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Monday 9-21 So Why The December Deadline?

Israel has been saying for years that they cannot allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Of late they have been declaring that they have set a deadline of December 2009 and will be forced to attack Iran on their own if the world does not disarm Iran.

The problem is that Iran could not make a nuclear weapon if they wanted to. Both the incoming and outgoing Directors General of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) have said Iran is nowhere near developing a nuclear weapon. The NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) of both the Bush and the Obama administrations have also both said Iran is nowhere near developing a nuclear weapon.

So Why The December Deadline?

There are scurrilous rumors in the press that Iran is close to developing nuclear weapons. One unnamed source said German Intelligence (BND) told them Iran was nearing the development of nuclear weapons. The Germans denied this. Another unnamed source said Saudi Arabia has given permission to Israel to attack Iran using Saudi air space. This too was denied. But these "planted news items" have been repeated by Neo-Con Zionist media flacks.

Prior to the Iraq war we were told that Iraq was an ally of Al-Qaeda and that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. We knew these were lies before the invasion. After we invaded we confirmed there were no WMDs but in the process we had killed more than one million Iraqis and displaced millions more. For some unknown reason we are still listening to the same liars and the same lies but about another nation.

So Why The December Deadline?

If we attacked Iran, America would lose our Persian Gulf Fleet and our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We would be financially devastated by the soaring price of oil after the Iranians closed the Persian Gulf to oil exports. If the price of oil went to $400 a barrel for six months, both China and Japan could buy oil and give it to their citizens for free by selling American Treasury bonds. Americans would have to cut oil consumption by 60% overnight and be forced to balance our federal budget because nobody would buy Treasury bonds at that point. Currently, 46 cents of every dollar is borrowed so all we would have to do is to:

1) Cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in half. Eliminate welfare and all federal aid to education, job training, the Earned Income Tax Credit and dozens of other programs.

2) The Iranians would be justifiably mad at us for killing millions through radiation released after Israel destroys their nuclear facility at Brushehr. Millions more would die after we destroy their water, electricity, roads, communications, industries, hospitals and sewers. An Israeli attack on Iran would launch World War III, But that is when America would run out of money and millions of Americans would riot in the streets for food so we would have to surrender to the Muslims and say, "we are very sorry for killing a few hundred million innocent people but we would like a ceasefire now because we are bankrupt."

Americans are just going to have to learn to get along with others and not to declare war on innocent people and kill them because Israel said "kill." We need to learn that lesson sooner rather than later.

So Why The December Deadline?

The Russian President Medvedev has said that an Israeli attack on Iran would be terrible. Zbignew Brzezinski, who has advised Democratic Presidents since Jimmy Carter, has said that Obama should attack Israeli jets over Iraqi air space if they do not turn back from assaulting Iran. That is just how bad an idea World War III is.

So Why The December Deadline?

I believe the deadline of December 2009 was selected by the Zionists because they know they have stolen America's wealth and all but destroyed this nation. The dollar will die very, very soon.

The Zionists know that if America does support the Israeli attack on Iran we will forever be destroyed as a nation when we have to pay for the consequences of killing a few hundred million Muslims. Yet knowing another war will destroy America the Zionists want us to attack Iran anyway.

So now you know why Israel has given us a deadline of December 2009. Israel does not think America will be capable of serving their interests after that date and so we will be discarded forever onto the ash heap of history.

As an American, I say no to Israel, to Zionism and to Wall Street.

Obama: We Need To Bail Out Newspapers Or Blogs Will Run The World

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Truth About Markets This is an audio tape of Max's weekly broadcast. Max coined the term SPEC-FLATION in this broadcast. It is an alternative to deflation and to inflation.

There used to be something called the Yen Carry Trade where people in search of a quick buck borroweded yen in Japan at near zero interest rates and invested overseas in other currencies and at higher rates. The new phenomenon is The American Dollar Carry Trade where speculators are borrowing in dollars and investing overseas or in gold where there are huge returns. Max said these people are essentially shorting the dollar. The problem is that this could make the price in dollar of goods and commodities in normal unstable. If you have trouble with Max's audio file please go here and scroll down.

Video: Amy Goodman questioned about 911 GateKeeping I used to listen to Amy Goodman on her show Democracy Now. She absolutely refuses to cover 9-11 Truth even though we have clear evidence that it was an Inside Job. The problem is that the evidence leads to Israel. This video is from the mostly Jewish group We Are Change LA. I like them but I think the Zionists are preparing a two perimeter defense. The first perimeter is to deny 911 Truth. In Amy's case she had a Jewish film maker Dylan Avery on once to talk about 911 and then got the conversation bogged down into the shooting down of Flight 93. The second Zionist perimeter is to say George W Bush did it and anyone who says Israel did it is an anti-Semite.

9% of students in Vista California are homeless If you read the article, you will see these are mostly Mexicans. It is time to send them home to make jobs and benefits available to native born Americans many of whom are becoming homeless themselves.

Steve Keen Out-Thinks Larry Summers That is not hard to do.

There are two things wrong with our debt money system besides my moral objection that it transfers all wealth from those who produce to those men on Wall Street who have been given the legal right to print our money.

One is that it creates a Long Term Credit cycle which must end in a Depression which cancels debts either through deflation or inflation. In our Federal Reserve type system the bank must create a debt before it can create Federal Reserve Notes or new checking account deposits. The problem is that the banks only create enough money to cover the loan and not enough to pay the interest. They have to create new debt-money every year so we can make our payments. This is how we get into Long Term Credit Cycles.

The other problem is getting out of the Depression. As the article indicates that creating reserves does not create demand for loans so there is no monetary increase. What we need to do is to create money without incurring a debt. Pay no interest to the banks on a fictional national debt. And increase the money supply every year so the ratio of money to production is constant and prices are therefor stable.

For The Young Revolutionary There is this: Muse - "Uprising" Official Music Video (HD)

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