more special czars to resign. I say force Obama to become President and to hold meetings with his Cabinet.

At the next protest rally, we need signs or even bumper stickers saying Impeach Rahm Emanuel.

Video: Max Keiser and his guest talk about America's new economy where 80 to 90% of Americans will lose everything In the past America was willing to allow 10 to 20% of their fellow citizens suffer from abject poverty. I can remember in the recent past the term "Throwaway Kids" whatever that was supposed to mean. Here is an article from a New York newspaper: The dead end kids Young, unemployed and facing tough future During previous recessions, in the early '80s, early '90s and after Sept. 11, 2001, unemployment among 16-to-24 year olds never went above 50 percent. Except after 9/11, jobs growth followed within two years..."They should carve out $100 billion right now and create something like $5,000 to $6,000 job credits that would drive the hiring of young, idled workers by small business." Welcome to the United States of Goldman Sachs. When the dollar crashes, the bottom 90% of American society will be impoverished. And the Zionists and their billionaire friends will flee the U.S. and move on to the next country.

On the Bailout front there is this: Where has the Bailout Money Gone? Good Billions After Bad

The USS America is sinking—and Japan is getting off while it can.

Collision Course: There is this immovable wall Video Forced Vaccines Refused By Nurses In New York and this runaway locomotive barreling down the tracks President Obama Reaffirms Power of Indefinite Detention, Will Not Seek Additional Congressional Powers destined to meet each other in a head on collision. In less than a month the National Security State will be defeated by men, women and children who will say no to the Swine Flu vaccine. The majority of Americans want to take the flu shot but that will change when we are confronted by the reality that the vaccines are poisons and will kill people. Reality beats fantasy every time even if the martial law fantasy was dreamed up for you Big Pharma and the Congress.

Jerry Smith the author of Weather Warfare was interviewed by Kevin Barrett (Audio File) He develops a credible case that weather has been manipulated. I heard the interview but have not read the book.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Edition 9/11 Commission Chief Counsel Debunks His Own 9/11 Commission Report

Outfoxing the 9/11 Coverup When 9/11 Commission Chief Counsel, John Farmer, released his book, The Ground Truth, debunking his own 9/11 commission report and was supported by Chairman Thomas Kean and commission member Senator Bob Kerrey with no dissent, the cover story of 9/11 died. If the Commission members and counsel reject their own 911 Commission Report as based on lies and we know tens of tons of nano-thermite which are available only from US and Israeli military labs were used to take down the World Trade Center Towers, then it is time to begin criminal prosecution. It is also time for the American people to refuse to believe anything the government and the media says about money, taxes, the Mideast, terrorism and war. We must refuse to follow them until they explain how all that nano-thermite got from top secret American and Israeli military labs to the WTC Towers on 9-11.

Attorney: 9/11 plot claim missing key ingredient In the article the prosecutor uses the terms perhaps and suggests but has no bomb as evidence. This man is an FBI informant who was arrested on the anniversary of 9-11 in order to scare the voters and to keep them from asking questions.

LRAD Mounted On Truck Terrorizes Pittsburgh Residents So this is America?

This needs to be emphasized: The government that lied us into invading Iraq and Afghanistan is now lying to us again and wants us to destroy ourselves by attacking Iran. Ahmadinejad: Iran is not violating IAEA rules The United States is violating American law and UN rules by continuing to give aid to Israel after it has refused the UN's IAEA inspectors to inspects the nuclear works at Dimona.

Lori Wallach at the G20 Lori Wallach works at Global Trade Watch and said that the Doha round of World Trade Organization (WTO) talks has guaranteed DEREGULATION of the financial markets. This conflicts with the G-20 Summit's call for financial regulation which is in accord with congressional moves towards regulation. She said that the WTO did take a stand on derivatives in the onions market and have agreed to regulate onions but not on the quadrillion plus dollars in other derivatives. The WTO Doha round has also decided to relax accounting rules on banks. Now that is what we really need: Relaxed accounting rules on Wall Street. The WTO is really concerned about you and me.

Cloud of Care (Audio File) is a recent project where the military has been seeding the upper atmosphere with aluminum nanoparticles to help the HAARP project. Aluminum nanoparticles are dangerous to human health for two reasons. Nanoparticles pass through barriers within the body due to their small size and aluminum is a known health hazard to humans. But we have the additional problem in that it is part of the HAARP military system. See this: HAARP [High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program]A Case Study in Ultra-Modern Warfare In a nutshell HAARP is a focused radio beam as laser is a focused light beam. The HAARP project is a military weapon and America's version is located in Alaska. It can be used to control human behavior and emotions. It can also be used as a Death Ray. The Cloud of Care project is seeding nanoparticles in the upper American atmosphere and can be used as part of the HAARP weapon against American citizens. See also this: U.S. NAVY TO CONDUCT MASSIVE ATMOSPHERIC EXPERIMENTAL TESTS

Fusion Centers Will Have Access to Classified Military Intelligence Because private contractors will have access to your files, that means the ADL will have access. And national health insurance will give the ADL access to your medical records. And, since the government can enter whatever data they want into into the files, they will be able to expand the No Fly List in to a No Jobs and No Benefits List. There is no provision for us to correct or even to see what the military has written about us in our secret files.

Social Security strained by early retirements When Social Security sells bonds to pay retirees, the person who buys them will redeem them from the US Treasury which will nowadays go to the FED and have them create money to buy new Treasury bonds at auction. That means your retirement plan is a printing press if you are relying on the government. One more government lie.

More Lies, More Deception by Paul Craig Roberts. Mr Roberts shares his views on the Empire of Lies with us.

Cabalistic Origins of 9-11. Kaballah is a system of Jewish mysticism It teaches that there are ten Sefirot or aspects of the Divine {or levels) separating man from the Ain Soph Aur which is the Infinite Divine Light. There are 22 paths connecting the Sefirot. These 22 paths are symbolized by the cards of the Tarot. Ten Sefirot plus 22 paths equals 32 plus the Divine totals to the 33 degrees of the Freemasons. Kaballah purports to teach us how to reach God. 9-11 is a Satanic symbol which says a man can reach the Godhead directly from level 9 to level 11 by skipping all ten Sefirot and 22 paths without the assistance of God. For those of you who are conspiracy minded I found this speech From the George H.W. Bush Library Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis 1990-09-11 where the President called for a New World Order. That was on 9-11-1990 which was exactly 11 years before the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 and exactly 17 years after the Chilean coup and assassination of Salvador Allende on 9-11-1973.

