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Tuesday 10-27 Gardasil: Dangerous, Doesn't Work

Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell (Doesn't reduce cervical cancer rates)I came away from the talk with the perception that the risk of adverse side effects is so much greater than the risk of cervical cancer, I couldn’t help but question why we need the vaccine at all,” said Joan Robinson, Assistant Editor at the Population Research Institute ... She went on to surprise the audience by stating that the incidence of cervical cancer in the U.S. is already so low that “even if we get the vaccine and continue PAP screening, we will not lower the rate of cervical cancer in the US.”

EU lawyers draw up list of IDF officers suspected of Gaza war crimes Human rights lawyers and pro-Palestinian activists in a number of European countries hold lists with names of Israel Defense Forces soldiers allegedly linked to war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. Existing legislation enables arrest warrants to be issued against these officers if they enter those countries.

Lawyers in Britain and other European countries have been collecting testimonies of Palestinians and other data from Gaza since January, which they maintain proves that war crimes were committed by the IDF during the offensive. The evidence is linked to IDF officers holding ranks of battalion commander and higher, who were in command during various stages of Cast Lead.

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war Foreign Service officer and former Marine captain with combat experience in Iraq says he no longer knows why his nation is fighting.

Scientists first to trap light and sound vibrations together in nanocrystal

Increasing Signs Of Stress At Citi? Citi, offering to take (and keep quiet about) a 47% loss on a Citi credit card account if only the user will pay before year's end.

Are You Middle Class? Maybe Not For Long Those in the] middle class suddenly discover that they are overqualified for the jobs they can find and have to settle for anything they can obtain, therefore unemployment sky rockets: too much to offer, too little demand. You see they prepare, study for a job they are not going to get. You kids, you are studying Architecture because you simply wish to do so. Only 3 or 4 percent of you will actually find a job related to architecture. We all sat there, letting it all sink in. After a few months, it all proved to be true. Even the amount of students that dropped out of college increased to at least 50%. They either [saw] no point in studying something that would not make much of a difference in their future salaries, had no money to keep themselves in college, or simply had to drop college to work and support their families. That happened in Argentina and is happening in America.

Audio Broadcast: REPOS EXPLAINED Muhammad Rafeeq explains Repos and how dangerous they are. If there are no buyers of US Treasuries, a big NY bank can buy the bonds and sell them as a repo to the Chinese or to the FED. What they do is sell the income on the bonds for say 6 months with a provision that the NY bank takes the bond back at the end of the term. Where this blows up is that if Citibank or Bank of America or J P Morgan Chase go bankrupt, then the bonds become the property of the person holding the Repo. This could dump hundreds of billions of dollars in bonds onto the market on one day. Muhammad Rafeeq thinks Citibank will go bankrupt. He also believes (as does Max Keiser) that the big banks can only stay afloat by blowing up other banks and acquiting the assets (and giving the liabilities to the government or more properly speaking to you the taxpayer.)

In this Audio Broadcast Muhammad Rafeeq says he talked to Chinese bank officials who made this startling revelation. Businessmen selling to Chinese businesses are required to accept dollars instead of their national currencies. They are then forced to sell the dollars themselves thus allowing the Chinese to quietly dump the dollar.

JP Morgan 2009 Q3 Results – Miracle or Mirage? Try to read and understand what he is saying. Muhammad Rafeeq This is by the same man who was interviewed in the above two broadcasts. One important point is that when a bank sells a Repo, the sale is deposited as cash and appears as such on their books. J P Chase is dangerously short on real cash.

U.S. is losing Afghan war on two fronts By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst This CNN writer is obviously pro war but even he admits that we are losing in Afghanistan and the Obama admins only way out is to destroy Pakistan by generating millions of refugees and inciting a civil war. And they are willing to do that to an ally.

Tweens challenged by grown-up malady: Breast cancer The girl who played third base in her softball team and loved reruns of Hannah Montana learned she had a rare breast cancer that appears in less than 1 percent of total cases called secretory carcinoma. After a mastectomy in May and chemotherapy this summer, the sixth-grader went back to school.

Got Perfect Credit? You Could Be Charged For It! Credit card companies call the fees an experiment. Whether they stick depends on whether customers are willing to pay for something that's been free for so long.

