Tuesday, September 8, 2009


WE ARE NUMBER 93. The World Economic Forum has ranked America as number 93 in its ranking of 133 nations with respect to stability. Do you remember those old movies showing Americans and Europeans begging and pleading for a seat on a plane out of a Third World country? This scene could be remade with foreigners trying to dump their dollars for just about anything, Link

Video: Max Keiser says the stock market has been pumped up by banks laundering their Bailout loot. Once they have laundered their loot they will drop the dollar and the stock market. Max also talks about unemployment. Video

Video: Karl Denninger tells us why the banks must collapse. Video

Unemployment in California is 40% (if you count people working part time and looking for full time jobs as unemployed.) Link

Video A California bank is demolishing new homes. Video

Homeless school chidren in Ashevile, N.C. Up 80% in one year and might double next year. If we pulled out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, we could house these children and save the other 99% we spend kiliing civilians overseas. >Link

Unemployment stats you might not be aware of: We need to create 127,000 jobs a month but are losing ground. >Link

Four Signs China Moving Out Of The Dollar. China was a net seller of Treasury bonds in June. (25 billion dollars) Link

10 Things I Hate About Health-Care Reform. Written by a doctor. He misses a lot of points I would make. Link

Elderly man ejected from a New Hampshire Town Hall meeting for asking a question: Video

Two stories and one video on Israeli body snatchers. The first is from Kawther Salaam. here. Missing Algerian Children Had Their Organs Removed Link. Allsion Weir on Israeli organ harvesting. >Video

Who Brought the Slaves to America? This article mentions the 22 distilleries in Newport that sold liquor to the Indians who killed white settlers. It also mentions the fact that the Africans lost nearly 100,000,000 people to a trade that was 90% Jewish owned. Link

Charlie Sheen has launched a new publicity campaign to get 9-11 Truth into the mainstream media. Please forward his article Twenty Minutes With The President

In case you missed Sibel Edmonds testimony under penalties of perjury that American congressmen and women are being bribed and blackmailed by foreign powers please bookmark this.

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