Democrats are being Democrats again. Video: Democrats REFUSE to Let Americans Read Obama's 'Health Care' Bill Before Vote
and House Democrats considering insurance tax

Friday 9-25 The First Amendment

The First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh has led me to comment on the last clause of the the First Amendment: the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

In the first example American citizens petitioning their government were Confronted by LRAD Acoustic Weapons (Video) And there is this Video: Military Arrest or Snatch & Grab at G20 Protest Pittsburgh PA Unconstitutional

Someone needs to explain to the administration, the Congress, the media and all voters that we the people have a right to peaceably assemble to petition the Government for a redress of our grievances. Maybe we could not allow everyone at the G-20 protest in Pittsburgh and the Tea Party in Washington on 9-12 into talk to their leaders. But we should allow a representative group inside to directly talk to the President about the Bailouts, Health Care, Taxes, massive borrowing, the billions of dollars stolen each week from unaudited federal spending, the Federal Reserve and whatever else is on our minds. We might even ask the President to stop lying to us citing examples of obvious prevarications.

Here is a question put to the Federal Reserve that needs a real answer: Video: Does the Fed Manipulate the Stock Market? Where's the Gold? Rep. Alan Grayson SLAMS Alvarez

Proof that the government is out of control and is ceasing to function:

One: Elizabeth Warren: "I'm Not Hearing the Plan" by Government to Fix the Economy Elizabeth Warren is a Harvard law professor, a Democrat and Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Two: Afghanistan general quits over disillusionment with government strategy and this also about Afghanistan: McChrystal: Violence "Worse" Than Expected Excuse me. You invaded their country, installed a corrupt dictator, staged fraudulent elections, killed people, bombed wedding parties and funerals and sent mercenaries and drones across the border into Pakistan and you are surprised by the amount of resistance you face.

Three: The administration is trying to destroy the economy and health care and the recovery by doing this: Administration Will Cut Border Patrol Deployed on U.S-Mexico Border By promising Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and promising health care to all and doing this when we are facing 20% unemployment (if you count the unemployed as they did in Ronald Reagan's presidency or 16.8% if you use the methods used by Clinton's admin until 1994.) A recent poll I heard on a local radio broadcast said that one-third of all Mexicans would immigrate to America if they could. The population of Mexico is 111,000,000 according to the CIA Factbook.

The policies of this government are designed to destroy America. When Americans realize that fact, we will have the power we need to stop all of Wall Street's dark and devious machinations.

The Rest of the news:

Did Obama (Read Rahm Emanuel) sell out our allies in eastern Europe to Russia over the missile cancellation to benefit Israel? Medvedev: Sanctions against Iran's nuclear programme 'may be inevitable'

Barack Obama's churlishness is unforgivable Obama insulted the British on their first visit to America and on his visit to England. Now he did it again.

Ehud Barak - Architect Of 9-11 Ehud Barak is currently the Israeli Defense Minister despite being a member of the minority Labor party.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday 9-24 Spec-Flation And Obama's NPD

I have two separate headlining articles today and you need to understand both. The first article is about Spec-Flation. You really need to read and to understand this. The other is a study showing up Obama's mental state and why he is not concerned with solving real problems.

Spec-Flation is the hot topic of Max Keiser's radio broadcast. This is a really informative show. Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser talk more in depth about the term Spec-Flation which Stacy invented and they mentioned in their previous radio show. Inflation and deflation relate to the real economy and to the relation of real goods and services to the money supply. Spec-Flation relates more to the feeling of weightlessness in outer space and to our casino economy. Max said gold is like gravity in this analogy. Max said all stats on GDP, CPI, unemployment and productivity are cooked and not to be believed.

Max and Stacy also talked about the Dollar Carry Trade which has replaced the Yen Carry Trade. People are taking out loans in dollars and investing overseas in other currencies and in commodities. Max said last week that the Dollar Carry Trade is in effect shorting the dollar.

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART. By shorting the dollar they will be driving the price of the dollar down. But Stacy said when the Dollar Carry Trade collapses as the Yen Carry Trade did before it, speculators will have to buy dollars to cover their loans. (Maybe driven by higher US interest rates in the future.) This will drive the value of the dollar up at a time when the real economy might be at rock bottom. 60% of world trade is in dollars and a projected 20% swing in the value of the dollar could wipe out millions of people still involved in the real economy. Max said some investors might want to straddle the market by simultaneously buying a put and a call option on the dollar or actually two straddles. One for now when the dollar starts to go down and one later when the dollar rebounds as the suckers have to cover their short positions. And even a third after the dollar shorts are covered and the dollar heads down again. I am not a financial advisor and am not giving you financial advice. Go here if you have trouble with Max's audio.

Obama's Speeches:President Mentions Self Nearly 1,200 Times in 41 speeches. I posted this as a follow up to an earlier video on Obama's Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The man is incapable of solving our real problems because he does not live in the real world.

David Wilcock Sees Unprecedented Positive Events Unfolding Over the Coming Six Months. Says Prophetic Dreams Are Pointing to Imminent Spectacular Changes for Humanity. I posted this because we need to hear some Good News.

Video: Brilliant UN Speech This man makes sense and he didn't use a Teleprompter. Listen to his words and try to go beyond his name and his history.

Video: This woman makes lot of sense. Bail Out People Not Banks. Listen to her words and try to go beyond her name and history.

U.S. issues $7 trillion debt, supply to stabilize Now this does not make sense at all. Compare this economic voodoo to the two previous videos.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on Economic War-Britain Vs Germany

The March for Answers This is Jerry Mazza's take on the NYCAN ballot initiative to require a real investigation into 911.

Oil Industry Sets a Brisk Pace of New Discoveries This is Good News.

