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All Saints Day 11-01 My Challenge To Christians

Today is All Saints Day. It is the day Christians honor their saints. Tomorrow is All Souls Day which is dedicated to remembering those good Christians who died over the past year. A dear friend once told me: "America is sliding down a greased pole straight to hell." I challenge the churches of America to read the following news of the day. I ask them to do what is in their power to stop both the destruction of the world by the American government and the planned demolition of our economy and our way of life to give what remains to a global authority run by Goldman Sachs and friends.

SETTLERS REJOICE AT PALESTINIAN’S SUFFERING Settlers perform Talmudic rituals outside a confiscated Palestinian

9yr-old boy tortured, says former Guantanamo detainee “I was interrogated hundreds of times by the FBI, CIA and even MI5, beaten, and subjected to continuous torture, sexual degradation, forced drugging and religious persecution,” he said. With their hands and feet chained and in a foetal position on the floor, the three were accused of making a video of Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. The three -- now known in the media as the “Tipton Three” -- were released in 2004 without being charged after they were forced to sign a paper to admit their involvement in making the video ... Rape and abuse of women and children by US troops were almost a daily affair over at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad ... Her only daughter and nephew were beaten and tortured naked for six months until Jameelah admitted that she supported the resistance, she claimed. She also witnessed other abuses like sleep deprivation, forced stress positions, forced nudity, the use of dogs to scare and bite prisoners, death threats and sexual abuse. Jameelah and her family were freed in July 2004 without any charges brought against them ... the youngest detainee he knew of was a nine-year-old boy who was also tortured like the rest.

What Christians Don’t Know About Israel “He’s been fired.” She indicated it was because he had signed a contract for a book that was sympathetic to Palestinians. Griffin, she said, had no time to see me.
Later, I met with another MacMillan official, William Curry. “I was told to take your manuscript to the Israeli Embassy, to let them read it for mistakes,” ... “Were there mistakes?” “Not mistakes as such. But it shouldn’t be published. It’s anti-Israel.” ... The Same Question Speaking of these injustices, I invariably heard the same question, “How come I didn’t know this?” Or someone might ask, “But I haven’t read about that in my newspaper.” ... How handily these liberal Jewish opinion-molders tend to diminish the Palestinians, to make them invisible, or to categorize them all as “terrorists.” ... Over five decades now, Zionists have killed Palestinians with impunity. And in the 1996 shelling of a U.N. base in Qana, Lebanon, the Israelis killed more than 100 civilians sheltered there. As an Israeli journalist, Arieh Shavit, explains of the massacre, “We believe with absolute certitude that right now, with the White House in our hands, the Senate in our hands and The New York Times in our hands, the lives of others do not count the same way as our own.” ... In the teachings of Christ, there was a break from such Talmudic teachings. He sought to heal the wounded, to comfort the downtrodden.

My Comment: There were 1,600 people in Jerusalem at the time of David. There never was a Temple of Solomon. There never was a unified Kingdom of Israel and Judah. The original Jews were Canaanites but lived in the hills and separated from their fellow Canaanites who are in part the ancestors the modern day Palestinians.

Obama Administration Seeks To Block Wiretap Suit

Pelosi Health Care Bill Blows a Kiss to Trial Lawyers Section 2531, entitled “Medical Liability Alternatives,” establishes an incentive program for states to adopt and implement alternatives to medical liability litigation. [But]…… a state is not eligible for the incentive payments if that state puts a law on the books that limits attorneys’ fees or imposes caps on damages. So, you can’t try to seek alternatives to lawsuits if you’ve actually done something to implement alternatives to lawsuits. Brilliant! The trial lawyers must be very happy today!

Hillary Tells The Truth in Pakistan: “The percentage of taxes on GDP (in Pakistan) is among the lowest in the world... We (the United States) tax everything that moves and doesn’t move, and that’s not what we see in Pakistan,” she said. What she did not say is that if America was not occupying half of the world and actively killing people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, our taxes would not be burdening us to the point of exhaustion.

A History of CIA Atrocities

Afghanistan: Eight Years On & No Direction Home

Video: Mercury is good for you! - US Mainstream Media Report They have to lie to get people to take the shots: Robert Kennedy Jr on the Vaccine Autism Coverup Children are given mercury in shots that are 400 times EPA guidelines.

Ukraine Defies IMF Warnings International Aid Is in Jeopardy After Increases in Minimum Wage, Pensions IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is Jewish and a former Goldman-Sachs employee. The head of the World Bank and the Financial Stability Board are both ex-Goldman Sachs employees. What are the odds of that being a coincidence?

Using Cash Sign Of Terrorist, According To FBI Feds demand tattoo shops rat on customers

Video: How Vaccines Are Used To Start Cancers

Afghan challenger threatens to quit run-off unless demands are met Following widespread fraud in the August first round, Abdullah has demanded Karzai sack the head of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and suspend four ministers who campaigned for the incumbent.

Video: Catherine Austin Fitts on the bailout and US economy- very good!! Catherine explains why we would be better off crashing the system and sending Wall Street into bankruptcy. By letting the Bailout continue, we are letting the bankers take what real assets we had. One day we could wake up and find we have nothing.

Jailhouse Interview: Madoff Rips SEC, Calls Shapiro a “Dear Friend”
At one point, he called the SEC’s current head Mary Shapiro a “dear friend,” but doesn’t elaborate on how he knew her.

Media Coverage of Afghanistan

Late Harvest Sows Problems for Farmers, Cool, Wet Weather Strands Crops in the Field, Exposing Them to Mold and Other

You Can't Possibly Be Serious (CRE) am speaking of the notion that went up the flagpole on allowing banks to refinance commercial real estate loans at more than 100% LTV - and having this "overlooked" by regulators. Oh, but they are! Regulators, in a significant step, also said they won't penalize banks for performing loans where the value of the underlying property is now worth less than the loan balance. Who did this? The guidelines, released on Friday by agencies including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency,

Fannie Mae Seriously Delinquent Rate Hockeysticks to 4.45% From 1.57% In Prior Year

Video: Preview of America After Civilian Disarmament? Then there are these words from Israeli's highest ranking citizen in the US government: Video: Rahm Emanuel to Disarm America:"#1 Issue", Gun Owners are Terrorists

Catherine Austin Fitts Speaking Most of her talk was about financial fraud including the mortgage industry. When she was at HUD, she discovered they were losing 11 million dollars a day, She called the HUD regional manager for Arkansas and Texas (Region 6) and asked him how much he was losing. He said he thought he was breaking even. She said you lost 2 billion dollars last year in your region.

Americans Gotta Read the "War Crimes Times!"
The War Crimes Times Mission Statement

The War Crimes Times provides information to the general public, to law-makers, and to our justice-seeking allies on war crimes, war criminals, and on the necessity and means of prosecuting war criminals. When national leaders initiate hostilities they create the conditions—the extreme use of force coupled with limited accountability—for the war crimes which invariably follow. War crimes are therefore an inherent part of war. The suffering caused and the enmity aroused by war crimes must be regarded as costs of war. Since these and other costs far exceed any benefits of war, we seek to end war as a tool of international policy. Towards this goal, we believe that holding war criminals accountable will send a strong message to those currently in power to very carefully weigh all the consequences of the decision to go to war. While we recognize that United States has long relied on military force to further its foreign policy goals, we feel that the Bush Administration’s blatant and egregious violations of international law demand special attention. The WCT has resolved to see that Bush, Cheney, & Co. are prosecuted for war crimes no matter how long it takes. There is no statute of limitations on war crimes.

Video: Catherine Austin Fitts explains what we can do to survive a criminal state

Bob Chapman: Facing A Total Breakdown Of Financial Markets From here on out the Fed isn't going to get away with anything. Anyone who has been in the market for any length of time knows all of our current problems emanated straight from the FED. It is now obvious that the take down of the dollar is deliberate and there is little effort to save it; just an effort to bring it down slowly and incrementally. There is no question banks will continue to get cheap loans and either deposit the money with the FED for a 3% gain to buy Treasuries or opportune the markets.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday 10-30 Ruth Madoff: The Gentiles are responsible for this.

Ruth Madoff: The Gentiles are responsible for this. She said this on tape while her husband was free on bond. It is in the first minute of the ABC News Clip, by the author of the book "The Madoff Chronicles" with Brian Ross.

