Monday, December 21, 2009

Tuesday 12-22 Israel Jails The Palestinian Gandhi Without Trial

Where is the Palestinian Gandhi? In Israeli prison, of course! Jamal Juma’, the director of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, also known as Stop the Wall, was summoned for interrogation on the night of December 15th. Jamal has been detained by the Israeli military and has not had access to a lawyer since the 16th of December.

Kawther Salam: Is Israel a Nation or An Organ Harvesting Mafia? After Israel conceded to committing the crime of theft of human organs in a program which was aired on Israeli TV Channel 2, will the Abu Kabir butchery, the so-called “Autopsy Institute of Forensic Medicine” in Israel, be now named a strategic base for the harvesting the human beings?

How does the world look at the consequences of the organized Israeli organ theft practiced at Abu Kabir hospital? Which are the legal procedures that can be taken against the perpetrators, often IDF officers ?

Massive Hike in Military Spending Financed by Cuts in Health and Education

NEW YORK SENDOFF FOR GAZA MARCHERS On the very cold evening of December 18th, Times Square was the scene of a send-off rally for the New Yorkers participating in the Gaza Freedom March. The event will take place in Gaza on the first anniversary of the brutal Israeli attack (the subject of the Goldstone Report) that killed over 1,400 people, mostly civilians, more than 400 being children.

Egypt Says It Will Block International Gaza Freedom Marchers

Israeli Soldier Chased a Kindergarten Girl

Letting the Beast Out of the Bottle: Obama Channels Bush on Bioweapons transparently delineated than by the administration's continuing efforts to derail plans to revitalize the moribund Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), rejecting binding verification protocols that would finally give the 1972 treaty teeth.

Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent

VIDEO - Yehuda Hiss Admits Israel Organ Harvesting

Israel admits organ harvesting

If politicians want to be trusted again, they must learn to listen

Economists Are Trained to Ignore the Real World As I have repeatedly noted, mainstream economists and financial advisors have been using faulty and unrealistic models for years. And I have pointed out numerous times that economists and advisors have a financial incentive to use faulty models.

Jerusalem mayor cuts health funds for Arab children cut funding for a toddler health-care center in East Jerusalem, while approving aid to a similar center in a Jewish neighborhood.

Mercedes 10,000 Gallon Water Cannon Police Preparing for riots.

Rock the Vote Asks Supporters to Withhold Sex to Pass Health Care Reform

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Israeli doctors experimented on children A leading Israeli doctor and medical ethicist has called for the prosecution of doctors responsible for thousands of unauthorised and often illegal experiments on small children and geriatric and psychiatric patients in Israeli hospitals.

Gerald Celente, Fascism In The USA in 2010 Through Terror Event I think the two major candidates are war with Iran and Bird flu being genetically engineered into a mix with swine flu.

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Algerian kids falling prey to Jewish 'organ harvest'

Israel to seek another one billion euros Holocaust in reparations from Germany

A Christmas Story: Some Facts about Greenland Of course there is another way to look at the same graph. Annual Greenland temperatures were higher in 1930 than today.

Video: 5 Scary Reasons to Kill the Senate Healthcare Bill

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - New Jewish organ theft gang busted

Priest tells members to shoplift to survive. A clergyman has been criticised as 'highly irresponsible' after advising his congregation to shoplift following his Nativity sermon.

Study Finds That Of All Factors Determining The "Bailoutability" Of Crappy Banks, Ties To The Federal Reserve Are Most Critical

US Treasuries Selling Off And More To Come Now we have statements by Chinese officials saying that if the US does not blow its trade deficit back out to its widest levels they will stop buying treasuries.

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Jews Threaten To Kill Swede Donald Boström For Reporting On Israeli Organ Theft Racket

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Romania probes Israeli adoption agency link in organ trafficking

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Suspect in international organ trafficking ring testifies Israeli government financed transplants

Iceland Lawmakers Threaten to Reject Icesave Bill a Second Time polls show almost 70 percent of Icelanders oppose --- Iceland was given bills for billions of dollars in losses made by a few Icelandic citizens in an English banking fraud that British monetary authorities should have stopped. -Iceland's default could start a world wide bank and national debt default.

Tavakoli: Time To Claw Back AIG Money Paid To Goldman Sachs

Video: ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - The big New Jersey bust - What they're not saying


NIA's Top 10 Predictions for 2010
4) The U.S. Dollar Index will see short-term bounce, then huge crash.
5) Oil will rise back above $100 per barrel.
8) Large 'End the Fed' Protests.
9) Major Food Shortages

About numbers eight and nine and those 'End the Fed' Protests and Food Riots: Mike Rivero has a tee-shirt and a mousepad that says "Save the trees. We need them to hang the politicians."

Video:Arundhati Roy on the Human Costs of India's Economic Growth This interview reveals a lot about India's failures. Her Home Secretary was Enron's lawyer. They have armed militias that burned down 640 villages and burned crops. The Home Secretary wants to force 500,000,000 people from rural areas to the cities. This is a Bilderberg-IMF plan. He is a Harvard graduate. India also has 700,000 troops in Kashmir. Please do not tell our DHS India's court strategy. They successfully sentenced a man to death without any evidence because the national spirit demanded a conviction. She said poverty has collapsed into the war on terror.

Video: British Reporter Visits Obama's Troops in Afghanistan This is a long video but it reveals what kind of men volunteer for their fifth combat tour. A private making $17,000 a year risking his life in 130 degree Afghan heat said he joined because there were no jobs where he lived. A young marine from Ecuador was on his fifth combat tour. The men appeared to like thir work.

We are paying about $400 a gallon for the gasoline to run this war. Our troops only have gas because Russia allows us them to have it. This can only mean that they know this foolish war will destroy America. The question is: Is the Bilderberger crowd inside the Obama admin also trying to destroy America?

CDC Advisers on Vaccines Often Have Conflicts, Report Says

Cuba's foreign minister says Obama lied in Copenhagen "at this summit, there was only imperial, arrogant Obama, who does not listen, who imposes his positions and even threatens developing countries."

What is the Aim of the Gaza Freedom March? - Interview We are calling on 1.5 million conscientious people of the world to simultaneously rally with the 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza in front of Israeli embassies in their country.

Major Nationalist Union: Austria’s Largest Political Party

Video: Bisphenol A, Food Containers, Effects on Humans, Gov't Regs EPA was told 15 years ago to investigate plastics in our food but has done nothing yet.

Ten reasons to leave the EU 2. In 2010 our gross contribution to the EU budget will be £14 billion. To put this figure in context, all the reductions announced by George Osborne at the Conservative Party Conference would, collectively, save £7 billion a year across the whole of government spending.

International government is expensive.

The police: Blackmailers R Us According to a trusted sister, both the New York and Los Angeles police departments maintain lists of (usually victimless) crimes committed by political figures, and have policies not to automatically charge these people, but to hold it over their heads as a way of ensuring the pols vote for more funding.

There is a long history of politicians and child prostitutes in Europe and America. If this is not in mainstream media, it means that the politicians, the media and the people who own both do not want you see it anywhere but on the Internet.

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