Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend News and Comment

Video: Does Obama Have Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Watch this video.

Video: Max Keiser interviewed Mike Morgan of who besides accusing Wall Street of massive theft also said that Nancy Pelosi and her nephew helped to loot a state workers pension fund of more than a billion dollars. As I said before, we can get the crooks out of Washington by filing RICO corrupt enterprise lawsuits against the Congress, the Senate and various Wall Street scum. Nancy has a half a billion dollars in assets to lose. Link

Video: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk about the prospects for a Bank Holiday. My opinion is that a triggering event could very well shut down the banks and all the markets before the end of 2009. This will give the Federal Reserve an opportunity to devalue the dollar cutting the purchasing Power of our paychecks and our pensions. Link

If you are wondering why I follow the dollar, it is because I am chronicling its collapse which will be our Day of Liberation. And, if the world were ruled by choreographers and not bankers, I would be commenting on dance and music.

Video This is a video of a citizen journalist who says some banks in southern California are refusing to let depositors take their money out of the bank. Link By the way, I do not endorse any ads on this man's website.

Video: This is a musical video satire from Tim Hawkins The Government Can Link

Independent journalist Chris Bollyn has published a book online charging Israel with master minding the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Link

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge has told us that the Federal Reserve has bought over a trillion dollars in derivatives and has set up trading accounts at brokerages to make phony trades. Link In the past Tyler has told us that Goldman Sachs is bleeding the stock market of one hundred million dollars a day because it is allowed to front run trades. And he said that half of all trades are in the stocks of five bankrupt banks so that trading volume is very suspicious. Some time ago Peter Schiff told us that the government was intervening in the markets by buying 100,000 futures contracts a day to pump up prices. I took my money out of the market long ago.

Unemployment is much higher than the government says. Over 16% and not just under 10%. Link In past recessions most of the people losing jobs were only being laid off for a few weeks or months. Now the majority are laid off permanently. Link. People are also working fewer hours and making a lot less money.

And we have had net private sector job losses since 1999. Link
My comment: We have added millions of legal and illegal aliens plus their children in the past ten years. Name the politicians who have opposed what has been done to harm native born Americans since 1999.

Mish Shedlock has written an essay on the running countdown to the destruction of the dollar (on 11-07-2009.) Link Mish is insightful though I believe in the long run we will have a huge inflation but in the short run China is letting the steam out of the commodities markets except for gold and silver.

And Andy Xie said the Chinese stock market is also set up to decline. Link

Since Monday is a holiday, my next edition will not be until Tuesday. I will add material to this Weekend edition if need be.

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