Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have decided to create a blog dedicated to keeping an eye on the imminent demise of the dollar. I first understood that the banking system was a fraud designed to transfer all wealth from the men and women who work for a living to the bottom feeders on Wall Street who have a license to print our money when I was nine years-old and read a small book on banking.

After the TARP inspector General said the total cost of the Bailout was 23.7 trillion dollars, just about everyone agreed with me that the Federal Reserve bank was set up to steal our money. I have been saying for four or five years that the dollar would crash in the last half of 2009. I have also been saying for longer than five years that Wall Street wants to cut our real after tax wages in half.

The Good News is that impossible situations cannot last. Their days are numbered. We have our best chance in one hundred years to take back our government.

Do not believe anything you have been told in school, by the media and the government. Question everything. The lies they tell keep getting bigger and bigger but that only makes them even more unbelievable.

I will be posting news items and comments in Monday thru Thursday editions before 5 pm California time. I will have a separate weekend edition which will be updated until Sunday.

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