ACORN Sues Filmmakers They will strike it rich if they get an all black jury in Maryland.

Video: School kids taught to praise Obama i doubt this woman will lose her job.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wednesday 9-23 You're Pulling My Leg

Media hypes terror plot, despite the fact no one is charged with terror This story is about the FBI informant who has been arrested even though no weapons and bombs have been found.

Booga. Booga. Bleached Blondes are dangerous. Tiny, Cheap And Deadly: Hydrogen Peroxide Bombs

Video:American Soldiers Speak Out

Video: Breakfast with Peter Phillips- On Palestine & Israel Peter Phillips is the head of Project Censored. This is one of a series of talks.

Holdren says Constitution backs compulsory abortion John Holdren is Obama's science czar, a position not recognized by the Constitution, Czars have power over the Cabinet. Obama has 32 czars.

Major police raid targets L.A.'s notorious Avenues gang
LA is a sanctuary city. I wonder how many of these men will be deported to Mexico.

Budget chief contradicts Obama on Medicare costs

William K. Black's Proposal for “Systemically Dangerous Institutions” William K. Black is a former head S&L regulator

Black Sea Wars By Patrick J. Buchanan

You're Pulling My Leg

A few hundred years ago in England if an eight-year old girl were sentenced to death by hanging for stealing bread, it could take five minutes or more for the young girl to die. It was considered an act of charity for a mother to have her daughter's brothers and sisters run up to their sister as she was hanging by the noose and to grab her legs using their weight to hasten the young girl's death. This quaint English expression was changed over the years to mean that you are kidding someone.

A few days ago my two two teenage nieces were over at my house. I was frustrated because they could not believe that their water was poisoned. They thought that if their teacher said chlorine and fluoride in their drinking water was safe then that was the end of the argument. I got nowhere with these two young girls who are cousins until I told them the origins of the saying "You're Pulling My Leg."

The government has been systematically killing off the working class for centuries.

The whole purpose of hanging young children for stealing bread was to kill off the working class before they could reproduce. Michael Hoffman has written about the treatment of young children here The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain

Most people are well aware of the extermination of Irish men, women and children over centuries of English occupation

Less well known was the famine in Scotland. This was in addition to the millions killed by the Enclosure Acts which took land from the poor over a period of centuries.

So getting back to my nieces, I had to point out that Wikipedia says chlorine is toxic and says this of fluoridation of drinking water: Since 1985, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters' union has expressed concerns about fluoride. In 2005, eleven environmental protection agency EPA employee unions, representing over 7000 environmental and public health professionals of the Civil Service, called for a halt on drinking water fluoridation programs across the USA and asked EPA management to recognize fluoride as posing a serious risk of causing cancer in people. Continental Europe does not permit water fluoridation.

Our soldiers have been systematically poisoned. There are the experimental vaccines they have been forced to take: Poisoning US Troops: Anthrax, Lies and Vaccines And there is also the matter of Depleted Uranium which Russia and China refuse to use because they don't want to poison their own soldiers. DU causes cancer and its use can be compared to the Romans pouring salt onto the fields of Carthage to make sure no further life grew there. Video: DU poison is blown across borders and will cause birth defects in America.

America has been abusing its soldiers and killing them for no good reason for some time. We entered WW I so the war would last longer. The bankers wanted to bankrupt our allies England and France so New York could become the world financial capitol. The bankers also wanted to set up a Zionist colony in Palestine and to create a Zio-Communist dictatorship in Russia that killed over 60,000,000 people. President Coolidge on Armistice Day in 1928 said more than 100,000 American soldiers died from their wounds after the war was over.

Churchill in his six volume The Second World War said the German General Staff sent two officers in March of 1939 to negotiate a surrender. They even offered to arrest Hitler to prevent war. The Japanese Emperor had been offering to break his alliance with Germany and to pull out of China to prevent war. Howard Katz in The Warmongers told us this: The Rothschild owned Bank of England in 1935 had loaned Hitler the monetary equivalent of 50,000,000 ounces of gold so the Nazis could buy guns from Vickers and reorganize Farben chemical company. World War II expanded Zio-Communism into eastern Europe, set up the Korean and Vietnam wars and nearly bankrupted America. 58,000,000 men, women and children died in WW II for no good reason. More than 10,000,000 died in Korea and in Indo-China. And I calculated once that more than 300,000,000 poor people died because of the resources we wasted in the Cold War.

The modern human is subject to chemtrails which are not simply the contrail exhausts of jets as they fly over our heads. We are being sprayed by chemicals that remain in the skies for hours. So what poisons are they inflicting upon us. Disinformation specialists have been saying that Chemtrails are there to protect us from Global Warming. But we have entered a period of minimal sunspot activity which means the earth's atmosphere is cooling due to the lack of solar radiation so that lie has been undone.

We are being fed poisonous foods The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has just issued a call for an immediate moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods. There are other poisons, such as, MSG: Avoid MSG and Its Excitotoxin Cousins and Aspartame Side Effects.

The American worker has been told by the TARP Inspector General that even after Wall Street owns his government and has stolen his pensions and savings that he must pay 23.7 trillion dollars in taces and inflation to Bail Out the bankers.

We live in a seriously polluted world where the oceans are beginning to die. And the politicians and the media would tax us hundreds of billions of dollars a year so we can give all our money to billionaires through carbon trading schemes.

I am convinced that the bankers would love to soon enter the final phase where they kill us off through plagues and wars. The most likely place to launch WW III would be to an Israeli air attack on Iran. Some observers have noted that America gas already begun a wider war by sending mercenaries and drones into Pakistan to kill civilians and using Georgia as a proxy for war with Russia, These people are insane. Iran has no nuclear weapons. The Zionists lied about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. We must stop listening to Zionists.