Video: Palestinians homeless again after eviction Israeli cops evict Palestinians from tents after courts evicted them from homes they had owned for 60 years. The courts ruled that the homes actually belonged to Jews. MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) watched and denounced. NO AMERICAN CONGRESSMEN WERE PRESENT. The following is a printed article describing evictions in the same area. OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALM ~~ FIRST THEY EVICTED US FROM OUR HOME, THEN THEY DEMOLISHED THE TENT WE WERE LIVING IN

Video Merck Scientist Admits Cancer & AIDS Came From Vaccines

Video: Obama To Enter Diplomatic Talks With Raging This is a 2 minute satire. However, the following is not a satire. Video Barack Obama Truth Squads

Robins can see Earth's magnetic field German scientists studied 36 European robins and concluded that the birds can 'see' the Earth's magnetic field, allowing them to navigate

Pastor James David Manning Banned From YouTube Though his channel remains public, Pastor James David Manning has been restricted from posting new material on YouTube for “hate speech”, simply for stating his religious views. I warned you this was coming ... I encourage everyone who is concerned by the recent banning of Conservatives on YouTube to sign up for an account at While you are there, subscribe to my channel at

Israel denies illegal diamond trade And there is also this news from Zion:
Haaretz: Israelis at center of ecstasy drug trade

Video: MAX KEISER in Fall of the Republic the Presidency of Barack Obama This is Max's contribution to Alex Jones' Fall of the Republic the Presidency of Barack Obama

Clunkers: Taxpayers paid $24,000 per car A total of 690,000 new vehicles were sold under the Cash for Clunkers program last summer, but only 125,000 of those were vehicles that would not have been sold anyway

Telling Wall Street to kiss their assets goodbye: Florida considers state-owned bank even though this is the “secret” to the state with the lowest unemployment in the nation along with a record budget surplus (it’s North Dakota, one of only two solvent states today), the idea of a state-owned bank creating its own credit is a new idea for many Americans --- If Florida copies North Dakota, we might all follow their example and recover.

This is happening because we do not have a state owned bank like North Dakota. Market Cheers Over Ugly GDP Report A misguided Cash-for-Clunkers added a one-time contribution of 1.66 percentage points to GDP. Auto sales have since collapsed so all the program did is move some demand forward ... Government spending increased at 7.9 percent in the third quarter which is certainly nothing to cheer about ... real disposable personal income decreased 3.4 percent ... the only reason GDP rose is wasteful government spending, cash-for-clunkers and extremely unaffordable housing tax credits

The Message is Clear; It's Perfectly Okay to Betray Your Nation if You're a Jew

City of Houston is Bankrupt (So are California, Oregon, and Pension Plans in General)

New US Bases on the Black Sea a $50 million military base in Romania, which will house 1,600 American troops and a $60 million base in Bulgaria to house 2,500 soldiers ... More than 2,000 soldiers are now taking part in exercises near the two Eastern European nations ... elements of the US missile shield complex may eventually appear in Romania ... In another alarming sign, cadets at the West Point military academy are now undergoing a crash course of Russian language and culture. Just like they started learning Arabic three years prior to the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Video Dispatch: A Crisis in the Kremlin
Stratfor is a Jewish NeoCon company but it does reveal a struggle in Russia. The power elite in Russia is Jewish and were installed by George H.W. Bush in 1991 when the NY FED, the NY banks and the Harvard Endowment sacked and looted Russian state industries and pension funds to enrich 8 Jewish men and one non-Jew.

Arrogant US Misses the Message From Pakistan’s People 11 percent of the Pakistani respondents said that al-Qaeda is the greatest threat to Pakistan today, 18 percent said India, and 59 percent said the United States ... Afghanistan is a country with one-sixth Pakistan’s population, with a great many Pashtuns, too, harboring only a 100 or so members of al-Qaeda ... damage American pressures are doing to Pakistan and how fearful the Pakistani populace is, not of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, but of the United States ... There has always been in American foreign policy circles a virus called arrogance, caused by the hereditary assumption that Americans know better than others.

How 56.5 Million Households Live: $52,000 Median Household Income in 2009 Crushed by a Decade of Debt. A Decade of Lost Wages and Financial Debt Servitude. Americans leveraged debt in this decade to make up for their lost purchasing power ... We are still losing jobs at a rate of 3 million per year. In fact, just to keep at a normal pace we need to be creating 150,000 jobs per month. Until we get there, the average American is going to feel this as the deep recession that it is.

Obama’s Defense Bill Restarts Gitmo Tribunals

Prosecutors Turn Tables on Student Journalists For more than a decade, classes of students at Northwestern University’s journalism school have been scrutinizing the work of prosecutors and the police. The investigations into old crimes, as part of the Medill Innocence Project, have helped lead to the release of 11 inmates ... But as the Medill Innocence Project is raising concerns about another case, that of a man convicted in a murder 31 years ago, a hearing has been scheduled next month in Cook County Circuit Court on an unusual request: Local prosecutors have subpoenaed the grades, grading criteria, class syllabus, expense reports and e-mail messages of the journalism students themselves

Brief Video: Speaker Pelosi Denies Public Access to Health Care Public Plan Announcement

Paul Tudor Jones 3rd quarter letter to investors: Dollar will continue its decline and Gold is vastly undervalued

Another Bad Economic Report (PCI/Spend) Personal income decreased $0.1 billion, or less than 0.1 percent, and disposable personal income (DPI) decreased $0.2 billion, or less than 0.1 percent, in September, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Personal consumption expenditures (PCE) decreased $47.2 billion, or 0.5 percent.

Report: States set low bar for achievement Obama administration says states should adopt tougher standards
Many states set achievement standards so low that they can say their students are reading and doing math at their grade level when they haven't truly mastered the subjects ... "States are setting the bar too low," Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a statement. "We're lying to our children when we tell them they're proficient, but they're not achieving at a level that will prepare them for success once they graduate."

End-of-life counseling remains in health bill

Bank-Favoring Censorship by Congress The object lesson is the gutting of the falsely-branded derivatives reform bill. It arrived with a loophole so large you could drive a truck through it, namely that customized derivatives were not covered. So this bill will do nothing to impede the growth of complex opaque products; in fact, it encourages it, since banks will have no oversight if they tweak a product so that is can be deemed “customized.” It was further weakened by excluding most of the banks in America and by excluding a whole swathe of end users. The final insult was making the derivatives clearing house self-regulating.

New York State Is So Broke It Steals From Itself To Pay Off Unapproved Debt According to DiNapoli, "only one-third of the money in the Highway and Bridge Trust Fund has actually been used to pay for highways and bridges. The rest has been siphoned off to pay for debt service on back-door borrowing and to fund operational costs for the DMV and the state Department of Transportation."

Weekly US Railroad Carloadings Down 14.8% For Cumulative Decline Of 18.0%

Snack and soft drink sweetener putting millions at risk of high blood pressure High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is abundant in many types of foods and beverages ... has caused consumption of the fruit sugar fructose to rise sharply, alongside increasing levels of obesity.

Stunning wages/benefits for federal workers The average combined wages and benefits for federal workers is $120,000!

"Inordinate Influx" Of Orders Stalls NYSE, Locks Quote Dissemination An alert just released notifies that the NYSE cash market "experienced an inordinate influx of orders that caused delays in quote dissemination and several locked quote conditions." First the rating agencies, and now the exchanges simply have no idea how to deal with action that is not perpetually positive. Just how much selling volume will be needed for the NYSE to announce it is halting trading?

The FDIC Must Be Indicted The head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. delivered some bad news personally to uninsured depositors ... The problem lies with the willful and intentional refusal to enforce black-letter law, in this case Title 12, Chapter 16, Section 1831o which says in part: Each appropriate Federal banking agency and the Corporation (acting in the Corporation’s capacity as the insurer of depository institutions under this chapter) shall carry out the purpose of this section by taking prompt corrective action to resolve the problems of insured depository institutions ... also contains plenty of other "shall" directives such as: Each appropriate Federal banking agency shall—
(A) closely monitor the condition of any undercapitalized insured depository institution;
(B) closely monitor compliance with capital restoration plans, restrictions, and requirements imposed under this section; and (C) periodically review the plan, restrictions, and requirements applicable to any undercapitalized insured depository institution to determine whether the plan, restrictions, and requirements are achieving the purpose of this section.

