Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 10-15 No Cavalry To The Rescue

Audio: No Cavalry To The Rescue. Max Keiser said he has been expecting foreign governments to intervene to save the dollar from dropping in value but it hasn't happened yet and might not happen. What these governments do is to sell their currencies and buy dollars so the demand for and hence the price of dollars rises. But there has been no intervention and might never be another one for some time.

Other points made by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert in their 30 minute broadcast are:

1) Max repeated his explanation of the Beijing put which means that the Chinese will buy gold on every dip in price.

2) Max also repeated his explanation of the new phenomenon of the Dollar Carry Trade. Big time players are borrowing billions of dollars and investing either in foreign currencies or gold. This shorts the dollar and drives down the value of the dollar.

3)Stacy talked about Barricks gold mining corporation which in court admitted that they were co-operating with the government (i.e the Zionists) in keeping the price of gold down by selling off their future production off even if it was against the best interests of their stockholders. Peter Munk CEO of Barrick Gold Corporation recently had to issue 3 billion dollars in new company stock to buy out their futures. Stacy speculated that Treasury Secretary Geithner told Barricks that the government (i.e. the Zionists) would no longer depress the price of gold.

4) Max talked about the Gold Carry Trade. In the old days the government (i.e. the Zionists) leased or gave America's gold at Fort Knox to the bankers so they could drive down the price of gold and speculate in other currencies and commodities. There might not be any gold left in Fort Knox or at least to which we own title.

5) Max said he is expecting currency value volatility with wild 10 to 20 percent swings in the value of currencies but that gold will continue to rise steadily (at least in nominal dollar valuation.) Max also said the resource based currencies of Canada, New Zealand and Australia will continue to do better that the US dollar.

6) Max said the Federal Reserve cannot raise interest rates because that would force two million more home owners with Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) into foreclosure.

Without foreign intervention (No Cavalry To The Rescue) and no ability to raise interest rates to attract foreign investors into dollars we will see a continuing decline in the dollar and therefore by design a cut in the real value of our wages, pensions and savings. This will continue until half of all Americans can no longer afford to buy gas to drive to work or have no jobs to drive to. I think this is an intentional policy which has been agreed to by the major international governments and central banks.

I have been trying to point out the fly in the ointment here. While we are busy cutting our wages so we can compete with lower wages in China, Latin America and elsewhere, the government will add more immigrants to our country to depress wages even further. The government (i.e. the Zionists) want to pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens which will increase the population as the newly legalized bring people across the border through marriage and family member visas. Every time, we add ten or twenty million people to this country, we have to bid the oil they consume away from foreign buyers with real money while we are resorting to Ben Bernanke just printing more money to buy oil.

But those ten million people will eat food. We are no longer net food exporters. As the value of the dollar declines, Americans will discover that the food on their shelves is increasing in price. This will continue until one day they go to the stores and discover that either the shelves are empty or their paychecks are no longer sufficient to buy food to last a week. As Gerald Celente said, he expects food riots in America.

This article from a progressive viewpoint relates to what I said above and I have been saying for many years. What Obama Isn’t Telling American Workers

PBS Video: Manufacturing Consent For The Continued Occupation Of Afghanistan - Obama's War One interviewee said this is already America's longest war with no good outcome in sight. PBS pointed out that Admiral Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the Pakistani ISI is protecting the Taliban.

These two following stories indicate war is less likely in the near future. First Ministerial Meeting of the Syrian-Turkish Strategic Cooperation Council Concluded, Long-Term Strategic Partnership between the Two Countries Established I remind you that I predicted in my New Years Day column that there will be no attack against Iran this year. Top Chinese general to visit US: Pentagon

Bill would raise Medicare fees for doctors By creating a two-bill approach, Democrats intend to claim the more comprehensive health care measure meets President Obama's conditions that it will neither add to deficits nor exceed $900 billion in costs over 10 years. In other words they are cooking the books.

Holtz-Eakin: Baucus Bill Would Impose 23% Marginal Tax Rate Increase on Middle Class

Obamacare Means $1,700 More in Insurance Premiums for a Typical Family The Staggering Costs of Obamacare Medical devices like wheelchairs and hearing aids get taxed. Those who are sick must pay an average of about $600 more a year in income taxes because the bill raises the threshold for deducting medical expenses from 7.5 percent of income to 10 percent. A $404 billion cut in Medicare. Ending the subsidized Medicare Advantage insurance for costs over and above Medicare. Without Medicare Advantage, the elderly can only augment Medicare by buying Medigap coverage for which no subsidy is available and whose premiums are higher (offered, conveniently enough, by Obama's buddies at the AARP). No importation of Canadian medicines and no competitive bidding to hold down prescription drug costs (Obama's deal to get Pharma's support and advertising dollars).