We must also refuse to take vaccines so contaminated that no company would inject them without first purchasing waivers against lawsuits from the Congress. I used Google to search for videos on the side effects of vaccination. I found two videos from reliable sources but they were both removed by YouTube. That happens a lot. So I found Why Vaccines Don't Work as Advertised and Why Vaccines Aren't Safe Why Vaccines Aren't Safe

At best the Swine Flu vaccine will kill or cripple tens of thousands of Americans while it enriches Gig Pharma and raises millions of dollars in campaign contributions for the politicians. At worst there is a distinct possibility that the vaccinations will set you up to die by reducing your immunity when the bankers release the coming plague. The bankers would rather kill a few billion people than give up their power and let us work to solve the problems of humanity.

Refuse the vaccines. Prepare to be able to last a few months without assistance. Do not be frightened and fearful. We are many. They are few. We have the Internet. We are free and will never live under the rule they have set for us.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday 9-22 Not News: Congresswoman A Blackmailed Lesbian

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois was named by Sibel Edmonds in an interview as the woman who was blackmailed by agents of a foreign country Turkey after getting her involved in a set up affair with a lesbian. Normally, any sex scandal is guaranteed to make it on the nightly news. Throw in some foreign agents, bribery, treason and blackmail and you might think it would be the lead. This story made it into the blogs weeks ago and was featured again at Brad's Blog after the name of the Democrat congresswoman being blackmailed was made public.

When Sibel Edmonds testified at a libel trial in Ohio a few weeks ago, she named former House Speaker Hastert, a Republican, and Steve Solarz, a New York Democrat, as men who received bribes by the Turkish government which they passed on to fellow congressmen. This was not news. Why? After all she did accuse them of selling American nuclear secrets to a foreign nation which is treason. So again I ask why not?

Because her testimony linked the Turkish espionage case not only to the American Military Industrial Complex but also to Israel.

You can read Philip Giraldi's interview of Sibel Edmonds here: Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds? Giraldi is a retired and honest ex-CIA agent.

This was definitely never allowed to be news: It happened in America: Katrina's secret jail Excerpts: not formally charged, was not read Miranda rights, was not allowed a phone call. He was physically and verbally abused, pepper sprayed, strip-and body-cavity searched...Prisoners included Marlene Maten, 73-year-old diabetic deaconess at Resurrection Mission Baptist Church,,,Zeitoun and hundreds of others from Camp Greyhound, ended up at maximum security Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, in St. Gabriel, La.,,,Released from Hunt on Sept. 29, 2005 - after paying a $75,000 bail - Zeitoun was lucky, compared with the three men he was arrested with. (Note Katrina hit New Orleans one month earlier on August 29th.)

Now this case got front page treatment for awhile until FBI False-Flag Goes Bust in NYC the fact that their suspect was an FBI informant. The FBI gave their version here: FBI says imam Ahmad Afzali worked both sides and tipped off suspects

The relation between chronic diseases and death from swine flu in children is ignored by the press and the CDC: Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles on Deficiency Link to H1N1 Deaths

ABC's Charlie Gibson was on WLS radio and said he knew nothing about ACORN. He had to be told that undercover reporters had filmed ACORN employees offering legal and tax advice to supposed brothel operators who wanted to bring 13 year-old prostitutes from Latin America. He said he never knew about the five video taped stings which made it onto Drudge and into the blogosphere. Charlie Gibson on WLS Radio Clueless About ACORN Scandal
It would seem we get Better News Coverage By Comedians: 'Thank You ACORN': Leno Plays 'Commercial' Featuring Prostitutes Gratitude

HSBC = Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corp. They are big time money launderers. When the people who launder drug money drop the dollar, it is time to head for the exits. Clinton created Plan Colombia six months after Colombian rebels in FARC refused to invest their money in the NYSE. And then there is this: Cheap dollars are sowing the seeds of the next world crisis

ISI's Carrie Butler said: For those of you who like conspiracy theories: The Fed is no longer publishing MEW (Mortgage Equity Withdrawal). This was one of the engines of the financial crisis - so much for an early warning on the next housing crisis. ISI will estimate the three main components of the Fed's report and like our estimate for some the old "M" statistics it will be there down the road when needed again.

Now stories about a small businessman who set up a pension plan for his employees and was fined 1.2 million by the IRS even though he followed advice from a CPA is definitely not news. And this isn't newsworthy either: Young see incomes crash since 2000

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday 9-21 So Why The December Deadline?

Israel has been saying for years that they cannot allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Of late they have been declaring that they have set a deadline of December 2009 and will be forced to attack Iran on their own if the world does not disarm Iran.

The problem is that Iran could not make a nuclear weapon if they wanted to. Both the incoming and outgoing Directors General of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) have said Iran is nowhere near developing a nuclear weapon. The NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) of both the Bush and the Obama administrations have also both said Iran is nowhere near developing a nuclear weapon.

So Why The December Deadline?

There are scurrilous rumors in the press that Iran is close to developing nuclear weapons. One unnamed source said German Intelligence (BND) told them Iran was nearing the development of nuclear weapons. The Germans denied this. Another unnamed source said Saudi Arabia has given permission to Israel to attack Iran using Saudi air space. This too was denied. But these "planted news items" have been repeated by Neo-Con Zionist media flacks.

Prior to the Iraq war we were told that Iraq was an ally of Al-Qaeda and that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. We knew these were lies before the invasion. After we invaded we confirmed there were no WMDs but in the process we had killed more than one million Iraqis and displaced millions more. For some unknown reason we are still listening to the same liars and the same lies but about another nation.

So Why The December Deadline?

If we attacked Iran, America would lose our Persian Gulf Fleet and our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We would be financially devastated by the soaring price of oil after the Iranians closed the Persian Gulf to oil exports. If the price of oil went to $400 a barrel for six months, both China and Japan could buy oil and give it to their citizens for free by selling American Treasury bonds. Americans would have to cut oil consumption by 60% overnight and be forced to balance our federal budget because nobody would buy Treasury bonds at that point. Currently, 46 cents of every dollar is borrowed so all we would have to do is to:

1) Cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in half. Eliminate welfare and all federal aid to education, job training, the Earned Income Tax Credit and dozens of other programs.