How fish oil helps arthritis Previous research has shown that a key step in the inflammatory process occurs when white blood cells stick to the inner lining of blood vessels. The scientists, whose findings are reported in the journal Nature, discovered that resolvin D2 helps prevent this happening by generating small amounts of nitric oxide.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday 10-29 Goldman Sachs: Transparency Sucks

Matt Taibbi: Goldman Sachs Lobbies Senate, Says Full Transparency Sucks
Instead, the bank argues that an over-the-counter market in which big traders like Goldman get to do deals in the shadows in “dark pools” without the retail investor having any knowledge of what the hell is going on is somehow better for everybody, that this somehow produces better prices. Of course the reality is that the two-tiered system creates one pool of fools whose every movement is visible to every animal on the Serengeti, and another pool of giant bloodthirsty carnivores who get to walk around invisible, picking off the dik-diks one by one. Everyone I showed this to had the same reaction — “I can’t believe they said this out loud.”

Geithner rejects $1 trillion limit on bailout power Geithner’s proposal reminds me of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the $700 billion Wall Street bailout adopted last year, but the TARP was limited to two years, and to a maximum of $700 billion. Section 1204 is unlimited in dollar amount and is a permanent grant of power to the executive branch. TARP contained some limits on executive compensation and an array of special oversight authorities. Section 1204 contains absolutely no limits on executive compensation and no special oversight.

Blunt Needle For Swine Flu This was my headline story yesterday. I have received an email from someone who has been investigating Swine flu full time for the past six months. He says larger needles might be used to inject RFID chips into into the Dutch people. Holland is run by the Bilderbergers. The Dutch Royal family jointly runs Royal Dutch Shell and the Bilderberg Society. This could be a test run for America's future.

New Homeland Security building pricetag...$3.4 BILLION DOLALRS Department leaders hope the $3.4 billion consolidation will help the department fulfill its core mission -- protecting the homeland -- in ways big and small. "It will help us hold meetings," Secretary Janet Napolitano said. "It will help us build that culture of 'One DHS.'"

Video CrossTalk: Israel on Trial
Debating the Goldstone Report.

Video Dr. Coldwell: The only answer to cancer

States mismanage student information, study concludes Collection systems for education appear vast and vulnerable

Ex-FBI director Freeh granted Italian citizenship I thought only Israelis could retain their citizenship because they owned America.

A novel form of fusion power An alternative approach to achieving nuclear fusion in the laboratory (cold fusion on a desktop) ... Mr Lerner’s machine is called a dense plasma focus fusion device.

UN chief calls for ‘global governance structure’ to oversee greenhouse gasses The editorial, entitled "We Can Do It," urges world leaders toward the accomplishment of three key points: Curbing emissions, investing in green growth for third world nations and establishing a supranational structure to oversee resources.

Obama renews sanctions against Sudan US President says Sudan 'hostile' to US 'interests', poses 'extraordinary threat' to Washington See Also: >Obama regime vows to "engage" Sudan

Ognir Interviews Jennifer Dixon Audio: Ognir, an Irishman who lives in Switzerland, Interviews Jennifer Dixon an American who has been in Palestine many times. They discuss the brutality of the Israeli occupation. Her website is here and this is Ognir's website for his forum. She quotes the Irish rebel Bobby Sands who said "our victory will be in the laughter of our children."

TiU interviews CYNTHIA MCKINNEY, blows the lid off of the ISRAEL LOBBY!!! She says about one percent of all congressmen are willing to stand up to Israel.

Curry kills gullet cancer cells Molecules found in curry ingredients have been shown to kill throat cancer cells in the laboratory

Video Attack on Syria cover up US attacked Syria with helicopters and troops on the basis of bad intelligence from the Iraqi government.

Video The truth behind CIA Secret Prisons
CIA prolonged lives of detainees to prolong their torture.

US Quietly Slips Funds Into Military Bill to Pay Off Taliban $1.3 Billion Authorized for "Re-Integration" Program

Lebanon discovers rockets bound for Israel These rockets and their timers were most likely planted by Israel so they can justify military action. The rockets are near the Litani river which Israel covets.

Video Pt2 The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex Lawrence Wilkerson is talking about the financing of the American Empire from Japanese sources. But the recent elections in Japan and the decline in their trade surplus. The American Empire is near collapse.

Obama administration, Pentagon prepare for homeland military deployment While the rationale for using the US military domestically had been debated for years, President Barack Obama appears intent on using our military at least until he can create his promised 'Civilian Security Force' which he said would be as big and powerful as the military," said political strategist Mike Baker.

Big Pharma Co. Hid Proof Of Cancer Risk In Hormone Replacement Therapy

Breakthrough documentary "House of Numbers" challenges conventional thinking on HIV, AIDS Where would Big Pharma be without cancer, AIDS and vaccines? Profits would fall sharply. So diagnosing as many people as possible with AIDS (and cancer) is an important strategy for boosting Big Pharma's annual revenues.

Organ transplant horrors: Diseased organs routinely implanted into donation recipients

US Cedes De Facto Control Over East Afghan Province to Taliban ( Soviet Union deja vous) And there is this related story: US Escalation to Focus on Controlling Afghan Population Centers (Can you say Soviet Union?)

Believe it or not, your lungs are six weeks old - and your taste buds just ten days! So how old is the rest of your body? LIVER AGE: 5 MONTHS ... SKIN AGE: 2-4 WEEKS ... INTESTINES AGE: 2-3 DAYS ... RED BLOOD CELLS AGE: FOUR MONTHS ... HAIR AGE: 3-6 YEARS

Stimulus jobs overstated by thousands A Georgia community college reported creating 280 jobs with recovery money, but none was created from stimulus spending. A Florida child care center said its stimulus money saved 129 jobs but used the money on raises for existing employees ... There's no evidence the White House sought to inflate job numbers in the report. But administration officials seized on the 30,000 figure as evidence that the stimulus program was on its way toward fulfilling the president's promise of creating or saving 3.5 million jobs by the end of next year.

The Dark Side of the Looking Glass; the corruption of our capital markets This is an hour long lecture that brings out information that will require our attention after we get control of the government. Insiders are selling stock they do not own. I listened to it and it is believable. He says that when the Hedge Fund Revco went bankrupt through fraud. They had 423 million dollars in toxic debt. The courts sealed the records. Ge says it was created by trades that Failed To Discharge (FTDs.)

Mexican cartels already in Oklahoma

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wednesday 10-28 Swine Flu Question of the Day

Blunt Needle For Swine Flu I translated this from Dutch using Google language tools. It is a brief Reuters story saying that the Dutch are using a bigger needle than the standard vaccine issue for the new Swine flu injections. We need to verify this and to determine if larger than normal needles are being used in America. Can anyone verify this? I have not gone anywhere near a doctor in years so I wouldn't know.

Germans Unhappy with Alternative Swine Flu Vaccine for Politicians Damage control is the name of the game in Berlin on Monday as politicians rush to deny that they are receiving a better, safer swine flu vaccine than ordinary Germans.

Atonement A conscience-stricken member of the House Armed Services Committee is writing a book called "My Daddy's Not Dead Yet" in hopes it will atone for what he now considers his sinful vote to empower former President George W. Bush to invade Iraq in 2003.

Congress Debates Burying the Goldstone Report! Notice they are not touching the content of the report. Goldstone said an example of a war crime was the shooting of unarmed children in front of their parents who were carrying white flags.

AP IMPACT: Troops already outnumber Taliban 12-1

UN calls on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian homes According to conservative estimates, as many as 60,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem may be at risk of forced evictions, demolitions and displacement.

Commercial Real Estate Implosion: 67 Percent Fall in Multifamily Starts, Ghost Buildings, $3 Trillion in Debt, 41 Percent Drop in CRE, and Collapse in Rents. Can it be that commercial real estate, with over $3 trillion outstanding be in worse shape than residential housing? In a short answer, yes

Video iWATCH Ad: LAPDs Creepy Big Brother Snitching Ad Turn in your Mothers, Sisters and Brothers by visiting the following link .

Roubini Says Carry Trades Fueling ‘Huge’ Asset Bubble

Sprott Surreality Check Part Two: Dead Government Walking The latest must read from Eric Sprott: "We believe the US government’s current trajectory presents one of the greatest macro-economic risks at play today. The Federal Reserve and the US government have assumed the toxic financial trash that brought the banking system to its knees a year ago. By monetizing debt to support their budget deficit and ‘save the system’, both entities have chosen to walk a well worn path traveled by so many governments before them. Like dead men walking, the US government is merely biding its time until the moment of truth. Unlike Fannie Mae, General Motors or Citigroup, however, there is no one left to grant a reprieve."

UN signals delay in climate change treaty Not enough suckers have lined up to have their their pockets fleeced.

Obama Taxes Pacemakers, Heart Valves This does not make sense. You tax pacemakers, stents, artificial heart valves, defibrillators, automated wheelchairs, mechanized artificial limbs, replacement hips and knees, surgical gurneys, laparoscopic equipment, and the like so you can offer more health care to more people. I always thought that if you tax it more you get less.

