Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Edition Obamacare Stalls On Two Fronts

White House shuts down Senate health care debate in effort to kill drug importation amendment on behalf of Big Pharma The Obama Admin is running over the Republican minority which it can do and still get a bill passed. But it cannot also roll liberal Democrats who want to keep drug prices low by importing from Canada. He also is angering people on both sides on the abortion issue.

A Republican senator entered an amendment to the senate bill to repeal those 500 billion dollar cuts to Medicare. The Democrats voted it down on a straight party line vote. The Medicare cuts could be offset by restricting medical malpractice lawsuits but trial lawyers are more important to Obama than 47 million elderly.

Health care loophole would allow coverage limits Obama will force you to buy an insurance policy from one of his donors and he will allow those insurers to cancel your policy if you get sick. This will anger his base as well as all voters as it will cut the value of your policy while it raises the cost.

Today is a busy news day. You might want to at least glance at all of today's articles.

Blogger: US air strikes kill ‘exactly 30 enemies every time Security Crank linked to 12 news reports of separate air strike incidents since the start of the year in which the number of Taliban or insurgent casualties was reported to be 30, in most cases citing US military officials. The problem is that we are killing 28 innocent people with each drone strike even if you accept the Pentagon claim that there was one real bad guy attending that wedding or funeral.

Homeless Women And Children Unable To Escape Cold

Employees Working for No Pay Even solvent companies can't get loans. The problem is that we have to create a debt before we can create money under the Federal Reserve. What we need to do is to have the Treasury take over the FEd and issue Greenbacks as Lincoln did.

Missing more than a meal. Child hunger, called the 'silent epidemic,' is an increasingly complex problem In Philadelphia, researchers found that, during the first half of this year, one in five homes with a baby or toddler did not have enough food. And one of every dozen young children was outright hungry, a rate twice that of the same period the year before

East Anglia Confirmed Emails from the Climate Research Unit (Jones Admits Global Cooling)

Law and Order Defames Americans Who Oppose Unlimited Illegal Immigration

Soldiers Forced to Go AWOL for PTSD Care

Bayer Admits GMO Contamination is Out of Control all outdoors field trials or commercial growing of GE crops must be stopped before our crops are irreversibly contaminated

Federal Law Shields Jailers From Legitimate Legal Claims

Copenhagen Framework Demands Huge Amounts of Spending, But Allows Enron-Style Accounting Tricks So That Carbon Isn't Actually Reduced

Bob Chapman: Review of Financial Markets: The Call from Obama is for more Leverage and more Debt. In a separate radio interview Bob said that the Federal Reserve will be trying to reign in the money supply starting in January. His source is a major banker who is invited to FED meetings.

House chairman Brad Sherman calls on UC Irvine to throw out Muslim Student Union for raising money for Gaza
Sherman is one of half a dozen Jewish liberal Democrats in the LA area who are extreme Zionists. Both senators from California are Jewish and support Israel. That is why Gazans are on the brink of starving to death.

Video: Max Keiser interviews William Black William Black explains how Control Fraud worked to create our MBS bubble. He was the regulator who unwound the S&L crisis . He said Moodys gave AAA ratings to toxic waste. They both talked about the 1,000 S&L executives who were convicted of fraud in the 1980s under a DOJ priority prosecution program. The Obama admin has failed to indict even one person from the major banks.

IDF simulates missile attacks, war against Syria and Hezbollah

Indiana: City Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets Lawyer sues traffic and parking courts in Indianapolis, Indiana over threatened $2500 penalty for contesting a ticket in court.

Media Mogul James Murdoch is Director of GlaxoSmithKline

US Not Opposed To Israel Pumping More Funds Into Settlements

Steel firm Corus could get £90m 'pollution payoff' after closing plant and axing 1,700 jobs This is how carbon trading works. We get to pay taxes to give money to men who close our factories and send our jobs overseas

Video Billions in the trash: Swine flu drug scandal in Ukraine - Ukrainians find out that Tamiflu does not work.

Israeli Strategy: Dispossess Palestinians Of Their Remaining Land

Tougher standards for IDs go into effect Jan. 1

The Greatest Zionist Myth: Debunked The Palestinians never existed before modern Israel was established is proven false.

Jewish settlers 'to increase by 10,000 within year'

Video: Afghans' anger at Obama's Nobel peace prize win -

Video: Armed Response to 'Climategate' question at UN meeting in Copenhagen

New York City Erases Bike Lanes to Appease Hasidic Men Who Object to Seeing Women in Bike Shorts

President Obama ‘creating torture impunity’

Video: Robert Fisk - Obama is a disaster for the Middle East Fisk says Obama is worse than Bush for the Mideast.

Nazi hunter fears EU recognition of Jewish Communist crimes, worse than Holocaust denial I have posted this article from an Israeli newspaper. "Stalin's Jews"

Detroit teachers balk at plan to loan district $10,000 each from pay The teachers destroyed the ability of their students to get a job. They need to be fired. The median pay (fully loaded) for a public school teacher in Detroit is $79,267 per year. Note that they only work 38 weeks

Sound familiar? US refuses to allow UN inspectors to investigate its WMDs

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