2) The Iranians would be justifiably mad at us for killing millions through radiation released after Israel destroys their nuclear facility at Brushehr. Millions more would die after we destroy their water, electricity, roads, communications, industries, hospitals and sewers. An Israeli attack on Iran would launch World War III, But that is when America would run out of money and millions of Americans would riot in the streets for food so we would have to surrender to the Muslims and say, "we are very sorry for killing a few hundred million innocent people but we would like a ceasefire now because we are bankrupt."

Americans are just going to have to learn to get along with others and not to declare war on innocent people and kill them because Israel said "kill." We need to learn that lesson sooner rather than later.

So Why The December Deadline?

The Russian President Medvedev has said that an Israeli attack on Iran would be terrible. Zbignew Brzezinski, who has advised Democratic Presidents since Jimmy Carter, has said that Obama should attack Israeli jets over Iraqi air space if they do not turn back from assaulting Iran. That is just how bad an idea World War III is.

So Why The December Deadline?

I believe the deadline of December 2009 was selected by the Zionists because they know they have stolen America's wealth and all but destroyed this nation. The dollar will die very, very soon.

The Zionists know that if America does support the Israeli attack on Iran we will forever be destroyed as a nation when we have to pay for the consequences of killing a few hundred million Muslims. Yet knowing another war will destroy America the Zionists want us to attack Iran anyway.

So now you know why Israel has given us a deadline of December 2009. Israel does not think America will be capable of serving their interests after that date and so we will be discarded forever onto the ash heap of history.

As an American, I say no to Israel, to Zionism and to Wall Street.

Obama: We Need To Bail Out Newspapers Or Blogs Will Run The World

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Truth About Markets This is an audio tape of Max's weekly broadcast. Max coined the term SPEC-FLATION in this broadcast. It is an alternative to deflation and to inflation.

There used to be something called the Yen Carry Trade where people in search of a quick buck borroweded yen in Japan at near zero interest rates and invested overseas in other currencies and at higher rates. The new phenomenon is The American Dollar Carry Trade where speculators are borrowing in dollars and investing overseas or in gold where there are huge returns. Max said these people are essentially shorting the dollar. The problem is that this could make the price in dollar of goods and commodities in normal unstable. If you have trouble with Max's audio file please go here and scroll down.

Video: Amy Goodman questioned about 911 GateKeeping I used to listen to Amy Goodman on her show Democracy Now. She absolutely refuses to cover 9-11 Truth even though we have clear evidence that it was an Inside Job. The problem is that the evidence leads to Israel. This video is from the mostly Jewish group We Are Change LA. I like them but I think the Zionists are preparing a two perimeter defense. The first perimeter is to deny 911 Truth. In Amy's case she had a Jewish film maker Dylan Avery on once to talk about 911 and then got the conversation bogged down into the shooting down of Flight 93. The second Zionist perimeter is to say George W Bush did it and anyone who says Israel did it is an anti-Semite.

9% of students in Vista California are homeless If you read the article, you will see these are mostly Mexicans. It is time to send them home to make jobs and benefits available to native born Americans many of whom are becoming homeless themselves.

Steve Keen Out-Thinks Larry Summers That is not hard to do.

There are two things wrong with our debt money system besides my moral objection that it transfers all wealth from those who produce to those men on Wall Street who have been given the legal right to print our money.

One is that it creates a Long Term Credit cycle which must end in a Depression which cancels debts either through deflation or inflation. In our Federal Reserve type system the bank must create a debt before it can create Federal Reserve Notes or new checking account deposits. The problem is that the banks only create enough money to cover the loan and not enough to pay the interest. They have to create new debt-money every year so we can make our payments. This is how we get into Long Term Credit Cycles.

The other problem is getting out of the Depression. As the article indicates that creating reserves does not create demand for loans so there is no monetary increase. What we need to do is to create money without incurring a debt. Pay no interest to the banks on a fictional national debt. And increase the money supply every year so the ratio of money to production is constant and prices are therefor stable.

For The Young Revolutionary There is this: Muse - "Uprising" Official Music Video (HD)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Edition Chertoff Compares 911 Truth To Holocaust Denial

Michael Chertoff, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, was the head of the Department of Justice's Criminal Investigation Division (CID) on 9-11. He used his position at CID to deny permission to the FBI to raid PTECH's offices near Boston. PTECH had been accused of being part of the 9-11 conspiracy because they had administrative level computer access to the computers at the FAA, NORAD and the Pentagon and could have made flights appear and disappear on monitor screens.

Indira Singh, a consultant to major New York banks, has charged that PTECH was implicated in the theft of billions of taxpayer dollars from unaudited federal spending. She also said they are even stealing from Social Security. Catherine Austin Fitts has also said HUD as well as the DOD have stolen billions of dollars each week from federal spending.

In this CSPAN video callers ask Chertoff about 9-11. One man asked about Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitting on 9-10-2001 that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in DOD spending. The caller also asked if they had ever found any of that missing money. Chertoff said he must have missed that story and passed by the question about recovering the trillions of dollars stolen from the taxpayers.

In that same CSPAN video another caller asked Chertoff about the fact that nine scientists had found nano-thermite in the World Trade Center debris. The caller also said that six of the ten 911 Commissioners had called the official investigation a whitewash. That is when Chertoff said that 9-11 Truthers were like Holocaust deniers and that people who question what we were told to believe were spreading a myth.

Nano-thermite as the caller said is a high grade cutting agent that cuts through steel girders in seconds. It can only be purchased from US and Israeli top secret military installations. Tons of nano-thermite cannot be purchased over the Internet from a cave in Afghanistan. Nor could tens of tons of nano-thermite be sprayed over the steel girders in three buildings without the knowledge and consent of the WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein and his employees.

The President of a foreign nation Israel wants us to invade has asked that if the Holocaust is an historical fact as were the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, then why are we not allowed to investigate them as we would any other historical events to determine the truth and to dispel the myths?

So how did a man in a cave in Afghanistan buy military grade nano-thermite from top secret military installations in the United States and Israel?

The International Red Cross Tracing Committee issued a three volume report in 1948 detailing its inspections of the German concentration camps. Hitler unlike Bush and Obama allowed monthly inspections under the rules of the Geneva Convention. The Red Cross sent food parcels to the camps and received letters of praise from Jewish internees. The Red Cross forwarded 9,0000 parcels a day. 20,000,000 Swiss francs were sent by Jewish leaders to internees. Why are these facts never mentioned in the historical accounts?

