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Tuesday 12-08 Tell Obama & Congress: "NO, YOU CAN'T!"

Tell Obama & Congress: "NO, YOU CAN'T!" The liberals are finally starting a campaign against Obama with a demonstration on Saturday. The problem with liberals is that they so not know Americans. I always begin by telling people that Ben Bernanke gave 237 billion dollars to Pandit the Bandit at Citibank.

O=W "O=W" is a bumper sticker beginning to show up on liberals’ cars. After the president’s speech at West Point, I suspect it will spread rapidly.

Obama to mention Afghan war in peace prize speech

Video: Rethink Afghanistan: Join the Movement to Stop this War

$10 million is smuggled out of Afghanistan daily, official says An estimated $10 million a day is smuggled out of Afghanistan, most of it through Kabul's international airport said Finance Minister Omar Zakhilwal.

I reported the other day that Max Keiser said bankers in Dubai told him that US contractors were leaving with suitcases full of money since the beginning of the war.

Video: Matt Taibbi on How Goldman Sachs Has Been Robbing Us Blind Here is another video from Matt on the Obama economic team. Video: Matt Taibbi on Obama's economic team from Robert Rubin of Goldman Sachs

US Elections: Supreme Court May Rule to Allow Unlimited Corporate Funding The U.S. Supreme Court may rule on Tuesday, December 8th, or in the coming weeks, in the case of Citizens United v. FEC, that the American people are powerless to stop corporations from using corporate funds to influence state and federal elections.

US Mint Runs Out Of Tenth-Ounce Gold Coin Inventory Day After Its Release For Broad Purchase

Video: Israeli Weapons Company Rafael Makes Bollywood Musical Promo To Target Hindu Buyers India kicked the Israeli arms merchants out for excessive corruption so this ad didn't work. I stayed up past midnight to find this. It is a must see.

Video: Lord Monckton: Global Warming big scientific fad Lord Monckton also says Britain is no longer a democracy because 90% of its laws are actually rulings made by unelected Eurocrats.

US EPA to move on emissions as Congress stalls The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will formally declare that greenhouse gases endanger human health on Monday, allowing President Barack Obama to show action as a major climate change summit opened in Copenhagen. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant.

Rolling Stone exposes Goldman Sachs and the carbon credit scam

Pelosi Endorses ‘Global’ Tax on Stocks, Bonds, and other Financial Transactions This a Tobin tax. I support a Tobin tax on financial transactions but oppose it for this Congress. They would just waste it. Note that Pelosi wants more Stimulus spending to bail out congressional Democrats in their 2010 election races.

Fed's Unemployment Projections From Mars Using Bernanke's estimate that it takes 100,000 jobs a month to keep up with birthrate and demographics, the economy will have to create 260,000 jobs every month in 2010, 2011, and 2012 to hit an unemployment rate of 6.17% by the end of 2012. At the height of the housing bubble in 2005, the economy added 212,000 jobs a month. It is well beyond absurd to expect the economy to average even 200,000 jobs a month, let alone 260,000 jobs a month when neither the housing boom nor the commercial real estate boom could manage those numbers over a sustained period. In short, the Fed's unemployment projections must be for some other planet or for some other alternate universe somewhere because they do not reflect reality here

As I have said before, massive unemployment will lead to societal collapse if we do nothing.

Most Recent Insider Selling to Buying Ratio: 82:1

Karl Denninger's Fedspeak Translation 12/7/2009 Denninger translates Bernanke's speech into real words. We printed up $12 trillion in "freebie" credit, manipulated the MBS market (and in doing so have fomented and created an accounting fraud for all of those entities that hold said paper) and have purchased alleged "assets" at vastly over their actual value on purpose. This has allowed financial institutions to claim to be solvent when in fact they are bankrupt several times over.

Ben Bernanke intentionally frightened the world by hinting at an increase in US interest rates. He cannot raise interest rates for two reasons. One Goldman Sachs and JP Chase are sitting on 200 trillion dollars in interest rate derivatives that would go toxic. And secondly the Treasury has to sell 4 trillion dollars in bonds in 2010. Any increase in rates would mean we would have to surrender to the Taliban. All of the tax receipts we take in are already pledged to the military and to paying interest on the debt. If we raise interest rates, we will have to stop killing people overseas.

Pre-Budget report: Foreign banks urged to lend to UK businesses Britain will go down before America. Cut 1 million public sector jobs to pay off Britain's debts' The UK is one fifth of America's so the recommendation in American terms would be to cut 5,000,000 jobs from the federal, state and local governments. The alternative would be to end the Federal Reserve debt as money scheme.

Yahoo Sells All Its Users Private Email Contents to U.S. Agencies for Small Price

The ADL: Managing White Rage Just as the vast majority of Jews can’t bring themselves to vote Republican because of fear and loathing of all those conservative Christians ... Rage at the election of a president deemed to be illegitimate and threatening. Distrust and anger toward the government fueled by paranoia and conspiracy theories.” Yikes! The peasants are getting their pitchforks.

The ADL’s campaign to set strict limits on what can be said on TV is really a campaign to manage elite-level discourse aimed at the educated classes. The effectiveness of Jewish influence stems from the veto power it has over all the high ground in American society, particularly the mass media and the academic world.

Eventually, all the phony implicit White issues will run out. And when that happens, these people won’t be overtly concerned about health care plans or even about Obama and his radical proclivities. All that will be ancient history. And it will have to get right down to it — that it is indeed about race.

Jobless professionals vie for holiday sales work "You start calling all your contacts, and you find out they're all laid off, too, so your contacts list doesn't mean anything."

The Star joins global climate crusade. 56 newspapers in 45 countries have united to demand action. Cancel your subscription.

Copenhagen Fools the Young Into Hoping for Jobs: Amity Shlaes

Millions in U.S. Drink Dirty Water, Records Show More than 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems have violated key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act over the last five years, according to a New York Times analysis of federal data

Going South Militaristic, corrupt America increasingly resembles a Third World state.

Five Good Reasons to Avoid a War with Iran

Surging into disaster President Barack Obama missed two sterling opportunities to wind down the ugly Afghan morass he inherited from George W. Bush.

Timebomb for the Euro--Greek Debt Poses a Danger to Common Currency

Poll: 26% think Obama deserves Nobel

Torture Survivor Abdullah Almalki Refused Entry to Air Canada Flight Members of Stop Canadian Involvement in Torture are expressing major concerns about the fact that, after being given a boarding pass for an Ottawa-to-Windsor flight on December 2, Ottawa resident Abdullah Almalki was not allowed onto the domestic Air Canada flight. Almalki, a Canadian citizen who was found to be tortured with the complicity of his own government, was supposed to have been in Windsor the next day to deliver a talk on “two-tier citizenship” as well as the manner in which the Canadian government was complicit his torture in Syria.

Video: Opposition to man-made climate change: We want proof!

Now We're Talking! Glass-Steagall Five House Democrats will call this week for a return to a Depression-era law that separated Wall Street investment banking from Main Street commercial banking.

Video: The Decline: The Geography of a Recession According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 31 million people currently unemployed -- that's including those involuntarily working parttime and those who want a job, but have given up on trying to find one. In the face of the worst economic upheaval since the Great Depression, millions of Americans are hurting. "The Decline: The Geography of a Recession," as created by labor writer LaToya Egwuekwe, serves as a vivid representation of just how much. Watch the deteriorating transformation of the U.S. economy from January 2007 --

Video: Eckhart Tolle, "The Current Economy" A Spiritual Interpretation This is a short video explaining why our current financial situation is necessary to undo the ego's grip on our society.

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