Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday 9-22 Not News: Congresswoman A Blackmailed Lesbian

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois was named by Sibel Edmonds in an interview as the woman who was blackmailed by agents of a foreign country Turkey after getting her involved in a set up affair with a lesbian. Normally, any sex scandal is guaranteed to make it on the nightly news. Throw in some foreign agents, bribery, treason and blackmail and you might think it would be the lead. This story made it into the blogs weeks ago and was featured again at Brad's Blog after the name of the Democrat congresswoman being blackmailed was made public.

When Sibel Edmonds testified at a libel trial in Ohio a few weeks ago, she named former House Speaker Hastert, a Republican, and Steve Solarz, a New York Democrat, as men who received bribes by the Turkish government which they passed on to fellow congressmen. This was not news. Why? After all she did accuse them of selling American nuclear secrets to a foreign nation which is treason. So again I ask why not?

Because her testimony linked the Turkish espionage case not only to the American Military Industrial Complex but also to Israel.

You can read Philip Giraldi's interview of Sibel Edmonds here: Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds? Giraldi is a retired and honest ex-CIA agent.

This was definitely never allowed to be news: It happened in America: Katrina's secret jail Excerpts: not formally charged, was not read Miranda rights, was not allowed a phone call. He was physically and verbally abused, pepper sprayed, strip-and body-cavity searched...Prisoners included Marlene Maten, 73-year-old diabetic deaconess at Resurrection Mission Baptist Church,,,Zeitoun and hundreds of others from Camp Greyhound, ended up at maximum security Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, in St. Gabriel, La.,,,Released from Hunt on Sept. 29, 2005 - after paying a $75,000 bail - Zeitoun was lucky, compared with the three men he was arrested with. (Note Katrina hit New Orleans one month earlier on August 29th.)

Now this case got front page treatment for awhile until FBI False-Flag Goes Bust in NYC the fact that their suspect was an FBI informant. The FBI gave their version here: FBI says imam Ahmad Afzali worked both sides and tipped off suspects

The relation between chronic diseases and death from swine flu in children is ignored by the press and the CDC: Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles on Deficiency Link to H1N1 Deaths

ABC's Charlie Gibson was on WLS radio and said he knew nothing about ACORN. He had to be told that undercover reporters had filmed ACORN employees offering legal and tax advice to supposed brothel operators who wanted to bring 13 year-old prostitutes from Latin America. He said he never knew about the five video taped stings which made it onto Drudge and into the blogosphere. Charlie Gibson on WLS Radio Clueless About ACORN Scandal
It would seem we get Better News Coverage By Comedians: 'Thank You ACORN': Leno Plays 'Commercial' Featuring Prostitutes Gratitude

HSBC = Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corp. They are big time money launderers. When the people who launder drug money drop the dollar, it is time to head for the exits. Clinton created Plan Colombia six months after Colombian rebels in FARC refused to invest their money in the NYSE. And then there is this: Cheap dollars are sowing the seeds of the next world crisis

ISI's Carrie Butler said: For those of you who like conspiracy theories: The Fed is no longer publishing MEW (Mortgage Equity Withdrawal). This was one of the engines of the financial crisis - so much for an early warning on the next housing crisis. ISI will estimate the three main components of the Fed's report and like our estimate for some the old "M" statistics it will be there down the road when needed again.

Now stories about a small businessman who set up a pension plan for his employees and was fined 1.2 million by the IRS even though he followed advice from a CPA is definitely not news. And this isn't newsworthy either: Young see incomes crash since 2000

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