Michael Chertoff said the planes were seen striking the buildings so the 911 Truthers were spreading myths. But World Trade Center Tower 7 was never struck by a plane and only had fires on 6 of its 47 floors. So how did Tower 7 fall at near freefall speed? These videos of WTC 7 look like a controlled demolitions to me. And how did the BBC and CNN announce in advance that WTC 7 was going to collapse?

We learned from the Red Cross that in addition to monthly visits the Germans allowed a delegate to be stationed in every camp after March of 1945. Hitler conquered areas in Europe with three million Jews. Many never went to camps and were allowed to emigrate. So how did six million dies if not one Red Cross observer nor any of the people they interviewed ever saw a gas chamber?

Mr Chertoff you were head of the CID for the DOJ on 9-10-2001. Why didn't you launch a criminal investigation to the theft of trillions of dollars from the DOD?

Gerald Celente predicted more home invasions, robberies, kidnappings and food riots as the dollar crashes and unemployment approaches 1933 levels. Houston robbers targeting homes full of people

Things are not as bright as they seem in China.

New TaxPayer-Funded Toy To Control Crowds- Active Denial The military is preparing for food riots. Video

The man who got the thirty year war in Afghanistan has finally had an idea worthy of public discourse. It would actually prevent WW III. Brezezinski Calls for Obama to Shoot Down Israeli Jets

Everyone Is Now Selling Dollar Bonds The Fed's scheme to destroy the dollar is taking the world by storm. Roubini and Taleb: Government's Socialization of Losses Is Destroying the Real Economy

MUTADHAR al-ZAIDI is the Iraqi who threw his shoe at Bush. This is his speech.

Dumbing Down so nobody is so smart they vote against the NAU and the Federal Reserve. 75 Percent of Oklahoma High School Students Can't Name the First President
of the U.S.

Humor. Carbon footprint. Hi-Ho, the Derry-O Let's say you're preparing dinner and you realize with dismay that you don't have any certified organic Tuscan kale. What to do? Here's how Michelle Obama handled this very predicament.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday 9-18 FED Gave Citibank 230 Billion Dollars

Congressman Alan Grayson is the man who asked FED Chairman Ben Bernanke about the creation of 500 billion dollars which he gave to 14 Central banks. The YouTube audience was stunned The congressman pointed out that Ben had given enough money to New Zealand to give every New Zealander $3.000 each. Now the congressman has said: Ben Bernanke gave 230 Billion Dollars To Citibank If you meet any opponents to auditing the Federal Reserve, ask them how many billions of dollars did Ben Bernanke give you?

This comes under the category The End is Nigh: Treasury To Sell $112 Billion In Notes Next Week

National Suicide: Martin Gross has a new book out called. “National Suicide” Gross says that the lowest 50 percent of wage earners pay just 3 percent of all taxes, and the U.S. spends $700 billion a year on welfare — $65,000 for each poor family of four — "yet poverty continues to plague America." Read the review here.

California is dying from a lack of water. You might not like Arnold but this is an important Video about water and food.

Robert Fisk outlines how the West created many problems for the Mideast when it drew boundaries after WW I. At that time some Americans wanted to create one viable super Arab state. When, not if, the dollar collapses, and hopefully the people learn Israel did 9-11, America will have a brief window of time in which to solve the Mideast problem. My suggestion is that we create a path towards a larger Arab state.

Harry Shearer is up for a Webby Award for this satirical video Waterboarding USA made in a Beach Boys musical style.


Thursday 9-17 Barry Chamish Says Israel Killed JFK Jr

Barry Chamish is the author of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? Rabin was the Israeli Prime Minister who was murdered on 11-04-1995. The man who was arrested on the scene tested negative for gunshot residue. He was behind Rabin and was convicted despite the fact that Rabin had one shot in his frontal area so the alleged assassin was not in a position to make that shot. Besides a cabinet minister said she saw the Prime Minister pushed by security forces unharmed into his car. Chamish made accusations against more than a dozen Israeli politicians accusing them of participation in the Rabin assassination and the cover up begging them to file a libel lawsuit. Barry Chamish had to flee Israel to save his life.

In the related assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Mordechai Vanunu said Israel killed the President because he opposed the Zionist state's acquisition of nuclear weapons. And Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot five times in the back, The man who has been in jail for forty years for murdering RFK was seen by dozens of witnesses not one of whom saw him behind the man who had just won the California Democratic Presidential primary.

Chamish said JFK Jr had published a thirteen page article in 1997 in George magazine accusing Israel's politicians of murdering their Prime Minister and covering it up. According to Chamish, JFK Jr had told Catherine Crier, an American TV personality, that he was going to publish another and more in depth article on the Rabin assassination. Chamish said this was the Israeli motive in killing the candidate for United States Senate. Audio

A friend sent me this: The Long Term Effects of Genetically Modified Food in Humans And then there is this: History Channel Documentary Validates Chemtrails and Weather Warfare I posted this last video because Chemtrails and the poisoning of our food need to be addressed in the media.

If your friends still believe that Obama is an anti-war and pro-civil liberties President, please ask them to read this: White House Mapping Internet Users’ Data For Mass Archives

Good News: Ron Paul's Bill to Audit the Fed Is Now Veto-Proof

Doctor Metropolis added graphics and music to black Pastor David Manning's call for revolution against Obama. This Video is for Young Revolutionaries.

