Sunday, January 3, 2010

Off The Grid

I have decided to reduce my Internet presence and suspend blogging for awhile. Everyone has all the information they need to change the world. As I wrote in my last post, we are facing global change and sooner rather than later.

I think it is time for me to step away from the computer and to set aside more time for my personal life which I have hinted at one of my other blogs. I also need to get back to my regular exercise routine and to do more volunteer work.

I am up to 400 pushups a day.

If anyone wants either to publish a daily blog of news that has escaped the mainstream press or just to find better news sites I will give you the sources I have used for 90% of my stories.
This is a great website but a lot of stories do not make it to the main page so I always start at the shared stories contributed by subscribers. This site is trendy and gives a lot of inside info on money. He is difficult for the novice to follow as he uses a lot of acronyms and undefined terms. But you must understand banking to understand how the elite steals your money. Max is funny and is an easier introduction to money. He has videos and audios plus links to some major news stories. He is a liberal and does not understand America. He also does not tell you how our Federal Reserve system was designed to impoverish you. For that you need the following refernce article.

The Counterfeiters You can find this in my March 2009 archives at You can use this to introduce banking as a fraud to the novice. I compare the FED to a counterfeiter who has the right to pass counterfeit money provided he only loans the money to someone.
This website does a good job of getting out anti-Zionist news.
This is a good site for Palestinian news.
This is a research site on Zionism. It also has news links and an audio broadcast every couple of weeks.
Lately I have been listening to Bob Chapman's latest radio interviews which are all posted here so you don't have to go looking for him all over the Internet.
This is Catherine Austin Fitts' blog. She posts some new links and articles. She is the one who has done the most research on Wall Street's divine right to steal billions of dollars every week from federal spending you peasants are not allowed to audit. That link is here.

Guns and Butter is here on Wednesday at 1pm California time KPFA has been acting more like a Gatekeeper for the Zionists of late so their donations are down but I respect Bonnie Faulkner even if she is a socialist. This website releases Emergency Unemployment Compensation figures once a week. Click on the press release with this title. ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report. EUC benefits are minimal and granted to those who have timed out on regular benefits. Scroll down about ten paragraphs until you see the words States reported. I used it to report that EUC claimants had grown 425% in 12 months. You need to understand how government manipulates statistics to lie to you. It is a subscription site with a lot af free information. This is Mish Shedlock's blog. It is a great website for news and analysis. I disagree with him. He is a deflationist. I believe we are in for a terrifying round of inflation as soon as the dollar collapses.
This is Karl Denninger's blog. He also is a good analyst.
This website has some good interviews once a week. Matt Drudge is a Jewish Republican. His site is not as useful as it once was but I still go there daily for breaking news. Once a day I look at the front page of this newspaper then I click on Finance and then on Comments. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard told us about the Beijing put in his column. It is the intention of the Chinese government to buy gold if it ever drops below $1,000 an ounce. That and the recent purchases of IMF gold by India has set the gold market ablaze. This is an Internet radio broadcaster. They carry Alex Jones, Mike Rivero ( and Webster Tarpley. Tarpley is on once a week on Saturday. He understand politics and economics but he does not not know how to solve problems as he is a socialist and wildly underestimates the influence of the Zionists. He is the one who first mentioned that Wall Street might want to run General David Petraeus for Presidnet in 2012. Like Eisenhower he is of Jewish descent. If he is elected, he will end democracy and sovereignty in America. I should warn you that Tarpley gets carried away sometimes. This is Jeff Rense's website. It is under web attack from Zionists more than any other site on the Internet. or three times a week this man has a great analysis of the real world that faces the average man and woman.
This man posts a lot of links related to war and Mideast news from a conservative anti-war point of view. He gets carried away talking about Iran and germ warfare, but he does follow the Ukrainian flu which was engineered in a laboratory and could sweep the world some time in 2010. Use this site to introduce new people to the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. Use this website to tell people that Mordechai Vanunu told us that Israel killed JFK.
This is Chris Bollyn's website. He is the bravest and most persecuted reporter in America.

If you have a favorite news website please feel free to add it in a comment as long as it is not racist. Opposition to Zionism is not racism. It is attempt to save the world from a diseased form of thinking that has brought the world to the brink of extinction.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day 2010: Year of Decision

In 2010 we have reached the Year of Decision. In the journey of life seven billion human beings have reached a fork in the road. We can go no further in the direction we have been taking. We must either choose between peace or global annihilation. I have spoken in the past of the two visions I had as a child that have guided my life. One was spiritual and allowed me to understand what physicists from Newton to Einstein have called the Mind of God.

