Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday 10-13 Pilots On Food Stamps

Two Headline Stories Today

I stepped into the cockpit. He handed me a letter from the airline to him. It was headlined "LETTER OF CONCERN." It seems this poor fellow had taken three sick days in the past year. The letter was a warning not to take another one -- or else. He took home $405 this week. In the movie I interview a pilot for a major airline who made $17,000 last year. For four months he was eligible -- and received -- food stamps. Another pilot in the film has a second job as a dog walker. Pilots on Food Stamps Michael Moore's publicist is Rahm Emanuel's brother Ari so don't expect the complete and whole truth from him and his films. You haven't heard anything from Mr Moore about nano-thermite found at the World Trade Center have you? Nano-thermite is a cutting agent that cuts through steel girders in seconds and is only available from US and Israeli above top secret labs.

Moore says nothing about continuing and massive legal and illegal immigration. If we use the definition of unemployment used by Clinton in 1993, our unemployment rate would be 17%. Bob Chapman and John Williams tell us that if we took that 17% figure and eliminated all manipulation of the numbers through the government's abuse of the birth death model and seasonal adjustments that the real unemployment would already be more than 20%. That is what is driving down wages. But you will never hear Michael Moore talk about sealing the border, sending home H1B visa holders and nano-thermite at the WTC.

We might all wind up on food stamps before the IMF tells us to cut our spending on food stamps, Social security, Medicare and every other social program as they did to Latvia. But Goldman Sachs is doing well: Goldman Sachs 2009 bonuses to double 2008’s; $23 billion could buy 115 million iPhones, or send 460,000 to Harvard Last year the average pay with bonuses at Goldman Sachs was $773,000. And that includes the office boys and the receptionists.

A related story: Congress dismisses building additional Mexico fence

Healthcare Squeeze is my second headline. The Congress and the President have refused to do anything about $1.29 saline bags being sold for $400 and $400 hip replacements going for $12,000. That and the failure to remove our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq has squeezed out all money for healthcare.

Mrs. Pelosi's VAT The Speaker floats a middle-class tax hike.
John Podesta, an adviser to President Obama and president of the very liberal Center for American Progress, called in September for a "small and more progressive" VAT. A VAT is a sales tax imposed at every level of production and distribution makes everything cost more, reduces your real wages and raises a hoped for 4 trillion dollars. Mrs. Pelosi talked to Charlie Rose on PBS about the need for a VAT to fund health care.

Pelosi: House Dems consider insurance tax to fund health care

Health-Reform Plan Attacked by Insurance Companies a report warning that the bill would result in sizable hikes in insurance premiums was released. A radio report said AFSCME claimed that the Baucus bill would levy a health care tax on 40% of those presently insured.

The state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions, and it can remove their organs without asking anyone's permission. President Obama 's newly confirmed regulatory czar Cass Sunstein defended the possibility of removing organs from terminally ill patients without their permission.

Obama approved 13,000 more troops to Afghanistan

More European Turmoil: Romanian Government Set To Topple Tuesday As Country Faces Financial Crisis Latvia, Iceland, Romania and lots of other nations are on the brink of collapse and debt default. When one goes, they all go starting with Austria, Germany, Italy, England and France.

The Next Stage Of Deleveraging Means Return Of The Great Depression

Dollar Collapse Plunges S&P 500 Back To 1996

Iceland Parliament May Demand Government Drop IMF

Video: END THE FED song by sleuth

Obama must start punching harder

Salon Hit Piece Implies Truth Seeking Is A Mental Illness

Texas Has Just Passed A Law That Will Show You How To File Criminal Charges Against The IRS -- And Void Their Liens!

Meet The Latest Gold Bull: David Rosenberg? Rosenberg throws the cryptic statement "Buy Gold" at the end of page two. The preamble is a discussion on the ongoing deterioration of the dollar: And portfolios have to be protected against the prospect of a much more pronounced depreciation of the U.S. dollar (and correspondingly, a stronger Canadian dollar) — see the editorial on page 6 of the weekend FT (Financial Times) (A Strong U.S. Needs a Weakened Dollar). Also see the commentary on page 9 of Monday’s FT (The Case for a Weaker Dollar).

Guest Post: How The Printing Press Is Leading To The Demise Of The U.S.A.

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