Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday 9-15 Nano Particles in Flu Vaccine

There is only one small problem with vaccines containing nanoparticles—they can be deadly and at the least cause severe irreparable health damage...The Beijing Chaoyang Hospital study has now conclusively confirmed that nanoparticles cause lung damage and other toxicity in humans as well.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi who threw his shoe at Bush was released from prison. This is the Shoe Thrower's Press Conference on Video. If he were a Kenyan citizen, I would have voted for him for President in 2008.

Sibel Edmonds is the woman who testified in court that congressional leaders have not only taken but have committed treason by giving nuclear secrets and technology to foreign governments. She has a website 123 Real Change on which she posted an article exposing the Turkish-Israeli-American Military Industrial Complex Lobby.

Karl Denninger caught Obama lying about FHA loans here: President Obama Speaks- And Lies (Again)

Keith Fitz-Gerald said something investors need to know but it does need to be qualified. Investors overseas in the past have lost everything in wars. And 300 trillion dollars will fuel a lot of inflation His Video is The $300 Trillion “Recovery”No One Is Talking About. . .

Economy Roundup: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote European Commission sees galloping UK debt crisis Yeah. But America would pass Zimbabwe in debt to GDP ratio and be the number one debtor nation if we included the cost of the Bailouts in our debts. Tyler Durden wrote this: So What Happens When The Music Stops? And a high traffic Blogger has written this: Are Foreign Purchases of U.S. Treasury Bonds Being Fake The Financial Times ran this article:TUC fears risk of riots as jobless total rises Jim Rogers America is Collapsing (Video)

I decided to post this only after learning that Jeremy Lott is a genuine liberal. Opinion: So far, Obama's failing miserably Obama has announced he plans to go on the Late Night Letterman show and on FIVE Sunday TV shows. He has not read the polls that said 56% of the people like his health care program less every time they hear more. He keeps repeating the same lies. His Presidency will be in a state of collapse within six weeks. As I said the other day, he is a narcissist and cares only for attention and does not care about either health care or stopping our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I wrote this in the morning and will take it down if Obama says something about it before 5 pm Washington time. RAW VIDEO: Bus Beating Caught On Tape

Only in America could you find this headline: Jericho Fire Chief Shot by Officers in Court will be Charged

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