The other vision was of a possible future war. My intuition after I received the vision of a war that could kill 99.5% of the world's population was that if it did happen that it would not occur until I reached a certain age which I have now passed. Since we passed that date, I feel that I can share more of the details. That time limit is why I had thought four years ago that the dollar would collapse in the last few months of 2009.

Earlier this year I predicted that world War III (the attack on Iran) would not happen this year but I still felt that the dollar would die. There was no war because all military leaders outside Israel saw the insanity of a direct attack on Iran.

Most economists I respect see the world going into hyperinflation as the Federal Reserve creates money to buy Treasuries which finances current spending through rising inflation. This will work only until we reach the end of what John Maynard Keynes called Monetary Illusion. When the illusion that money is wealth dies, a 5% monthly increase in the money supply could increase prices 10% over the previous month so we become poorer instantly.

The Second Superpower.

Those of us who were active in the anti-war movement remember the idea that there were only two Superpowers left after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The first Superpower was the United States and the second was World Public Opinion. The invasion of Iran was stopped by a combination of World Public Opinion and western military and financial leaders who saw an attack on Iran as suicidal.

I thought the Israelis would attack Lebanon in 2009 because I live in America and did not understand how much World Public Opinion had turned against Israel. However, Zbignew Brzezinski has apparently found another path to war that does not directly involve Israel.

Webster Tarpley: Yemen could be Brzezinski's path to war In an interview with Alex Jones Webster Tarpley made the following points:

1) Brzezinski had Obama rev up the war in Afghanistan in order to attack Pakistan and prevent China from building a pipeline from Iran across Afghanistan and Pakistan.

2) The escalation of the war in Yemen is directed at drawing Iran into a conflict with the Saudis. Brzezinski knows America is too weak to attack either Iran or Pakistan directly so he is going to sacrifice our client states in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan to clear the decks for a joint US-Israeli occupation of what remains.

3) As I pointed out a few days ago, the Iranians could help the Yemeni rebels retaliate against Saudi-US air strikes by teaching them how to blow up Saudi oil facilities and thus spiking the price of oil and sending the world into a Global Depression far worse than 1929-1939. Tarpley believes this is a main feature of the Brzezinski plan.

In the past I have heard Tarpley say Mideast wars correlated with rises in the price of oil by design in order to soak up excess dollars and prevent non-energy related price increases. If Brzezinski's plan works, we can expect sharply higher crude oil prices which will greatly enrich Goldman Sachs and their Wall Street friends whom Matt Taibbi told us bought and sold every barrel 27 times before it reached the pump in 2008.

This plan gets Israel off the hook for starting WW III and allows Americans to blames those darn Muslims in Yemen for the coming Depression. You can listen to the final segment of the interview at here

Let Gaza live: US rally lights vigils for Palestine Rallies like these all over the world have made a difference. They have stopped Israel from invading Lebanon.

Israel: Slain Palestinians were supposed to be arrested

You can make a difference. By sharing the following stories about Israel you will circumvent the Zionist media blockade.

Israeli forces shut down Hebron tree planting Members of the group said settlers arrived in the area, interrupting the planting. Israeli soldiers on the scene declared the area a closed military zone and confiscated a number of trees, participants said.

The soldiers also ordered a Palestinian photojournalist, Nasser Ash-Shyukhi, not to photograph the incident.

Gaza sees more newborns of malformation American supplied weapons and the Israeli blockade of food and medicine blamed for birth defects.

Israeli settlers uproot trees and destroy natural water spring in northern West Bank

"I live today, but I am afraid of tomorrow" "Is it not enough that you have arrested two of my sons, and killed another?" my father asked. I was placed in solitary confinement -- a room measuring one meter by one meter, with black walls and no light, under the ground. I was to stay in that room for the next two months. The soldiers had a special system which they could use to change the conditions in the room, so in the middle of the winter they would pump in cold air to make it even more unbearable. I was so cold that my hands were swollen and I couldn't feel my legs ... it felt like I was sleeping in a freezer. When they interrogated me, they told me that if I didn't speak they would arrest my father and make my children homeless.

Sometimes they brought in my brother and beat him in front of me, or beat me in front of him. They tried many things to make me speak, but it didn't work. After 60 days of living like this, I was moved to a women's prison called Timon. After six days I was taken to trial at a military court, and sentenced to two and a half years. I saw a lot of suffering in Timon. The soldiers treated the women very badly; they would beat us, spray us with gas, and throw cold water at us. It's not easy to bring up four children without a father. I am responsible for them and everything they need -- to put their food on the table, a roof over their heads, to find a school for them to go to. I have to be a mother and father to them at the same time ... you really can't imagine what this life is like.