Video Barney Frank: "We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government". This is about Derivatives. Frank looks very, very FAT. Notice how Barney ignores Nader's direct questioning and his record on the issue.

New York Fed’s Secret Choice to Pay for Swaps Hits Taxpayers Tim Geithner, a former Goldman Sachs employee, was President of the NY FED at the time. They made billions from his decision.

James Petras: Leftist Voters in Europe Swinging Right You will have to subscribe to listen to their archives. James Petras said today (10-27) on RBN's Global Research News Hour that in Europe white voters who had been voting for Leftists have recently swung to the far right on the basis of two issues due to the poor economy and rising unemployment. First, they are opposed to illegal immigration. Second, they do not like the bankers.

Obama law tab up to $1.7 million 'Grassroots army' contributions used to crush eligibility lawsuits?
Michelle contradicts Obama nativity story Divulges Ann Dunham was 'very young and very single' at birth of U.S. president

Virginia's crackdown on illegals pays big dividends Fast forward to today, when we learned the results of 6 years of local, focused, diligent police work enforcing the immigration laws. Crackdowns on illegal immigrants and other law enforcement efforts are driving gangs out of Northern Virginia and into Maryland and the District, a report released Monday concluded. The report said the task force's success is the result of Virginia law enforcement's use of anti-gang policing measures, including the referring of suspected illegal immigrants to federal authorities. Since the task force was created in 2003, it has arrested 952 gang members, more than 40 percent of whom were illegal immigrants, the report said

'RICH' NEW YORKERS FLEEING AT ALARMING RATE... More than 1.5 million state residents left for other parts of the United States from 2000 to 2008 ... The vast majority of the migrants, 1.1 million, were former residents of New York City -- meaning one out of seven city taxpayers moved out.

A review of David Ray Griffin's Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7 The nanotechnology allowed the thermate to be broken down into minute, even more potent particles which could be aerosolized and used to spray on or within the walls of the towers, to be ignited for later havoc. The fact that NIST refused even to consider nano-thermate presence and destructive potential, but rather summarily dismissed the use of it, is a sin against science

Video Dog, Cat, and Rat

Gold Blast-Off Starts Friday? First, the U.S. government’s Treasury debt auctions will sell the greatest amount of debt ever sold in one week. The net debt increase of $153 billion is so high it will exceed the current authorized federal debt limit ... Second, we will also see the expiration of options contracts in two days. If the spot price at the close of trading on the day that gold (and silver) options contracts expire is higher than the contract price on a call option, the owner will exercise the option to demand immediate delivery of physical gold. The higher the price of gold, the more call options that will be exercised. Conversely, a lower gold spot price will reduce the demand for gold for immediate delivery. There is a major block of call options at $1,050, so expect prices to stay below that level through Wednesday night.

China comes a-calling for US job seekers The recruiters were all from China, and the jobs available were in booming, bustling cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.

UN investigator warns US that use of drones may violate international law Alston, the U.N. Human Rights Council's investigator on extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions, raised the issue of U.S. Predator drones in a report to the General Assembly's human rights committee and at a news conference afterwards, saying he has become increasingly concerned at the dramatic increase in their use, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan, since June.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tuesday 10-27 Gardasil: Dangerous, Doesn't Work

Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell (Doesn't reduce cervical cancer rates)I came away from the talk with the perception that the risk of adverse side effects is so much greater than the risk of cervical cancer, I couldn’t help but question why we need the vaccine at all,” said Joan Robinson, Assistant Editor at the Population Research Institute ... She went on to surprise the audience by stating that the incidence of cervical cancer in the U.S. is already so low that “even if we get the vaccine and continue PAP screening, we will not lower the rate of cervical cancer in the US.”

EU lawyers draw up list of IDF officers suspected of Gaza war crimes Human rights lawyers and pro-Palestinian activists in a number of European countries hold lists with names of Israel Defense Forces soldiers allegedly linked to war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. Existing legislation enables arrest warrants to be issued against these officers if they enter those countries.

Lawyers in Britain and other European countries have been collecting testimonies of Palestinians and other data from Gaza since January, which they maintain proves that war crimes were committed by the IDF during the offensive. The evidence is linked to IDF officers holding ranks of battalion commander and higher, who were in command during various stages of Cast Lead.

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war Foreign Service officer and former Marine captain with combat experience in Iraq says he no longer knows why his nation is fighting.

Scientists first to trap light and sound vibrations together in nanocrystal

Increasing Signs Of Stress At Citi? Citi, offering to take (and keep quiet about) a 47% loss on a Citi credit card account if only the user will pay before year's end.

Are You Middle Class? Maybe Not For Long Those in the] middle class suddenly discover that they are overqualified for the jobs they can find and have to settle for anything they can obtain, therefore unemployment sky rockets: too much to offer, too little demand. You see they prepare, study for a job they are not going to get. You kids, you are studying Architecture because you simply wish to do so. Only 3 or 4 percent of you will actually find a job related to architecture. We all sat there, letting it all sink in. After a few months, it all proved to be true. Even the amount of students that dropped out of college increased to at least 50%. They either [saw] no point in studying something that would not make much of a difference in their future salaries, had no money to keep themselves in college, or simply had to drop college to work and support their families. That happened in Argentina and is happening in America.

Audio Broadcast: REPOS EXPLAINED Muhammad Rafeeq explains Repos and how dangerous they are. If there are no buyers of US Treasuries, a big NY bank can buy the bonds and sell them as a repo to the Chinese or to the FED. What they do is sell the income on the bonds for say 6 months with a provision that the NY bank takes the bond back at the end of the term. Where this blows up is that if Citibank or Bank of America or J P Morgan Chase go bankrupt, then the bonds become the property of the person holding the Repo. This could dump hundreds of billions of dollars in bonds onto the market on one day. Muhammad Rafeeq thinks Citibank will go bankrupt. He also believes (as does Max Keiser) that the big banks can only stay afloat by blowing up other banks and acquiting the assets (and giving the liabilities to the government or more properly speaking to you the taxpayer.)

In this Audio Broadcast Muhammad Rafeeq says he talked to Chinese bank officials who made this startling revelation. Businessmen selling to Chinese businesses are required to accept dollars instead of their national currencies. They are then forced to sell the dollars themselves thus allowing the Chinese to quietly dump the dollar.

JP Morgan 2009 Q3 Results – Miracle or Mirage? Try to read and understand what he is saying. Muhammad Rafeeq This is by the same man who was interviewed in the above two broadcasts. One important point is that when a bank sells a Repo, the sale is deposited as cash and appears as such on their books. J P Chase is dangerously short on real cash.

U.S. is losing Afghan war on two fronts By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst This CNN writer is obviously pro war but even he admits that we are losing in Afghanistan and the Obama admins only way out is to destroy Pakistan by generating millions of refugees and inciting a civil war. And they are willing to do that to an ally.

Tweens challenged by grown-up malady: Breast cancer The girl who played third base in her softball team and loved reruns of Hannah Montana learned she had a rare breast cancer that appears in less than 1 percent of total cases called secretory carcinoma. After a mastectomy in May and chemotherapy this summer, the sixth-grader went back to school.

Got Perfect Credit? You Could Be Charged For It! Credit card companies call the fees an experiment. Whether they stick depends on whether customers are willing to pay for something that's been free for so long.

Stimulus Contracts Go to Companies Under Criminal Investigation

Prisoner Society: more than 2,000 cases of torture in Israeli prison during past year According to a document drafted by a lawyer of the Prisoner Society, Rantis was interrogated for 70 days during which time he was beaten, held in solitary confinement and deprived of sleep. The man finally lost his left eye due to one of the beatings and underwent surgery on 6 July 2005. It was acknowledged that his loss of sight was a result of the beatings.

No Relief Yet for PG&E Customers Who Claim Smart Meters are Causing Rate Hikes their rates have increased by 100% or more ... So far, PG&E has deployed about 3.7 million meters. By the end of the deployment in 2012, 10 million meters will have been installed. PG&E has not asked for Recovery Act stimulus funds for the project, but has asked for a $42.5 million stimulus grant to deploy installers and controllers for roughly 75,000 commercial and industrial customers

AP IMPACT: Statisticians reject global cooling

EXCLUSIVE: Rental industry hopes to buy influence on Hill These rentals are on appliances, furniture and TVs sold on a rent-to-own basis that currently are subject to state anti-usury laws. Rep. William Lacy Clay of Missouri introduced in March that would immunize the industry from stronger consumer-protection laws at the state level, including provisions that would force the industry to comply with state usury ceilings or interest-rate disclosure laws, such as the Truth In Lending Act.

