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Wednesday 9-23 You're Pulling My Leg

Media hypes terror plot, despite the fact no one is charged with terror This story is about the FBI informant who has been arrested even though no weapons and bombs have been found.

Booga. Booga. Bleached Blondes are dangerous. Tiny, Cheap And Deadly: Hydrogen Peroxide Bombs

Video:American Soldiers Speak Out

Video: Breakfast with Peter Phillips- On Palestine & Israel Peter Phillips is the head of Project Censored. This is one of a series of talks.

Holdren says Constitution backs compulsory abortion John Holdren is Obama's science czar, a position not recognized by the Constitution, Czars have power over the Cabinet. Obama has 32 czars.

Major police raid targets L.A.'s notorious Avenues gang
LA is a sanctuary city. I wonder how many of these men will be deported to Mexico.

Budget chief contradicts Obama on Medicare costs

William K. Black's Proposal for “Systemically Dangerous Institutions” William K. Black is a former head S&L regulator

Black Sea Wars By Patrick J. Buchanan

You're Pulling My Leg

A few hundred years ago in England if an eight-year old girl were sentenced to death by hanging for stealing bread, it could take five minutes or more for the young girl to die. It was considered an act of charity for a mother to have her daughter's brothers and sisters run up to their sister as she was hanging by the noose and to grab her legs using their weight to hasten the young girl's death. This quaint English expression was changed over the years to mean that you are kidding someone.

A few days ago my two two teenage nieces were over at my house. I was frustrated because they could not believe that their water was poisoned. They thought that if their teacher said chlorine and fluoride in their drinking water was safe then that was the end of the argument. I got nowhere with these two young girls who are cousins until I told them the origins of the saying "You're Pulling My Leg."

The government has been systematically killing off the working class for centuries.

The whole purpose of hanging young children for stealing bread was to kill off the working class before they could reproduce. Michael Hoffman has written about the treatment of young children here The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain

Most people are well aware of the extermination of Irish men, women and children over centuries of English occupation

Less well known was the famine in Scotland. This was in addition to the millions killed by the Enclosure Acts which took land from the poor over a period of centuries.

So getting back to my nieces, I had to point out that Wikipedia says chlorine is toxic and says this of fluoridation of drinking water: Since 1985, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters' union has expressed concerns about fluoride. In 2005, eleven environmental protection agency EPA employee unions, representing over 7000 environmental and public health professionals of the Civil Service, called for a halt on drinking water fluoridation programs across the USA and asked EPA management to recognize fluoride as posing a serious risk of causing cancer in people. Continental Europe does not permit water fluoridation.

Our soldiers have been systematically poisoned. There are the experimental vaccines they have been forced to take: Poisoning US Troops: Anthrax, Lies and Vaccines And there is also the matter of Depleted Uranium which Russia and China refuse to use because they don't want to poison their own soldiers. DU causes cancer and its use can be compared to the Romans pouring salt onto the fields of Carthage to make sure no further life grew there. Video: DU poison is blown across borders and will cause birth defects in America.

America has been abusing its soldiers and killing them for no good reason for some time. We entered WW I so the war would last longer. The bankers wanted to bankrupt our allies England and France so New York could become the world financial capitol. The bankers also wanted to set up a Zionist colony in Palestine and to create a Zio-Communist dictatorship in Russia that killed over 60,000,000 people. President Coolidge on Armistice Day in 1928 said more than 100,000 American soldiers died from their wounds after the war was over.

Churchill in his six volume The Second World War said the German General Staff sent two officers in March of 1939 to negotiate a surrender. They even offered to arrest Hitler to prevent war. The Japanese Emperor had been offering to break his alliance with Germany and to pull out of China to prevent war. Howard Katz in The Warmongers told us this: The Rothschild owned Bank of England in 1935 had loaned Hitler the monetary equivalent of 50,000,000 ounces of gold so the Nazis could buy guns from Vickers and reorganize Farben chemical company. World War II expanded Zio-Communism into eastern Europe, set up the Korean and Vietnam wars and nearly bankrupted America. 58,000,000 men, women and children died in WW II for no good reason. More than 10,000,000 died in Korea and in Indo-China. And I calculated once that more than 300,000,000 poor people died because of the resources we wasted in the Cold War.

The modern human is subject to chemtrails which are not simply the contrail exhausts of jets as they fly over our heads. We are being sprayed by chemicals that remain in the skies for hours. So what poisons are they inflicting upon us. Disinformation specialists have been saying that Chemtrails are there to protect us from Global Warming. But we have entered a period of minimal sunspot activity which means the earth's atmosphere is cooling due to the lack of solar radiation so that lie has been undone.

We are being fed poisonous foods The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has just issued a call for an immediate moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods. There are other poisons, such as, MSG: Avoid MSG and Its Excitotoxin Cousins and Aspartame Side Effects.

The American worker has been told by the TARP Inspector General that even after Wall Street owns his government and has stolen his pensions and savings that he must pay 23.7 trillion dollars in taces and inflation to Bail Out the bankers.

We live in a seriously polluted world where the oceans are beginning to die. And the politicians and the media would tax us hundreds of billions of dollars a year so we can give all our money to billionaires through carbon trading schemes.

I am convinced that the bankers would love to soon enter the final phase where they kill us off through plagues and wars. The most likely place to launch WW III would be to an Israeli air attack on Iran. Some observers have noted that America gas already begun a wider war by sending mercenaries and drones into Pakistan to kill civilians and using Georgia as a proxy for war with Russia, These people are insane. Iran has no nuclear weapons. The Zionists lied about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. We must stop listening to Zionists.

We must also refuse to take vaccines so contaminated that no company would inject them without first purchasing waivers against lawsuits from the Congress. I used Google to search for videos on the side effects of vaccination. I found two videos from reliable sources but they were both removed by YouTube. That happens a lot. So I found Why Vaccines Don't Work as Advertised and Why Vaccines Aren't Safe Why Vaccines Aren't Safe

At best the Swine Flu vaccine will kill or cripple tens of thousands of Americans while it enriches Gig Pharma and raises millions of dollars in campaign contributions for the politicians. At worst there is a distinct possibility that the vaccinations will set you up to die by reducing your immunity when the bankers release the coming plague. The bankers would rather kill a few billion people than give up their power and let us work to solve the problems of humanity.

Refuse the vaccines. Prepare to be able to last a few months without assistance. Do not be frightened and fearful. We are many. They are few. We have the Internet. We are free and will never live under the rule they have set for us.

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