The Health Care bill is in trouble: Dem Senator Warns of 'Big, Big Tax' on Middle Class in Baucus Bill and this Harry Reid: Health care bill won’t work for Nevada

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wednesday 9-16 Obama OKs Patriot Act

The Obama administration supports extending three key provisions of the Patriot Act that are due to expire at the end of the year, the U.S. Justice Department told Congress in a letter made public Tuesday. Obama: Patriot Act OK With Me

Video- The Bilderberg goal is to merge the U.S with Canada and Mexico into the North American Union. Another goal is to take away natural herbs and alternative cures so they can kill us off and make money selling us worthless drugs. Watch this Video: About Bill C-6

A FOIA lawsuit revealed this: Obama Admin: Cap And Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year On the Health Care front there is this: Whistleblower: Baucus health bill an ‘absolute gift’ to insurers

Obama the anti-war candidate is up to this as President: US to Pump Thousands of ‘Combat Enablers’ Into Afghanistan

What are the odds? Four Apparent Suicides/Deaths in 48 Hours –CEO-Financiers-Fundraiser

America's wealth falling more than twice as fast as Europe's. Poorer but no wiser

CNN "American Morning," Ron Paul on End the FED. Video

If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul 45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting

Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid headed to election disaster

Tuesday 9-15 Nano Particles in Flu Vaccine

There is only one small problem with vaccines containing nanoparticles—they can be deadly and at the least cause severe irreparable health damage...The Beijing Chaoyang Hospital study has now conclusively confirmed that nanoparticles cause lung damage and other toxicity in humans as well.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi who threw his shoe at Bush was released from prison. This is the Shoe Thrower's Press Conference on Video. If he were a Kenyan citizen, I would have voted for him for President in 2008.

Sibel Edmonds is the woman who testified in court that congressional leaders have not only taken but have committed treason by giving nuclear secrets and technology to foreign governments. She has a website 123 Real Change on which she posted an article exposing the Turkish-Israeli-American Military Industrial Complex Lobby.

Karl Denninger caught Obama lying about FHA loans here: President Obama Speaks- And Lies (Again)

Keith Fitz-Gerald said something investors need to know but it does need to be qualified. Investors overseas in the past have lost everything in wars. And 300 trillion dollars will fuel a lot of inflation His Video is The $300 Trillion “Recovery”No One Is Talking About. . .

Economy Roundup: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote European Commission sees galloping UK debt crisis Yeah. But America would pass Zimbabwe in debt to GDP ratio and be the number one debtor nation if we included the cost of the Bailouts in our debts. Tyler Durden wrote this: So What Happens When The Music Stops? And a high traffic Blogger has written this: Are Foreign Purchases of U.S. Treasury Bonds Being Fake The Financial Times ran this article:TUC fears risk of riots as jobless total rises Jim Rogers America is Collapsing (Video)

I decided to post this only after learning that Jeremy Lott is a genuine liberal. Opinion: So far, Obama's failing miserably Obama has announced he plans to go on the Late Night Letterman show and on FIVE Sunday TV shows. He has not read the polls that said 56% of the people like his health care program less every time they hear more. He keeps repeating the same lies. His Presidency will be in a state of collapse within six weeks. As I said the other day, he is a narcissist and cares only for attention and does not care about either health care or stopping our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I wrote this in the morning and will take it down if Obama says something about it before 5 pm Washington time. RAW VIDEO: Bus Beating Caught On Tape

Only in America could you find this headline: Jericho Fire Chief Shot by Officers in Court will be Charged

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday 9-13 Barry Jennings American Martyr

Barry Jennings is an American martyr. He was Deputy Director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority. On 9-11-2001 he was inside World Trade Center Tower 7 when he saw and heard an explosion on the sixth floor of WTC 7. His testimony completely disproved the government's claims about the collapse of WTC 4. He died two days before the government issued its report explaining how a 47 story building collapsed in 6.5 seconds even though there were only fires on six floors and it was never hit by a plane. Dylan Avery hired a private detective to investgate his death. 24 hours ;ater the money was returned and Avery was told that Barry Jennings death was a police matter. Articles and Videos.

From Esquire comes this story about a Barclays employee who on 11-23-2008 discovered that J P Morgan Chase had stolen 7 billion dollars from their account. Remember Warren Buffet saying that the Butterfly Effect was such that there is so much leverage that if one home is foreclosed in Arkansas we can get a Global Depression? Well, I think 7 billion dollars being stolen from a bank is a little more like an elephant than a butterfly.

Please watch this video of an Iraqi vet tell the world about his friends who died in Iraq and his belief that 911 was an inside job. Iraqi Vet Video

This is an in depth article about the decline of New York since the Global Meltdown. Included briefly is a reference to the stockbroker named Cathy who literally became a homeless bag lady in less than one year.

Homelessness is not the only cost to us for unlimited support to Israeli aggression Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at a Cost in Suffering

Jim Trafficant said Israel costs America 15 billion dollars year (though he is not counting the costs of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.) He said the US suborned perjury to send a man they knew to be innocent to Israel for trial. Video

This is the real cost of giving Israel a blank check. The Israelis and their American vassals will be conducting joint missile exercises in October. I still think Lebanon and not Iran will be the next Zionist target. Security and Defense: Israel goes ballistic.
Bin Laden died in 2001 but another audio tape emerged. Proof that Israel is up to something

Comedian Bill Hicks gave his comedic interpretation of the JFK assassination. Bill Hicks Video But he also gave us his spiritual-psychological take on the psychopaths who think they must rule the world. Bookmark this video. This is a short and funny Bill Hicks video on Presidential control through assassination. Video

Remember the Cold War when we believed the New York Times and laughed at Pravda propaganda? That was twenty years ago. Now Pravda has run this article: September 11 Attacks: The Greatest Fraud of the 21st Century

Chris Hedges who won a Pulitzer Prize speaks for angry libs here: Stop Begging Obama to Be Obama and Get Mad

Will this trigger a bank collapse? September 30th - D-Day for U.S?

On the weekend I told you Obama was starting a trade war with China. Now they are getting ready to retaliate. Obama failed to to anything about toxic debt liquidation: Stiglitz Says Banking Problems Are Now Bigger Than Pre-Lehman By the way, Stiglitz won a Novel Prize in economics.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Edition: Obama A Goldman Sachs Sock Puppet

Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert and Rob Kirby discuss explosive information on China and gold and oil derivatives. Max is funny and routinely calls Goldman Sachs scum. You really do not understand the economy unless you understand him. Video.
Max has a radio show that I recommend highly. Max and Stacy talk about Warren Buffet's Op Ed The Butterfly Effect in which he says there is so much leverage in banking that one foreclosed home in Arkansas can send the whole world into a Depression. Stacy predicts it could start in Europe. Max says the Mideast because they have declining oil production and high priced protection money they have to pay to the American Military Industrial Complex. Audio Or go to Max's website.