Obama tops Bush in troop buildup

Group: Record Numbers Of Homeless In NYC At the end of September, 10,494 homeless families lived in shelters, including 16,615 homeless children. Here's what it means from a woman living it right now.
"I wake up, travel two hours to get them to the same school 'cause I wanted them to have that sense of normalcy. And I just … always promised myself that I would never put them through this again," Bernadette Miles said. But they are going through "it" -- homelessness -- again. In 2006, Miles, newly divorced, and her three children -- the kind of people you walk past every day -- were evicted when she lost her job. But she got another job and takes home $1,800 a month. But her rent is $1,500. With food, and other bills, they're about to be evicted again.

Congress Removes Authority to Ban Riskiest Derivatives Trades Because "There Was Concern That A Broad Grant To Ban Abusive Swaps Would Be UNSETTLING” Frank's revised bill fails to address the many concerns raised by the head of the CFTC , and really does nothing to fundamentally reign in the credit derivatives which were largely responsible for crashing the economy. Change? Nope. Congress has taken a dive before round 1 of the boxing match even began.

On the night of November 22, 1910 ... delegation of the nation’s leading financiers leave the station on a secret mission this is from CHAPTER ONE Jekyll Island SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE by Eustace Mullins. It was 53 years later that JFK was assassinated. Some say this was a message to the peons that they do not have the right to publish their own currency as Kennedy did with Executive Order 11110. Dates seem to matter to bankers when they send the peons a message. Martin Luther King was killed on April 4, 1968. MLK gave an anti-war speech at Riverside Church on April 4, 1967. If he had lived, he could have formed an alliance within the Democratic party that would have opposed war. The Zionists would not have liked that. I posted this because the End The FED rallies will be in 38 cities on November 22, 2009 Video: END THE FED - ACTION 11/22/2009

Florida Democrat U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson Calls On American Public To ‘Unmask the Fed’

Treasury Steepener On Fire As Bond Market Flees From Far End Treasuries
Overseas investors are refusing to buy long term bonds because they do not see a long term future for the dollar. QE2 is Quantitative Easing 2 or the second run of massive amounts of printing press dollars are to be printed Zero Hedge is on the spot with good news but uses insider terms and abbreviations which is why I have had to explain what QE 2 means.

This is funny. Saudis want US to pay for reducing oil usage

This list is incomplete. The 55 Best Herbal Remedies


  1. E-Verify should be on the national agenda to countermand any illegal alien infiltration into the working environment. Whatever needs to done should take priority to remove the unauthorized labor in our jobless nation. More funding, more modifications until the illegal immigrant fraudulent use of documentation becomes a thing of the past. Using whatever technical programming that is available, to make it's operation inadvisable? Any database including state criminal, FBI, Social Security, Homeland Security, and any other means possible. Ultimately the final version would contribute photo verification, national ID system with biometric data which has been recommended by the Brooking's Institute and Duke University MIT. Supposedly small employers who don't operate computers should have common access in such locations as Post Offices or other approachable government building to identify the workers they are hiring.

    There should be no excuse to not install a nationwide mandatory system of worker identification. My suggestion is that--ALL-I-9's should be copied and a duplicates sent to a Homeland Security Clearing House? Creating such an office would be a simple affair, if our state and federal government would be more beneficial to the working American male and female. If our government is sincere in securing our borders, and introducing new immigration enforcement tools, then E-Verify will become the final deterrent and not be weakened by Sen Harry Reid and his administration. I have made a point of speaking to a few business human resources departments, and found most are enthusiastic about the use of Verify. Only 1 of the 6 companies that I investigated determined some false negatives" and "false positives. But they always have a backup system of contacting the Social Security agency nearest to them, until the irregularities are resolved. Most immigration enforcement laws that have survived, such as 287 (g), is under attack, including the ICE raids. They have already silently rescinded the No-Match-Letter and other indicators show that the parties have many pro-illegal immigrant legislators amongst them?

  2. All that remains is citizens and legal residents to stop the Obama people from throwing a wrench in the cogs and stopping any technological advancement with E-Verify. E-Verify can be used on a universal level in checking bogus drivers license applications, auto insurance, home purchase, health care and other personal data. It would certainly alleviate the kidnapping of social service programs by the 20 to 30 illegal immigrants in America. It would displace foreign nationals so down-trodden legal single mums with children, homeless vets, senior citizens and even students could get employment. It all depends on all of us to contact our Representative in Washington at 202-224-3121. Tell them you don't want half measures by full permanent implementation? NO MORE DRAGGING THEIR FEET? Tell them your remember them on next election day. YOU ALSO WANT TO COMMAND THEM. NO MORE AMNESTIES.

    Don't let them distract you, but repeat your demands without hesitation to these open border jerks. Invest a little time and check what your politicians are doing to our immigration enforcement safeguard at NUMBERSUSA. Read about the consequences of future OVERPOPULATION at CAPSWEB and our collapsing infrastructure, that has been ignored for decades nationwide. Last read factual information at JUDICIAL WATCH that discloses the lawmakers, that are running the country for themselves, friends and business associates. ITS ALL FREE. Read that some of the White House Czars are not true Democrats, but are shadowed by their past Liberal Marxist backgrounds.