Amazing Before & After Pictures Of Detroit Recently, at a dinner party, a friend mentioned that he’d never seen so many outsiders moving into town…Two other guests that night, a couple in from Chicago, had also just invested in some Detroit real estate. That weekend Jon and Sara Brumit bought a house for $100. …. A local couple, Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert, started the ball rolling. An artist and an architect, they recently became the proud owners of a one-bedroom house in East Detroit for just $1,900. Buying it wasn’t the craziest idea. The neighborhood is almost, sort of, half-decent. Yes, the occasional crack addict still commutes in from the suburbs but a large, stable Bangladeshi community has also been moving in.

Detroit Attempts to Auction 9,000 Properties for as Little as $500; 80% Had No Bids

Israel increasing military build-up near Lebanon Israel has a continual need for Arab water. They also are desperate to get Goldstone's Report on Israel war crimes out of the headlines.

Amnesty says Israel curbing water to Palestinians Israeli restrictions prevent Palestinians from receiving enough water in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. The report says Israel’s daily water consumption per capita is four times higher than that in the Palestinian territories. Water is a basic need and a right,

S&P 500 Overvalued by 40%, Set to Fall, Smithers Says

Rate Of Bank Charge Offs Surpasses That Set During Great Depression

Video: Marc Faber On The Death Of Fiat Money - "Dollar Will Go To A Value Of Exactly Zero"

Driving without license OK in SF -- cyclists and pedestrians beware 28 pedestrians fatalities, 440 cyclists injured, a total of 52 people killed in traffic accidents in San Francisco. Now, it's reported today that the city will no longer enforce the law for first time offenders of driving without a license. Worse, the new police chief endorses the proposal.

NOT MUCH OF A PLAN.AP source: Treasury near deal on 'too big to fail' The Treasury Department and a senior House Democrat have decided against making financial firms pay upfront the costs of dismantling them if regulators decide they have grown "too big to fail," according to a House aide familiar with the plan. Instead, those companies would be allowed to borrow money from the government. The government would then recoup the costs by either seizing the firm's profits or seeking restitution from the entire industry, the aide said. WOW. wHAT A DEAL. CITICANK GOES UNDER AND THEY TAX YOUR SMALL LOCAL BANK YJAY HAS NO DERIVATIVES.

Machine-Gun Armed Police Patrol Violent London Neighborhoods

Tea Parties Ready To Harness Immigration Backlash This Week preparing Tea Parties Against Amnesty to be held across America on November 14!

America Is Filling Up With Dump People - Part 2 Illiteracy can and will kill our civilization! No if's, and's or but's! And the "when" is easily predicted ... in 2007, even after three generations in the United States, Hispanics had a dropout rate that was still 2.3 times the white rate - and 33 percent higher than the black rate.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Monday 10-26 Shriver Report: Women Breadwinners, Men Unemployed

JFK's Niece Maria Shriver Updates Her Uncle's Report On The Status of Women Written By Eleanor Roosevelt Excerpts: Women now make up half (49.8 percent) of employer's payrolls ... Men have lost three-out-of-four jobs so far since the Great Recession began in December 2007, leaving millions of wives to bring home the bacon while their husbands search for work ... (Poll of 3,413 people) Men and women agree that government and business are out of touch with the realities of how most families live and work today ... while women are now half of workers and mothers are breadwinners or co-breadwinners in the majority of families, institutions have failed to catch up to this reality ... Women receive 52 percent of high school diplomas, 62 percent of associate’s degrees, 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees and 50 percent of doctoral degrees and professional degrees ... women remain concentrated in the “helping” professions of health and education and are falling behind in entering the higher-paying fields of the future, including science, mathematics, engineering, and technology ... He finds that most men have chosen the path toward acceptance of greater gender equality ... The poll results reveal a truce in the battle of the sexes ...

Job Prospects Remain Dim for Millions of Workers

job prospects for the unemployed are increasingly more dismal. There are now 15.1 million unemployed ... A record 10.4 million of those who are unemployed are out of work because they lost their job. The remaining one third of the unemployed are either new labor market entrants, such as high school and college graduates just starting to look for work for the first time, or those re-entering the labor force, such as a former stay-at-home mother trying to get back into the workforce ... There are 1.5 million discouraged workers, with more men than women giving up their job search ... Since the recession began through August 2009, men have accounted for 72.3 percent of the total payroll jobs lost ... But government and education, which disproportionately employ women, have in recent months begun shedding jobs, and women’s job losses are accounting for an increasing share of the total ... The share of the U.S. population with a job was 58.8 percent in September, lower than at any time since 1983 ... The share of adult men with a job fell fourth-tenths of a percent last month to 67.0 percent. Prior to this recession, the share of adult men with a job had never fallen below 70 percent. The share of adult women with a job fell three-tenths of a percent to 55.8 percent, a low not seen since 1994. And women’s unemployment rate moved up two-tenths of a percent to 7.8 percent, a 26-year high ... More than 400,000 workers will exhaust their unemployment benefits this month. And an additional million will exhaust their long-term benefits by the end of the year ...

Women Breadwinners, Men Unemployed

there has been a sharp rise in the number of married couples where a woman is left to bring home the bacon because her husband is unemployed. What is striking is not only how many more families are experiencing unemployment among husbands, but also how this loss of the traditional breadwinner has occurred across a variety of demographic groups ... men losing three-out-of-every-four jobs lost. This puts a real strain on family budgets since women typically earn only 78 cents for every dollar men earn. In the typical married-couple family where both spouses work, the wife brings home just over a third—35.6 percent—of the family’s income ... they are living on just a third of their prior income ... there are 2.0 million working wives today with an unemployed husband ...

Sweatshop Conditions in US Cities the study found widespread labor law violations, including: -- below minimum wage pay; -- unpaid overtime; -- denial of meal and other breaks; -- illegal pay deductions; -- tip stealing for tipped workers; -- illegal employer retaliation against workers demanding their rights or attempting to form a union; and -- some workers denied legal protection by being classified as independent contractors. My Opinion: They need to send the illegal aliens and most of the H1B visa holders home to cut down on unemployment. As the article above indicated, imported unemployment is placing a lot of unneeded stress on American families.

Asian leaders seek to reduce Western trade ties Asia-Pacific leaders called on Sunday for regional-wide free trade and other measures to reduce dependence on the United States and big Western markets as Asia leads the way out of the global economic downturn

Video: Max Keiser- Obama is in a bad situation because his closest advisers Larry Summers and Tim Geithner created the dire situation we are in. Wall Street has been allowed to run amuck by the regulators because regulations were undone by Summers and his friends during the Clinton years. Americans could face a severe cut in their standard of living and be subject to the dictates of foreign governments.

US intelligence budget: $75 billion and 200,000 employees. Fusion centers will have access to classified military intelligence But early on, fusion centers like the notorious "red squads" of the 1960s and '70s, morphed into national security shopping malls where officials monitor not only alleged terrorists but also left-wing and environmental activists deemed threats to the existing corporate order ... The file details the placement of six intelligence contractors inside the Washington Joint Analytical Center (WAJAC) on behalf of the Washington State Patrol at a cost of around $110,000 per year each ... Such intelligence "fusion" centers, which combine the military, the FBI, state police, and others, have been internally promoted by the US Army as means to avoid restrictions preventing the military from spying on the domestic population. (Julian Assange, "The spy who billed me twice," Wikileaks, July 29, 2009) ... As the American Civil Liberties Union documented in their 2007 and 2008 reports on fusion center abuses, one motivation is precisely to subvert oversight laws which do not apply to private mercenary contractors ... since 9/11 "the Central Intelligence Agency has been spending 50 to 60 percent of its budget on for-profit contractors, or about $2.5 billion a year, and its number of contract employees now exceeds the agency's full-time workforce of 17,500." ... Shorrock learned that "no less than 70 percent of the nation's intelligence budget was being spent on contracts." However, the sharp spike in intelligence outsourcing to well-heeled security corporations comes with very little in the way of effective oversight ... After all, $75 billion buys a lot of silence.

How much profit is fair for prescription drugs? The author cites markups ranging up to tens of thousands of percent.

GAO: FDA fails to follow up on unproven drugs
The Food and Drug Administration has allowed drugs for cancer and other diseases to stay on the market even when follow-up studies showed they didn't extend patients' lives, say congressional investigators. A report due out Monday from the Government Accountability Office also shows that the FDA has never pulled a drug off the market due to a lack of required follow-up about its actual benefits — even when such information is more than a decade overdue.