Jerusalem Post - Rattling the Cage: A taboo question for Israelis

The question we have to ask ourselves is this: If anybody treated us like we're treating the people in Gaza, what would we do?

Houthi Yemeni Leader: Yemeni civilians targeted by design He questions the deafening silence of the world to the savage crimes against humanity now being committed in Yemen by Saudi, Yemeni, and USA warplanes targeting innocent civilians, and killing women and children, as they bombard population centers far away from the battle fields: towns, market places, mosques…

Buy an African baby; bomb some African villages When you buy . . . adopt, a baby in Ethiopia there is a good chance that the baby isn’t an orphan, though it is usually standard language in all the sale/adoption papers that such is the case. With millions of Ethiopians famine stricken, selling babies has become a way to survive for some. Though of the $30,000 as little as $1,000 makes it through the hands of the Ethiopian mafia to the babies’ families.

NATO Fuel Tankers Attacked by Gunmen in Pakistan

Investors only could lose in Goldman's Caymans deals

"Why Aren't Americans Fighting Back?" "Your country is occupied by CIA-Mossad and the finance mafia that runs it," he said. "They killed the Kennedys. They killed Martin Luther King, Jr. They killed Wellstone. They killed Gary Webb. They kill everyone that gets in their way. They start wars that kill millions. They rig your elections. They listen to your telephone conversations, read your emails, and use your cell phone as a roving microphone. They blackmail everyone of note, and if they can't blackmail them, they frame them or neutralize them or kill them. Every American President since Reagan has been a CIA agent. Your Constitution is a dead letter. It was dead long before 9/11."

Declare independence from gambling Wall Street banksters: Move your money and demand full reform

AP sources: Suicide bomber who killed seven CIA employees was invited on base CIA thought an Afghani was a traitor but he wasn't.

Trial Lawyers Win Added Clout From Democrats In Health Bill The Senate health care bill includes a gift to trial lawyers: a five-year, $50 million program to encourage states to consult with them on "alternatives" to malpractice claims.

Though presented as a reform, critics say the program will simply encourage states to create an additional option for lawyers and plaintiffs to pursue claims, without requiring them to give up anything in return.

States applying for grants will need to show that their projects will not in any way curtail existing rights to sue, even in minor ways," Olson said.

The American Association of Justice (trial lawyers) has given $16.6 million in campaign contributions the past decade, $15.4 million of which went to Democrats

No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds

The New Homeless: Aspiring Web Developer Ends Up on San Francisco's Streets For Mike, a 33-year-old aspiring Web developer, it happened after an emergency loan from a relative suddenly fell through, driving his family out of a motel and onto the streets of San Francisco in September

Please remember this family's plight the next time you make a point about H1-B visas.

>States reported 4,448,914 persons claiming EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) benefits for the week ending Dec. 12, an increase of 191,669 from the prior week Emergency Unemployment Compensation is for people who timed out on regular unemployment. EUC benefits are not enough to maintain an apartment, pay the utilities and buy food.

Fed Judge Gives Blackwater Huge New Year’s Gift, Dismisses All Charges In Iraq Massacre If the appeal doesn't work, we could always extradite them to Iraq after we replace the Obama admin. Iraq 'to appeal Blackwater verdict' The September 2007 shooting in Baghdad left 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians dead

Top 10 Most Hateful Quotes of 2009 (Anti-White Racism from America)

New suit latest twist in kids-for-cash scandal (Kids-For-Cash Scandal Judges Immune For Bad-Faith Legal Decisions) The positive drug test was motivated, Clark's attorneys said, by Ciavarella's push to keep the private detention centers filled.

The probation department "switched urine samples" or "falsely reported the test findings in order to incarcerate Raul and to obtain more money" from the detention facilities and Clark's parents, the lawsuit said.

Editorial: New laws: nothing too trivial to ban, require or tax (California, of course 724 new laws)

Wipe The Slate Clean For 2010, Commit Web 2.0 Suicide

N.Y. congressman sought Chavez's help for disgraced banker Stanford (Dem from Queens)

Freed Iraq hostage Peter Moore denies Iranian involvement in kidnapping

Goldman Sachs Helps Yellow-Roadway Avert Bankruptcy Following Hoffa’s Plea

Death toll in Pakistan volleyball bombing rises to 75 More Pakistani Destabilixation From Brzezinski?