Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Edition: Obama A Goldman Sachs Sock Puppet

Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert and Rob Kirby discuss explosive information on China and gold and oil derivatives. Max is funny and routinely calls Goldman Sachs scum. You really do not understand the economy unless you understand him. Video.
Max has a radio show that I recommend highly. Max and Stacy talk about Warren Buffet's Op Ed The Butterfly Effect in which he says there is so much leverage in banking that one foreclosed home in Arkansas can send the whole world into a Depression. Stacy predicts it could start in Europe. Max says the Mideast because they have declining oil production and high priced protection money they have to pay to the American Military Industrial Complex. Audio Or go to Max's website.

Someone needs to contrast these two items in the news. The Israeli Lobby will be pushing for a solution to their Iranian problems at a meeting in Washington on Thursday. The Jewish writer calls it Plan C For Iran. This needs to be contrasted with the opening of the Online Palestinian Holocaust Museum

Another contrast in Washington. Nancy Pelosi who is more despised than George W Bush made a deal with United Heath lobbyists to scrap the public option in exchange for a really nice fundraiser. The Libs are furious. Contrast that with this taxpayer's protest in Washington which had almost 2,000,000 angry enough to show up according to the Daily Mail.

Sibel Edmonds was asked to testify in a libel suit. Some stupid congresswoman thought she could roll a lowly 911 Truther. Sibel told the court that congressmen were being bribed not just to spend money on defense contracts but also to give nuclear secrets to foreign governments which is treason. Brad Friedman of Brad Blog interviewed her here.

Humor: Tax dollars at work. ACORN officials caught on tape helping people to pimp underage girls and to evade taxes. >Video

Someone should tell the Obama admin that the 1929-1939 Depression was made much worse by the Smoot-Hawley tariff which shut down trade. Obama just put a 35% tariff on Chinese tires.

Then there is this article: Obama To Give Speech Monday On Financial Crisis The man is a Goldman Sachs Sock Puppet, Who cares what he says? Link

The real story is that Florida has to borrow a billion dollars to keep its unemployment fund open. >Link

To be Fair and Balanced I should say that everyone in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate (with the exception of Ron Paul and maybe one or two others) is A Goldman Sachs Sock Puppet.

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