Professor Shlomo Sand takes on thorny issue of Zionist myths at New York University The Jews of the Middle East made several kingdoms over the years. One in Yemen, another in Babylon, another in North Africa, where they fought the Arabs. Sand said he loves the curly hair of the Yemenite Jews ... The Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe originated in Kazaria. They were hugely successful and founded a great city, Kiev We can claim to have founded Kiev, but not Jerusalem ... These are young Palestinian Israelis who don’t want to be part of the West Bank or of Gaza ... The exile is absurd. The Romans persecuted the Jews. They didn’t exile them ... “The destiny of Israel. And the destiny of the Middle East depends a lot on you, Americans.”

Minister Shalom to UN chief: Bury Goldstone Report Deputy prime minister meets with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York, tells Ynet latter vows not to pass Gaza war report on to General Assembly before examining Human Rights Council's decision to adopt it

Billionaire Madoff Investor Found Dead Picower was later sued by the trustee recovering Bernard Madoff's assets for jilted investors. Irving Picard labeled the Florida philanthropist as the biggest beneficiary of Madoff's multibillion-dollar fraud and demanded he return more than $7 billion in bogus profits.

Video: Britons believe 'Afghan war is failing' An overwhelming 84 per cent believe British troops are currently losing the war in Afghanistan, a Channel 4 News poll finds, as thousands march on London urging an end to the conflict ... So where are the American anti-war marchers. I'm sorry. I forgot they were convinced that an Obama campaign button would magically change the world so there is no need to actually work for change..

Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court - Now What?
The claim, one of 4,900 autism cases currently pending in Federal "Vaccine Court," was conceded by US Assistant Attorney General Peter Keisler and other Justice Department officials, on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services, the "defendant" in all Vaccine Court cases ... The child's claim against the government -- that mercury-containing vaccines were the cause of her autism -- was supposed to be one of three "test cases" for the thimerosal-autism theory currently under consideration by a three-member panel of Special Masters, the presiding justices in Federal Claims Court

Video: Makers Of Vaccine Refuse To Take H1N1

Top 10 States make up 55 Percent of United States GDP. 6 of the top 10 States have Unemployment Rates over 10 Percent.

Video: The FBI Tells Americans to Watch Fox News, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh for REAL NEWS

Soros: “There is a push in gold, there’s a strength in oil and a flight from currencies” Next Soros Video Interviewed by FT
George Soros On The Dollar, China, Goldman Sachs, And The Economy

Conservatives Maintain Edge as Top Ideological Group Forty percent of Americans describe their political views as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 20% as liberal. This marks a shift from 2005 through 2008, when moderates were tied with conservatives as the most prevalent group.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend Edition Keiser: Government Backing Americans Into A Corner

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert: The Government Has Backed Americans Into A Corner With Only Two Options Audio Broadcast: This week's show did not cover much of anything really new until the last few minutes. Max said the government is forcing people into making one of two decisions to survive. One is to go around borrowing as much as you can in dollars and to buy gold so you will have something left after the government kills the dollar. The other option is to quite literally revolt.

Max also said that Peter Schiff is the only one allowed to speak in the mainstream news media who is giving current market data to his listeners. By the way, Video: Peter Schiff just issued a Red Alert saying it is time to dump the dollar.

Video Is THIS how the bank bailout money is being used? Professor Chossudovsky emphasizes the bailouts will not help the crisis, but will exacerbate it. He explains that to pay for Obama's budget deficits, public roads and parks will be sold off to private companies and banks, who will charge user fees to citizens, and that these user fees will be used to pay back the bailout money to the government. In short, the government is helping the banks finance their own debt. He also says that bailed out banks are using the bailout money to buy up assets in the real economy ( such as industry, tech, & airline stocks) at rock bottom prices, which will dramatically change the ownership structure in America. Will this lead to the creation of a financial and industrial oligarchy?

Obama Administration Takes from American Farmers, Gives to Israel

Administrative Detention in Israel Palestinians Behind Bars with No Recourse to Justice Hundreds of Palestinians are kept behind bars in Israel without charges having been filed and with no access to a fair trial. Not even their lawyers are allowed to look at the evidence. Some governments in the West have expressed their concern, but the Israelis haven't budged.

Video: Max Keiser interviews Paul Craig Roberts Two videos. Paul Craig Roberts is interviewed by Max. He says that in a failed state the criminals are operating inside the government. Roberts says the dollar will not last long and the dollar will end in inflation. Our budget deficits are much greater than the trade surpluses of our major trading partners so deficits can only be financed by printing money. America is a failed state and is close to becoming a banana republic. He says the world expects the dollar to fail. And Max says that the kids inside the US are the last to know.

Goldstone challenges US over Gaza report Here is another interview. Please note neither interview was conducted on US TV.
Israel and war crimes

The White House Doesn’t Want You To See This Dave Camp, the GOP Ranking Member on the House Ways and Means Committee, issued this devastating report on job creation attributable to the ARRA legislation. In state after state, the Obama administrations projections weren't just off but off by orders of magnitude. Heres a partial list of the worst projections: California projected gain: 396,000, California Actual: LOST 336,400 Arizona projected gain: 70,000, Arizona Actual: LOST 77,300 Colorado projected gain: 59,000, Colorado Actual: LOST 58,900 Georgia projected gain: 106,000, Georgia Actual: LOST 131,000 Illinois projected gain: 148,000, Illinois Actual: LOST 148,000

Afghanistan opium production reaches 6,900 tons Opium production rate has soared to 6,900 tons in Afghanistan in the past 10 years despite the presence of 100,000 foreign troops in the country for nearly eight years. A report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime said on Wednesday that Afghanistan produces 92 percent of the world’s opium that has devastating global consequences. The UN report also noted that Afghanistan’s illegal opium production is worth 65 billion dollars

Audio: Howard Stern Interviews Pastor James David Manning Pastor Manning takes on Obama and Oprah. Calls her the Whore of Babylon and him the anti-Christ who will destroy America. He says most black churches are just clip joints. He also compared Obama to David Dinkins who was elected mayor of New York in 1990 and promptly disappointed the black people of Harlem when he allowed Colombia University to expand and to take away a lot of homes and businesses from blacks. He said Obama will disappoint black people and enrage them when they see what he has done to destroy their nation. Pastor Manning says he still lives in Harlem even though he can afford to move out.

Asian nations look to 'lead world' Asian nations discussed plans at a major summit Saturday to "lead the world" by boosting economic and political cooperation and possibly forming an EU-style community.

IAF chief: We must stop S-300 delivery (To Iran) Iran is close to negotiating a solution to the nuclear weapons issue. But Israel still threatens to attack if the Russians sell Iran the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system which would defend them against an Israeli attack.

Nat Hentoff: Obama Every Bit as Bad as Bush/Cheney on Patriot Act "Democrats have to decide if they are going to stand up for the rights of the American people" or (for recent example) "allow the FBI to write our laws.",

I found this at Zero Hedge. There was one bank closed on Friday that had lost 54.22% of its depositors' money before the FDIC closed it. Makes you wonder

Citigroup's "Hail Mary Pass": How To Know Citigroup Is In Serious Trouble Citibank's average yield year-to-date (consumer and plastic) was about 12%. But they're suffering 10% defaults, making their true margin about 2%. That's still a positive number.... if it's accurate ... FASB, the Norwalk, Connecticut-based panel that sets U.S. accounting standards, voted 5-0 today to delay the rule change until fiscal years starting after Nov. 15, 2009. The board needs to give financial institutions more time to prepare for the switch, FASB member Thomas Linsmeier said at a board meeting. "We need to get a new standard into effect," Linsmeier said, though "it's not practical" to begin requiring companies to put assets underlying securitizations onto their books this year. Enquiring minds may wish to consider Citigroup's $1.1 Trillion in Mysterious Shadow Assets.

Two Videos: Look Who's Really Writing the Healthcare Bill -- It's Big Pharma & The Insurance Lobby

Video: Zbigniew Brzezinski On Iran
Unbelievable. Failure in Iraq will lead to war against Iran and spread to Afghanistan and Pakistan. His fear is there is no secret Obama admin plan but this will allow the situation to deteriorate. He admits we smashed Iraq so it is doubtful we could build an Iraqi army and nation.

Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite The people Bush appointed to investigate 911 knew about nanothermite yet refused to include it in their reports.