Someone needs to contrast these two items in the news. The Israeli Lobby will be pushing for a solution to their Iranian problems at a meeting in Washington on Thursday. The Jewish writer calls it Plan C For Iran. This needs to be contrasted with the opening of the Online Palestinian Holocaust Museum

Another contrast in Washington. Nancy Pelosi who is more despised than George W Bush made a deal with United Heath lobbyists to scrap the public option in exchange for a really nice fundraiser. The Libs are furious. Contrast that with this taxpayer's protest in Washington which had almost 2,000,000 angry enough to show up according to the Daily Mail.

Sibel Edmonds was asked to testify in a libel suit. Some stupid congresswoman thought she could roll a lowly 911 Truther. Sibel told the court that congressmen were being bribed not just to spend money on defense contracts but also to give nuclear secrets to foreign governments which is treason. Brad Friedman of Brad Blog interviewed her here.

Humor: Tax dollars at work. ACORN officials caught on tape helping people to pimp underage girls and to evade taxes. >Video

Someone should tell the Obama admin that the 1929-1939 Depression was made much worse by the Smoot-Hawley tariff which shut down trade. Obama just put a 35% tariff on Chinese tires.

Then there is this article: Obama To Give Speech Monday On Financial Crisis The man is a Goldman Sachs Sock Puppet, Who cares what he says? Link

The real story is that Florida has to borrow a billion dollars to keep its unemployment fund open. >Link

To be Fair and Balanced I should say that everyone in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate (with the exception of Ron Paul and maybe one or two others) is A Goldman Sachs Sock Puppet.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon spending. Video

Vanity Fair had an article called Billions over Baghdad which described how eight of twelve billion dollars shipped from the New York Federal Reserve Currency Warehouse in New Jersey went missing. The Congress never investigated. The media never followed up. I wonder why? Link

On 9-11-2001 a plane was headed directly towards Rumsfeld's office when it took a 270 degree turn and went in to a power dive. The official story is that the airliner went through a sixteen foot hole in the side of the building. No photos of the plane's engines were made available to us. Link

Hani Hanjour was the alleged pilot of Flight 77. He could not have flown a Boeing 757 anywhere and hit anything. Link

Yet we do have the testimony of Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret and on 9-11 the Acting Assistant Secretary of the DOD that, a bomb went off 3 1/2 minutes before the plane was alleged to have hit the Building. Other witnesses to the bomb were Lt Col. Karen Kwiatowski and April Gallop a third generation soldier. Another witness was Per Stig Møller, who after 9-11 was elected to the Danish parliament. Link That bomb killed the military auditors who were trying to trace that missing 2.3 trillion dollars. Since 9-11 another 1.5 trillion dollars went missing.

Nano-thermite has been found in the dust at the World Trade Center. This material is unavailable to the general public. It is made only in top secret US and Israeli labs. It can be sprayed onto a surface and will cut through steel girders in seconds. It is called nano because of it is measured in billionths of a meter. None has ever been sold to anyone in a cave in Afghanistan.

How did those jets get to their targets past our air defenses? When a golf pro died of a heart attack at the controls of his private jet, an interceptor jet was dispatched in minutes. Follow the NORAD stand down here. Link

The Israeli instant messaging service Odigo warned Hebrew speaking Israelis to leave the World Trade Center Towers two hours before they were struck by planes. Link

Elias Davidsson agrees with me. They have these people called ticket agents at airports who will get fired if they let people on the plane without tickets. After you get past the first set of ticket agents, you get to the area where they check your boarding passes. What are the odds that you could get on board a plane without a ticket, get by the security cameras without them recording you on video and get by those people checking for boarding passes without a boarding pass or a ticket? What are the odds that you could do that 19 times in one day if you were foreign born? Link

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that the five Israelis arrested on 9-11 while filming the WTC who had positioned their camera prior to the bombing later proved to be Mossad agents?

Richard Gage is an architect and has explained how the collapse of World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7 had to be by controlled demolition.

These sites have collapse videos showing obvious controlled demolitions to an open minded observer. Video

More videos of WTC 7 collapsing are here. Video

Here is additional footage of the collapse of WTC 7 and of the North Tower. Video

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that the BBC got their signals crossed from the people who demolished WTC 7 and reported it before it happened?

The controlled media reported explosions at the World Trade Center as it happened but no mention since 9-11 in the controlled media. Video

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that the FBI in 1993 allowed the original bombing of the World Trade Center to happen and in fact paid an agent provacateur from Egyptian Intelligence to make the bomb and recruit the terrorists? Link

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that one Israeli firm was responsible for the security at all of the airports where the planes were hijacked on 9-11? Link

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that insider trading that profited from advanced knowledge of 9-11 was traced to the CIA and to Israel?

Here are the specific transcripts of the radio transmissions that proved the fires were not sufficient to collapse the WTC. Link

This web page has a link the complete transcripts of the radio traffic which proves that the fires inside the World Trade Center were not sufficient to bring down the buildings according to the firemen. Link

This has the testimony of first responders who heard bombs and explosions inside the WTC. Link

Willie Rodriguez and many others heard and saw bombs explode inside the WTC Towers before the planes struck. Debunkers called them liars and worse. You might not have heard this on ABCNBCCBSMSNBCFOX but William Rodriguez Vindicated by Newly Released 9/11 Commission Notes was published here. Link

The debunkers ignored the testimony of these engineers who saw and heard explosions in the Towers before the planes struck. Their union recorded their testimony here. Link

This web page has 250 Smoking Guns that contradict the government's lies about 9-11.

This article has over 200 unanswered questions about 9-11 from Mike Rivero.

Be of good cheer. Nobody will believe the government lies about 9-11 after the dollar crashes. That will be our Day of Liberation. We can take this country back. We can rebuild America.