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Wednesday 12-09 Two Paths For Goldman Sachs To Take Over The World

Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after 'Danish text' leak "It proposes a green fund to be run by a board but the big risk is that it will run by the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility [a partnership of 10 agencies including the World Bank and the UN Environment Programme] and not the UN.

I wrote satire in which the President announces that America is bankrupt and the government of the United States is being reorganized by a consortium of Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve bank and overseas investors. The new name of the country is United States Incorporated.

Robert B Zoellick is the President of the World Bank. He is a former Goldman Sachs employee.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, is a former Goldman Sachs employee.

Mario Draghi, Chairman of the Financial Stability Board, is a former Goldman Sachs employee.

Adam Storch is the COO od the SEC and a former Goldman Sachs employee.

Gary Gensler is Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and a former Goldman Sachs employee.

Both Timothy Geithner the current Treasury Secretary and former Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers were proteges of Robert Rubin the former CEO of Goldman Sachs who was a Clinton Treasury Secretary.

Hank Paulson and Robert Rubin were both CEOs of Goldman Sachs who became Treasury Secretary.

What are the odds that any one bank regulator is a former Goldman Sachs employee? What are the odds that all three of the men who run the world banking system are all Goldman Sachs employees?

Audio: Lord Monckton on the Copenhagen treaty. He said that Haitians can no longer afford the three cents mud pies cost Lord Monckton demanded a copy of the treaty. The librarians refused for 20 minutes until they relented and gave it to him. The treaty requires the US and other wealthy countries pay a tax to the UN equal to 2% of our GDP. That is $280 billion dollars a year tax increase for Americans. That works out to $2,800 a year for every one of our 100,000,000 taxpayers. That is in addition to taxes on financial transactions. This would preclude the United States from passing a financial transactions taxes that had been proposed by House Democrats to fund Stimulus spending.

There are other carbon taxes that will raise gasoline and utility prices. Of course the sale of carbon credits and derivatives will make Al Gore and his partner David Blood from Goldman Sachs billionaires. Now back to those mud pies.

Lord Monckton said he was telling an audience that in Haiti the people take salt, butter and mud to make pies which they sun bake and sell for three cents. A woman in the audience cried and said she has just returned from Haiti and that the people can no longer afford the three cents to buy a mud pie.

He blamed bio-fuels for the rise in food prices which is starving the poor to death.

Goldman Sachs has two paths to world domination. One is the banking crisis. When the dollar collapses, all of the international financial regulatory agencies will be run by Goldman Sachs. If the Copenhagen treaty is passed, trillions of dollars in taxes plus the world energy system will be run by Goldman Sachs.

For Further Study: This is Lord Monckton's Website By the way, he says the treaty will create 700 newly created bureaucracies which also will require funding. Here is a PDF copy of the treaty. Link to purported "Danish Text"

35 Inconvenient Truths
The errors in Al Gore’s movie

Coming Collapse of Municipal Bonds; States, Cities Dig Deeper Holes

Israel tells foreign dignitaries not to visit Gaza

Video: Witness - Baghdad City of Walls

Who is Blythe Masters? She is the JP Morgan employee who invented credit default swaps, and is now heading JPM's carbon trading efforts.

It's Showtime for Mark Cuban Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has been harassed by the SEC, will now get the chance to conduct a little harassment of his own. A federal judge has granted Cuban the right to seek some internal e-mail messages, phone records and other communications from the S.E.C. regarding its case against him. The SEC which was clueless about Bernie Madoff went after Cuban for funding 911 Loose Change which was a rather tame 911 Truth movie.

Surveys Show Job Openings, Corporate Hiring Plans Anemic

Grayson Rips Bernanke Over Latest AIG Bailout, Insinuates Attempted IRS Fraud In Grossly Illegal Deal

Collapse In Tax Withholdings Refutes Improvements In Either Unemployment Or Corporate Profitability

Record level of British population is foreign-born

Gerald Celente: Breaking Point 2010 The 20th century belonged to America, in 2010 Empire America will be breaking apart.

Video: Marc Faber on sovereign debt default : American & Greek

Operation Cast Lead: An Eyewitness Account While I was walking back from school it looks like they had been bombing everywhere so I took another way home. And while I was walking I saw Apache helicopters in the sky and I saw the rockets shining out of them. All the way home they were bombing most of the villages in the Gaza Strip; they wanted to hit us like a stroke, all the places at the same time. There were two to four helicopters for every village in Gaza and sometimes more.

Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Eight Homes, Tents In Negev Region

The New Economic Misery Index: Five Sectors that Show Financial Pain for Americans. Food Stamps, Bankruptcy, Credit Access, Employment, and Housing. We still have 27,000,000 unemployed and underemployed Americans. 37 million Americans are on some form of food assistance

CBO: U.S. already $292 bln in the red this year - CBO tax revenues have plunged and spending on safety-net programs like unemployment insurance have skyrocketed.

U.K., U.S. Top AAA Ratings Tested by Debt Burdens, Moody’s Says

‘Anti-Semitism up, Islamophobia down” a New Academic Research Says One-quarter of Europeans believe that “Jews have too much influence“ 31% agree that “Jews in general do not care about anything or anyone but their own kind.” 45.7% of the Europeans somewhat or strongly agree that “Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians.”

Meredith Whitney: Government 'Out of Bullets'; Consumers in Trouble

Hunger, family homelessness on rise in U.S. cities The U.S. Conference of Mayors said cities reported a 26 percent jump in demand for hunger assistance over the past year. Looking ahead to 2010, cities said they expect it will be difficult to meet increased demands for food due to the impact of state and local budget cuts

Financial Accounting Standards Board to Propose More Flexible Accounting Rules for Banks the chairman of the board that sets American accounting standards will call Tuesday for the “decoupling” of bank capital rules from normal accounting standards.

Targeting Civilians in Gaza

A new report questions "suicides" at Guantanamo

Gordon Brown: EU cuts must go deeper to get Copenhagen climate deal

EU Ready to Bailout Greece; Debt Downgrades in Baltic States; Can Euroland Even Survive?

In 2008, British Intelligence Concluded that the Afghanistan War Is Unwinnable . . . No Matter How Many Troops Were Sent In

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