White House to Keep Obama’s ‘Czars’ from Testifying Before Congress

”It Has Got All the Hallmarks of a Financial Collapse about to Happen in America ...The US Dollar Is Almost Becoming like Junk Bonds”

THIS COULD NOT HAPPEN TO A MORE DESERVING GROUP Capmark Financial, a Top-Tier Commercial Real Estate Lender, Seeks BankruptcyCapmark has originated more than $10 billion in commercial real-estate loans, according to Moody's Investors Service. It also represents a blow to the company's private-equity owners. In 2006, a group led by KKR & Co., Goldman Sachs Capital Partners and Five Mile Capital Partners acquired the lender GMAC LLC's commercial-real estate business and renamed it Capmark. As of March 31, the investor group owned about 75% of the company, with GMAC and its employees owning the balance. The Horsham, Pa., company recently reported a $1.6 billion second-quarter loss and warned it might be forced to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. KKR has already written down its investment in Capmark to zero.
Adding to Capmark's pressures, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. had notified the company that it must raise capital and boost liquidity at its Utah bank, which has roughly $10 billion in assets.

$13 an Hour? 500 Sign Up, 1 Wins a Job

Video ZERO : An Investigation Into 9/11 This is a good video on 911. I have seen it before. It was recently recommended by a friend. It is especially good on the Pentagon.

Video: Crazy Israeli Settlers Attack Pacifists in Jerusalem

California Budget Solution – Ignore It. $3 Billion Financial Gap by December. State Budget Deficit Already in the Billions. Tax Revenues Collapse and Unemployment and Underemployment at 23 Percent.
Nearly 50 percent of the revenue for the state comes from personal income tax. Another 34 percent comes from sales taxes. Over 84 percent of all revenue comes from sources that are affected heavily by economic downturns. Those in Sacramento have decided to simply ignore the problem until we reach another situation where we are printing IOUs.

Soldier who refuses to return to Afghanistan leads thousands on anti-war march in London Lance Corporal Joe Glenton told protesters at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park that he found it distressing to disobey orders but felt that he had been left with no choice.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday 12-23 La Familia de Michoacán

Probe of Mexican drug cartel leads to nearly 1,200 arrests in U.S. The major Mexican drug gangs have 250,000 employees inside the US. If you add in the other foreign born gangs, the total number of foreign gang members is greater than the number of cops we have on the street.

La Familia Michoacana (drug cartel)La Familia Michoacana From Wikipedia: The Michoacán Family is a Mexican drug trafficking cartel based in Michoacán, Mexico —President Felipe Calderón's home state. Formerly answering to the Gulf Cartel —as part of Los Zetas[1][2] — it has split off as its own organization since 2006

La Familia emerged to the foreground in the 1990s as the Gulf Cartel's paramilitary group designed to seize control of the illegal drug trade in Michoacán state ... the La Familia members use murder and torture to quash rivals, while building a social base in the Mexican state of Michoacán. It is the fastest-growing cartel in the country’s drug war

In one incident in Uruapan in 2006, the cartel members tossed five decapitated heads onto the dance floor of the Sol y Sombra night club

Los Zetas Los Zetas is a Mexican drug gang. From Wikipedia: It is believed that they were originally trained at the military School of the Americas in the United States (Your tax dollars at work) ... by other foreign specialists of the United States, France and Israel ... the rival Sinaloa Cartel established its own heavily-armed enforcer gang, Los Negros ... Upon the arrest of Gulf Cartel boss, Osiel Cardenas Guillen in 2003, it is believed Los Zetas began transporting their own drug shipments through former Gulf Cartel routes[4] and made a collaboration pact with the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel.[12][13] ... Los Zetas are primarily based in the border region of Nuevo Laredo, with hundreds more throughout the country. In Nuevo Laredo it is believed they have carved the city into territories, placing lookouts at arrival destinations such as airports, bus stations and main roads.[3] In addition to conducting activities along the border, they are visible throughout the Gulf Coast region, in the Southern states of Tabasco, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, and Chiapas, and in the Pacific Coast states of Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Michoacán ... they may be active in Texas, other U.S. states[16] and in Italy ... While in prison, the head of the Tijuana Cartel, Arellano Felix and Gulf Cartel leader Osiel Cardenas, forged an alliance against the Sinaloa Cartel and its ally the Juarez Cartel ... The Sinaloa Cartel began to contest the Gulf Cartel’s domination of the coveted southwest Texas corridor following the arrest of Gulf Cartel leader Osiel Cardenas in March 2003 ...

US Filling up With Dumb People: Immigration's Ultimate Dilemma 42 million American adults can't read at all; 50 million are unable to read at a higher level that is expected of a fourth grader. • The number of adults that are classified as functionally illiterate increases by about 2.25 million each year. • 20 percent of high school seniors can be classified as being functionally illiterate at the time they graduate. Source: National Right to Read Foundation

Where Illiteracy Leads

• 70 percent of prisoners in state and federal systems can be classified as illiterate. • 85 percent of all juvenile offenders rate as functionally or marginally illiterate. • 43 percent of those whose literacy skills are lowest live in poverty. Source: National Institute for Literacy

Yet, with those disturbing figures, our U.S. Congress imports an added 2.5 million legal and illegal immigrants into this country every year

A Border Fence Would Stop The Drug Gangs Cold. The Colombians would have to find a route other than our southern border. Without money the Mexican government would soon win their battle against the drug gangs. And we would protect American workers who are suffering from a 17% unemployment rate. Any politician who opposes building a fence is either brain dead or a traitor.

Address On Iceland &The IMF, Debt Delivered by Birgitta Jonsdottir of The Movement in the Icelandic Parliament, October 5, 2009 Jonsdottir is a member of Iceland's parliament and is part of a three party working group including the far left and the far right exploring a debt moratorium. The debts in question were created by the failure of a private bank with branches in England and Holland. The government of Iceland was unlawfully assigned the losses of one private bank by Gordon Brown. The debts are equal to the total Icelandic GDP.

$787 Billion In Federal Stimulus Creates/Saves 5.93 Jobs In Rhode Island
In all seriousness, is this chart from, proudly pasted on the front page, supposed to make Americans happy about the amazing misuse of taxpayer funds to only "create" 30,000 jobs in America (never mind that actual unemployment by state continues to skyrocket, putting all claims about saved jobs very much in the highlight reel on the Comedy Channel)?

Brit UN nuclear expert may have been murdered, police say British nuclear energy expert ... plunged 40 metres to his death at the United Nations’ (UN) building in Vienna may have been murdered, police said ... was involved in disarmament negotiations with Iran as a member of the UN’s Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) ... no suicide note has been found ... there had been a similar case just recently in which an employee died when he fell from a similar height Comment> The UN nuclear inspectors had been siding with Iran against Israel so the Iranians had no motive to push him off the 17th floor.

New Spy Case: Is Justice Department Targeting Israel? First they came, for Bernie Madoff. Then they came for Rabbi Rosenbaum for stealing a few human organs at gunpoint. It wasn't as if those people needed two kidneys. And now the FBI arrests a Jewish spy for Israel. These are obvious cases of anti-Semitism in American law enforcement.

Hoyer Says Constitution’s ‘General Welfare’ Clause Empowers Congress to Order Americans to Buy Health Insurance the individual health insurance mandates included in every health reform bill, which require Americans to have insurance, were “like paying taxes.”

Morgan Stanley fears global central banks will 'monetise' public debts

Pensions: the Next Casualty of Wall Street

Bill giving FDA new powers to oversee food supply has wide support

Congressman John Lewis: 4-year-olds are getting federal tax credits for buying homes He is black which I suppose is why he has not been accused of being an angry white male.

Record Treasury Supply On Deck: $116 Billion In Bond Issues, $182 Billion Total; Will Debt Ceiling Be Breached Next Week?

Average Unemployment Period Hits All Time Record High Of 6 Months

3 signs of the next real estate collapse The latest bubble is about to burst, but this time it's in the commercial market. Here's how to

Video: White House E-Mails Mika Brezinksy Mid-Segment to "Correct" Her; Good Liberal Mika Immediately Makes the Correction and Begins Pushing the White House Line

LOTT'S NUMBERS: Why Is Unemployment Rising Faster In the U.S. Than Other Countries?

Two Democrats Join GOP Call for Countrywide Probe to launch an investigation of the Countrywide VIP loan scandal The American people deserve to the know the truth about these lending practices, and if they had undue influence on federal housing or financial policy based on awarding ‘VIP’ loans to federal officials ...

Video Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers On MSNBC - Hardball with Chris Matthews

Video: David Tice on King World News : Government spending 40% of GDP!

