Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday 9-18 FED Gave Citibank 230 Billion Dollars

Congressman Alan Grayson is the man who asked FED Chairman Ben Bernanke about the creation of 500 billion dollars which he gave to 14 Central banks. The YouTube audience was stunned The congressman pointed out that Ben had given enough money to New Zealand to give every New Zealander $3.000 each. Now the congressman has said: Ben Bernanke gave 230 Billion Dollars To Citibank If you meet any opponents to auditing the Federal Reserve, ask them how many billions of dollars did Ben Bernanke give you?

This comes under the category The End is Nigh: Treasury To Sell $112 Billion In Notes Next Week

National Suicide: Martin Gross has a new book out called. “National Suicide” Gross says that the lowest 50 percent of wage earners pay just 3 percent of all taxes, and the U.S. spends $700 billion a year on welfare — $65,000 for each poor family of four — "yet poverty continues to plague America." Read the review here.

California is dying from a lack of water. You might not like Arnold but this is an important Video about water and food.

Robert Fisk outlines how the West created many problems for the Mideast when it drew boundaries after WW I. At that time some Americans wanted to create one viable super Arab state. When, not if, the dollar collapses, and hopefully the people learn Israel did 9-11, America will have a brief window of time in which to solve the Mideast problem. My suggestion is that we create a path towards a larger Arab state.

Harry Shearer is up for a Webby Award for this satirical video Waterboarding USA made in a Beach Boys musical style.


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