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Liar. Liar. The President went before the Congress and lied again. One of his lies was that illegal aliens would not be covered. I have already posted in yesterday's edition articles from Matt Taibbi and Camille Paglia explaining how Obama failed his voters on health care. At the end of today's essay I have written more about Obama.

Dr David Kelly's death was ruled a suicide even though no fingerprints were found on the knife and doctors said it would have been difficult for a man to inflict such wounds upon himself. Seems Tony Blair earned his high paying job at J P Chase. Link

Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama. Please Share It is very Powerful.

Countering the government lies about unemployment. John Williams from Shadow Stats.

Max Keiser has a radio show in New Zealand. Who knew? Here he tells the truth about markets being set up to fail us and not them. Listen here

Humor: YouTube banned this video of a maried California state legislator bragging about kinky sex with female lobbyists over on open microphone. These women were paid by their companies to have sex with him. The banned Video is here.

French Armed Forces Chief of Staff Jean-Louis Georgelin told a Washington-based foreign policy group that he believes a military approach would be too risky. Link Correction: Not risky for Israel. But risky for Americans. This will only succeed militarily if they use a small nuke or series thereof to destroy the reactor which will kill thousands of Russians and more than 1,500,000 Iranians. It will lead to WW III which is the Zionist goal. I do not believe the Zionists will suceed.

Netanyahu made a secret trip to Russia. This is the fourth or fifth high level Israeli trip. The previous trips all consisted of little Israel telling the Russians to not sell S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran as that would stop an Israeli air attack on Iran. I am not convinced that Israel will attack Iran before Christmas. But I found this in an Israeli newspaper. Russian report: Netanyahu may be planning attack. Link

Japan has a new government with a huge mandate to do something for the Japanese people and to stop sending their money to America. I found this article: Japan May See ‘Catastrophic’ Finances interesting for what it does not say: The new Japanese government will be forced to sell US Treasury bonds to help their people. That is one more nail in the coffin of the US dollar. Link

Ron Paul's audit the FED bill HR-1207 will have a hearing in the House on September 26th. This article says it all Ron Paul Has the Council on Foreign Relations Worried

Carolin Baum over at Bloomberg tried in this article to talk to the Obama WHite House as if they were adults to show them how to sell health care. Obama’s Promises Could Use a Good-Faith Deposit Link

Amazing Photos From Hubble. Very Beautiful. Link

In case the economy does go South you will want to start your own garden. Even the Nation magazine is recommending Community Gardens though I would rather have my own.

Let Me Explain Why Obama Does Not Care About Either Health Care or The Anti-War Movement

Please look at this video:

I posted this video originally over the weekend. I want you to understand that someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder might campaign for public office. And you might vote for Obama if you agreed with him that health care reform and ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were good ideas. You might also have wanted your President to do something to stop the transfer of all wealth to Wall Street through unconscionable and never ending Bail Outs.

But he is only concerned about the unquestioning adulation of the crowds and the money from wealthy criminals on Wall Street who financed his unending road trips. Obama campaigns all over the world and the United States. Yet his poll numbers keep going down. I believe because he never bothered to hold hearings and write his own health care proposal as Hillary did in 1993. That shows how little he cares about us.

Obama did not even bother to read the bill he tries to sell to the voters. They know he is lying when he says that Medicare will only be cut thirty billion dollars a year. Not all opposition at Town Halls comes from the right. Most elderly oppose cuts to their existing coverage. Others object to the President's apparent ready acceptance of the 23.7 trillion dollar cost of the Bail Out knowing that there will be nothing left for health care, Food Stamps, education, Social Security and anything else besides interest on our burgeoning debt and payments for our rapidly growing wars.

Government will have zero dollars left over for health care. The Congress really needs to fix the system including Wall Street and the Federal Reserve before they do anything else. That is the underlying reason for all the anger at the Town Halls.

That is why Stephen Lendman, a New Deal Democrat who favors single payer and is very much an anti-war voter, said of Obama, "He's worse than Bush." For an old line New Deal Democrat that is the worst insult you can make. But it is true.

Obama has no concern for either us or for the issues his voters wanted him to solve. He is insane. All his road trips were about him getting ovations from the crowds. He is not an adult. He is a damaged child playing President but with access to nuclear weapons and presiding over powder kegs in Gaza, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan. (In case you missed it Obama has escalated the conflict in Pakistan by sending in armed Blackwater mercenaries.)

The dollar is about to crash and his poll numbers will drop even further. He still has strong support amongst minorities and committed liberals who think the problems of the country were created by evil white Republicans. I recently talked to a couple of young black men from Chicago who told me, "He's not doing anything for us." More liberals and minorities will reach that same conclusion as the dollar dies and the crowds turn against him.

Barack Obama is just one more road block on our path to rebuild America.

Our real enemy is Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve and anyone, including Zionists, who would have us squander our life's blood on foreign wars. Obama is just a puppet.

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