Refugees flee heavy fighting in South Waziristan

New York suspends mandatory flu shots for health workers

New Jersey Pays Goldman Sachs for Swaps on Nonexistent Bonds -- New Jersey taxpayers are sending almost $1 million a month to a partnership run by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. for protection against rising interest costs on bonds that the state redeemed more than a year ago.

Gold at $3,000 an ounce is going to look dirt cheap…before 2010 is done. Here’s why: China is starting to realize they will be left “holding the bag” for the entire world as all the countries openly continue the race to debase their currencies.

Stanley and Gabriel (awwww for the day)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday 10-22 Will Resolution 377 Save The World?

UN endorses Goldstone: Can Israel now be held to account? (Resolution 377 grants the General Assembly authority to act) The U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva voted Friday to endorse the Goldstone report (which condemned Israel for war crimes in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza) by a large margin (26-5) ... The Mission concluded that there was sufficient evidence to suggest that Israeli actions constituted war crimes and even crimes against humanity ...

A number of organizations have suggested using the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA) Resolution 377, so-called ‘United for Peace.’ This resolution, promoted by the US, was adopted on November 3, 1950. It grants the GA authority to recommend collective measures for maintaining peace and security, when Security Council action has been blocked by a veto. This was the means for the United States to circumvent possible vetoes by the former Soviet Union during the Korean Wars: "[The GA] Resolves that if the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity of the permanent members (that means the US), fails to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security in any case where there appears to be a threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately with a view to making appropriate recommendations to Members for collective measures, including in the case of a breach of the peace or act of aggression the use of armed force when necessary, to maintain or restore international peace and security." UN Resolution 377 has been used ten times since its adoption.

We can only hope it is used an eleventh time to condemn Israel for the crimes it committed in the occupation of Palestine and a twelfth time against Bush and Cheney for the crime of aggressive war when they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan without provocation. Lest you think I am carried away please note that I expect the dollar to crash soon. Attitudes will change the day after the dollar dies.

Full Text of Goldstone Report - Click Here Head of the UN Fact Finding Mission Justice Richard Goldstone presented the report of the Mission to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on 29 September 2009, urging the Council and the international community as a whole to put an end to impunity for violations of international law in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Video Goldstone challenges US over Gaza report

A Note On Colombia From Global Research News Hour on RBN Internet Radio. A NATO expert just said on Thursday's show that Colombia has just agreed to send soldiers to Afghanistan. Colombia now has 5 American military bases and will soon have 7 including 2 on the border with Venezuela. The Clinton administration began the CIA's Plan Colombia 6 months after the Colombian rebels refused to invest their money in the NYSE as do all the other drug lords.

The Dollar is on Death Row: Negative Interest Rates Are Here, the US has $118 Trillion in Obligations, Got Gold?

B.C. man paralyzed after flu shot warns of risks when a neurologist tested his reflexes, he found Ryan had none ... "I know what you have," Ryan said. Guillain-Barré syndrome linked to vaccine

New research shows vitamin D3 slashes risk of cancers by 77 percent; cancer industry refuses to support cancer prevention Exciting new research conducted at the Creighton University School of Medicine in Nebraska has revealed that supplementing with vitamin D3 and calcium can reduce your risk of cancer by an astonishing 77 percent. This includes breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer and other forms of cancer. This research provides strong new evidence that vitamin D3 is the single most effective medicine against cancer, far outpacing the benefits of any cancer drug known to modern science.

CAUTION: The human body balances calcium levels in the blood with magnesium and phosphorous in a 2 to 1 ratio so you need to take all three together if you are supplementing unless you eat red beef 3 times a day as it is high in phosphorous.

Nurses got sick from the "swine flu" vaccine in Sweden • UPDATE - 1 suspected death

Merkel in row over 'government-only' swine flu jabs

The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex: A Deadly Fairy Tale

(Video) Ratigan Throws Down The Gauntlet At Goldman Sachs Dylan's proposals on how to effectuate the anti-Goldman movement:

•Move money to small banks

•Use cash, not credit cards

•Contact your lawmakers.

Video Ratigan Asks Important Questions In Advance Of Tomorrow's Bank Of America Congressional Hearing And some words of warning for Tim Geithner:

"The fact that Geithner is now in the cross hairs is causing people to say "oh wait a second, that is too close to President Obama" but the truth is President Obama is better jettisoning Geithner if he did wrong before he had this job, than he is going along with him as he becomes discredited when he says TARP money is important.... TARP money is slush money... it is campaign money."

We also enjoin Darrel Issa's call for readers to approach their elected officials to finally get to the bottom of this debacle before it is too late, and everyone has forgotten we were on the verge of a precipice and nothing changes until the next time the bubble pops and takes all of America with it. Indeed, this is not a left right issue, it is a right wrong issue.

7 Months After Stimulus 49 of 50 States Have Lost Jobs America Now Over 6 Million Jobs Shy of Administration's Projections Most of that 787 billion dollars Stimulus money has not been spent. Someone thought it would be a good idea to spend in 2010 which is an election year but look at the next story to see that is not a good strategy: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll 27% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -13. - I have been following his support numbers and they have dropped from 32 to 27% or 5 points. Obama lost almost 15% of his support in a month. Look at the next few stories on jobs to see why.

Jobs Will Not Return Until 2017

States Report Widespread Job Losses in September This article uses government press release statistics which are deceptive but even the deception stats are bad. The U6 rate is 17% and the U3 rate is 7.2% less so we have to add 7.2 to these numbers. When I talk to people in the street, I always say the definition of unemployment used by Clinton in 1993 rather than U6. They don't know what U6 means

Africa - 1.02 Billion Hungry People In 2009 Nearly all the world's undernourished live in developing countries. In Asia and the Pacific, an estimated 642 million people are suffering from chronic hunger; in Sub-Saharan Africa 265 million; in Latin America and the Caribbean 53 million; in the Near East and North Africa 42 million; and in developed countries 15 million, according FAO's annual hunger report,

A barrel of oil hits $82 as dollar falls to fresh low against the euro; pump prices rising I wrote to my favorite news commentators in Paris and asked what they thought the reaction of both the traders and the general public will be when the price of oil hits $100 a barrel. It has moved $4 in the past week. If it only goes up $2 a week, oil will hit $102 in 10 weeks. My prediction on New Years Day was that gasoline would reach $4 a gallon in San Francisco or $3.50 in areas not under the control of the California state legislature. I made that prediction based upon the collapse of the dollar because I also predicted no war with Iran.

Short Sales: The Real Issue envision that we allow any number of people to buy fire insurance against your house. There's only one house, but ten fire insurance policies. Only one of those people (you) owns the house and only one of them (you) lives there, but ten people stand to collect whatever the damage amount is if there's a fire.

How likely would it be that someone would be sneaking around with a gas can at 3:00 AM were this to be allowed?

Now let's add another wrinkle to the mix - to collect on any of the insurance policies you must have possession of the house!

Tonight, you have a real fire and the house burns to the ground. The recovery value is zero; indeed, it might be negative (since you have to hire a bulldozer and cleanup crew to clear away the mess before you can rebuild.)

But if there are ten insurance policies, suddenly that burned out smoking hulk has value that doesn't really exist, and a bidding frenzy is likely to develop for the (one) house. See, without the (burned out) house to tender those insurance policies are worthless.

We don't allow this sort of thing in the insurance business because it both distorts the market and creates a reason for people to intentionally start fires.

Why do we allow it in the "credit default swap" business?

Did a few people intentionally start some (financial) fires?

Dollar Dumping Will Remain the Hot Trade Currency strategists say there is little to stop the dollar decline until U.S. officials convince markets they have the fortitude to curb deficits, or the Fed makes a move on rates.
Please note this is from CNBC which is a rah rah pump up the DOW cheering section of what passes for a media.

Russia's Central Bank Buys 400,000 Ounces of Gold in September Governments and Hedge Funds and now Wall Street bonus recipients are the only major gold buyers according to Max Keiser. I thought the Russians had gold mines. Why are they buying in the open market? Could it be they are slowly dumping dollars?

Monday's Reverse Repo Test? Gee, who could have seen this coming? How do you do a reverse repo when there's no cash to tender? Bottom line: JP Morgan/Chase appears to have only $21 billion in actual cash

Hedge Fund owns 9.5% of Corrections Corp There's money in those prisons.

Notice who will not be taking a pay cut? Government Sachs & JP Morgan Banks that leveraged that Bailout loot 30 times and used the proceeds in pumping and dumping the stock market in a suckers rally were able to pay off their Bailout so they are exempt from federally mandated paycuts.