Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday 10-14 Men Who Stare At Goats

I chose this headline because both it and the following story reveal the complete insanity of America's military establishment. The story that follows is a review of a book by a Neocon Dr George Friedman who sees America future as one hundred years of war.

The Men Who Stare At Goats -With George Clooney- Official Trailer This is a major motion picture comedy and is based on a book and a British documentary. You can see the documentary here. A comment from the Project Avalon Forum. Men who stare at goats is a true story. Its a pun for the worship of the Supreme wisdom Baphomet. You can also see this same alchemical story in the stars, where there are 3 constellations staring at the goat of the golden fleece. (Baphomet is a goat.)

those associated include the late Anton LaVey [of the church of Satan], Lt. Col. Michael Aquino [protege of LaVey's, formed the satanic temple of set], John B. Alexander [former head of Los Alamos - now retired but still working there in an "undisclosed capacity"], Bert Stubblebine and Rima Laiblow. [Stubblebine, Aquino and Alexander together formed Psi-Tech where you can go to "learn remote viewing" - see the video series Monarch: The New Phoenix Program by Marshall Thomas - listed in the Audio-Video Library on the left column]

This was an army program. The NSA had a similar program that developed psychic warriors by studying the techniques of Ingo Swann who was one of America's greatest seers of his age.

The Next 100 Years (Neocon Book Reviewed) Dr George Friedman is supposed to be an educated Neocon. He thinks America will survive the coming economic debacle and wage war against the world for one hundred years. He says we will fight nuclear wars against Russia and China and survive. Even if we could do that, the Israeli-American Empire would have to kill a few billion people and make the survivors poorer than they are so they can support our wars. Clearly, he is also insane.

Insurgents Taking Charge in Kunduz I saw that the other day and found this article which might explain why we are losing ground in Afghanistan. Amena, an eight year- old girl, was in the kitchen when bombs aimed at the Taliban or Al Qaeda struck her house near Kanduz, Afghanistan. Her mother, her brothers, her sisters, her cousins and her aunt and uncle were all killed.

Pentagon: Recruiting Last Year Was Best Since 1973 Easy to do with a 17% unemployment rate. 20% if you eliminate all the fudging with the unemployment numbers by the government.

Video:US Troops in Iraq talk about Halliburton

Five Corporations Ruining America Choice number five is provacative.

The Explosion of Tent Cities is Creating Unexpected Problems

China's Market Share Soars During Global Downturn This will increase the value of their currency and make America's dollars cheaper and cut our real wages.

Geithner Aides Reaped Millions Working for Banks, Hedge Funds

Somebody in Congress needs to look into this
The phone records of Hank Paulson, who was Treasury Secretary at the time, show the Paulson spent much of the day gabbing with Wall Street players -- or "market participants" as he liked to call them. That is while Geithner was President of the NY FED. Telling Goldman Sachs you are changing interest rates is a multi-billion dollar Insider Trading scandal. Or it would be in most other countries.

German Soldiers Get Additive Free Swine Flu Shot

School kid diagnosed with SWINE FLU only FOUR DAYS after receiving the MedImmune nasal mist in Utah

The Independent: Toxic Shame: Thousands injured in African city

Unions will oppose Baucus bill unless it's changed They don't like the taxes on their health care benefits.

(Video) Biderman Discusses Declining Income Collections, Validity Of Economic Data, And The Broader Market He says, "Daily Treasury figures tell us that our incomes are continuing to decline so how can they say we are in recovery?"

Video: Fight the New World Order with Global Non-Compliance by Max Igan

Barack Obama's Top 10 unfulfilled pledges

Climate change gets a 'dangerous' makeover Global Warming became Climate Change after the earth's temperatures and is now morphing into "dangerous climate change".

Dollar faces long journey downward

From an email I received: 47 million illegal aliens in the US: I spoke to the office of my congressional representative (republican) today. During a 15 minute conversation, the staffer I spoke to mentioned that the US government is reluctantly acknowledging the US has 47 million illegals in the US. I came back to that and asked if she could say that again--that there are 47 million illegals in the US?? She said the US gov't doesn't really know because there's no real way to count them, but yes, they are acknowledging that number at the present time.

Dollar loses reserve status to yen & euro This means that imported oil will cost more. It also means that people overseas will bid our food away from us. When we had 180,000,000 people, we used to export food and imported very little oil. We will soon see higher food and oil prices but few will know the truth and fewer still will dare speak it.

The price of gold leapt to a record peak above 1,070 dollars per ounce

New York oil price hits 12-month high of $75

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