Stimulus Contracts Go to Companies Under Criminal Investigation

Prisoner Society: more than 2,000 cases of torture in Israeli prison during past year According to a document drafted by a lawyer of the Prisoner Society, Rantis was interrogated for 70 days during which time he was beaten, held in solitary confinement and deprived of sleep. The man finally lost his left eye due to one of the beatings and underwent surgery on 6 July 2005. It was acknowledged that his loss of sight was a result of the beatings.

No Relief Yet for PG&E Customers Who Claim Smart Meters are Causing Rate Hikes their rates have increased by 100% or more ... So far, PG&E has deployed about 3.7 million meters. By the end of the deployment in 2012, 10 million meters will have been installed. PG&E has not asked for Recovery Act stimulus funds for the project, but has asked for a $42.5 million stimulus grant to deploy installers and controllers for roughly 75,000 commercial and industrial customers

AP IMPACT: Statisticians reject global cooling

EXCLUSIVE: Rental industry hopes to buy influence on Hill These rentals are on appliances, furniture and TVs sold on a rent-to-own basis that currently are subject to state anti-usury laws. Rep. William Lacy Clay of Missouri introduced in March that would immunize the industry from stronger consumer-protection laws at the state level, including provisions that would force the industry to comply with state usury ceilings or interest-rate disclosure laws, such as the Truth In Lending Act.

Amazing Before & After Pictures Of Detroit Recently, at a dinner party, a friend mentioned that he’d never seen so many outsiders moving into town…Two other guests that night, a couple in from Chicago, had also just invested in some Detroit real estate. That weekend Jon and Sara Brumit bought a house for $100. …. A local couple, Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert, started the ball rolling. An artist and an architect, they recently became the proud owners of a one-bedroom house in East Detroit for just $1,900. Buying it wasn’t the craziest idea. The neighborhood is almost, sort of, half-decent. Yes, the occasional crack addict still commutes in from the suburbs but a large, stable Bangladeshi community has also been moving in.

Detroit Attempts to Auction 9,000 Properties for as Little as $500; 80% Had No Bids

Israel increasing military build-up near Lebanon Israel has a continual need for Arab water. They also are desperate to get Goldstone's Report on Israel war crimes out of the headlines.

Amnesty says Israel curbing water to Palestinians Israeli restrictions prevent Palestinians from receiving enough water in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. The report says Israel’s daily water consumption per capita is four times higher than that in the Palestinian territories. Water is a basic need and a right,

S&P 500 Overvalued by 40%, Set to Fall, Smithers Says

Rate Of Bank Charge Offs Surpasses That Set During Great Depression

Video: Marc Faber On The Death Of Fiat Money - "Dollar Will Go To A Value Of Exactly Zero"

Driving without license OK in SF -- cyclists and pedestrians beware 28 pedestrians fatalities, 440 cyclists injured, a total of 52 people killed in traffic accidents in San Francisco. Now, it's reported today that the city will no longer enforce the law for first time offenders of driving without a license. Worse, the new police chief endorses the proposal.

NOT MUCH OF A PLAN.AP source: Treasury near deal on 'too big to fail' The Treasury Department and a senior House Democrat have decided against making financial firms pay upfront the costs of dismantling them if regulators decide they have grown "too big to fail," according to a House aide familiar with the plan. Instead, those companies would be allowed to borrow money from the government. The government would then recoup the costs by either seizing the firm's profits or seeking restitution from the entire industry, the aide said. WOW. wHAT A DEAL. CITICANK GOES UNDER AND THEY TAX YOUR SMALL LOCAL BANK YJAY HAS NO DERIVATIVES.

Machine-Gun Armed Police Patrol Violent London Neighborhoods

Tea Parties Ready To Harness Immigration Backlash This Week preparing Tea Parties Against Amnesty to be held across America on November 14!

America Is Filling Up With Dump People - Part 2 Illiteracy can and will kill our civilization! No if's, and's or but's! And the "when" is easily predicted ... in 2007, even after three generations in the United States, Hispanics had a dropout rate that was still 2.3 times the white rate - and 33 percent higher than the black rate.

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