Monday, September 28, 2009

Tuesday 9-29 Tyrants Set 12-31-2009 Deadline To End Democracy

Dr Bill Deagle and John Moore, a former Green Beret, said they had been told (Audio File) by informants inside our intelligence services that the deadline for ending democracy in America has been moved up to 12-31-2009 from the same date in 2010. Deagle and Moore both declined to say why the deadline to end democracy had been moved up a year. I am willing to accept Deagle's date deadline he heard from inside sources because I don't see how the dollar will last until 2010. That is why I named this blog Almost 117 Days. I am convinced the dollar will crash before the end of the year.

Some years ago we all read about the Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR) plan to end sovereignty and democracy in Mexico, the United States and Canada by merging our nations into the North American Union (NAU) by 2010. Even before reading that study I had an intuition that the dollar would crash by the end of 2009.

I will cite three reasons why the bankers are getting anxious but there are probably one or two more reasons for them to move their plans forward by a year. When I was nine years-old, I read a small book on banking which convinced me that our banking system was designed to take money away from us and give it to bankers and that it will always end in a severe Depression. One reason for moving the End of Democracy ahead one year is that Wall Street knows the dollar cannot last one more year and they rightly fear the townsfolk will chase them with pitchforks.

Another reason is that the people are organizing themselves at rallies and are talking to each other in person and over the Internet. They are also buying 50,000,000 bullets a day and stocking up on food and other supplies. Wall Street wants to cut short that time frame for the people to organize a resistance.

The final reason I would cite is that our Teleprompter Reader in Chief in declining rapidly in popularity. He is losing support amongst white Democrats and Independents. They can see he never held hearings and developed his own health care plan. He has never made any hard decisions about Iraq and Afghanistan. How do you think his voters will react when they see Obama fire up Air Force and jet to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago to get the 2016 Summer Olympics while he avoids decisions ranging from health care to Afghanistan troop levels?

Obama's popularity is declining so rapidly so he might not be able to fulfill the second of the twofold reasons for his selection to be made President. One reason was that his first job was to destroy the United States. Obama did that by getting the Stimulus and Spending bills and the supplemental appropriations for the DOD and the IMF so the dollar would crash because he could not find enough buyers for American Treasury bonds. 46 cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed. Of the 2.3 trillion dollars the US collected in taxes in 2008 100% went to pay for the Bailouts to the banks and for military spending. So all we have to do to balance the budget is to eliminate all spending that does not go directly to banks or to the DOD and its contractors.

The second reason for his selection as President was that he was to protect the uber rich and merge the United States into the NAU and end both sovereignty and democracy. We have already agreed to the accounting principles for an international currency so Congressman Barney Frank can freely support HR 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve because he knows the Federal Reserve and the dollar will soon disappear.

Obama might not be aware that he was also selected by Wall Street to become President because when the dollar dies they wanted a black man to be sacrificed for the greater good of a race war. The bankers want the blacks, Hispanics and whites to shoot each other so they cannot shoot billionaires. Wall Street hopes we will greet the UN troops as saviors when they occupy our cities. In another year Obama might be so unpopular that even the blacks and Hispanics might want him to just go away and even they would refuse to go out into the streets with weapons to riot to defend their President. Even the dimmest bulb will perceive by next year that Obama was always Wall Street's man in Washington and never represented us.

In yesterday's essay I said that Rahm Emanuel, an Israeli citizen, is the Real President of the United States and should be impeached. The government will collapse within 12 months. All we have to do is to not buy into world War III, to avoid a race war and to refuse to join the NAU.

I would like to repeat yesterday's suggestion that at the next protest rally we have signs and bumper stickers saying Impeach Rahm Emanuel. He is dangerous.

Clearly the Zionists are gearing the police up for a National Security State: Pittsburgh G 20 Aftermath & Luke Rudkowski The cops have to create riot abuses so the riot police and the military can inflict pain on innocent bystanders using their exotic new weapons Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20 Alex Jones has talked to cops who said they enjoy putting people on terrorist lists which are growing by 25,000 a month with no provision for us to clear our names of false accusations.

Rachel Maddow Reports Video: Obama Implements 'Precrime' 'Prolonged Detention'

Zionists are trying to drown out coverage of Israel's atrocities cited by the Goldstone Report and her refusal to accept the UN demand they allow nuclear inspections by focusing on Iran but not everyone is buying their propaganda. Turkey wants UN body to discuss Gaza 'war crimes'

There is also this: Turkish premier warns against military strike on Iran Did anyone notice that Roman Polanski defended his drugging and raping a 13 year-old girl was that he is a Holocaust survivor?

And then the Israelis keep doing things on a daily basis that anger those of us who do not appreciate their arrogance. Settlers chop down Nablus olive grove on eve of harvest

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