Monday, December 28, 2009

Tuesday 12-29 Life of a Palestinian Child

Israel remains “immune” to war crimes tribunal

A Film review: A Serious Man, the Poetic Side of Self-Hatred by Gilad Atzmon
A Serious Man is a cinematic allegory of Jewish cultural detachment from nature. It is a masterpiece that elaborates on the abnormalities of the Jewish tribal existence. To watch the Trailer Click Here Maybe there are legitimate reasons for Jewish self-hatred.

Cop Went Wild With Taser, Diabetic Says A suburban Chicago police officer Tasered a man 11 times while he was having a diabetic seizure.

U.S. Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged U.S. intelligence has concluded that the document published recently by the Times of London, which purportedly describes an Iranian plan to do experiments on what the newspaper described as a "neutron initiator" for an atomic weapon, is a fabrication, according to a former Central Intelligence Agency official.

al-Qaeda is Recruiting Gay Muslim Men for Terror Attacks Well, if they didn't believe that story about the Iranian nuclear triggers, maybe they will believe gay Muslim men want to become suicide bombers.

Two al Qaeda Leaders Behind Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot Were Released by U.S. From Guantanamo That Christmas day alleged bomber went through Amsterdam airport security which is controlled by an Israeli company run by Mossad and the IDF. He was put on board with the assistance of a well dressed man even though he had been placed on our No Fly List and had no passport. What good is all this security if Israelis allow men on board planes without passports?

The government will have to prove this man is a real terrorist and not a patsy. Notice how they are grasping at straws trying to justify keeping those prisoners in Guantanamo. Is that because they do not want the world to see the scars of the victims of American torture?

Please Do Not Cry For Blythe Masters Blythe Masters, JP Morgan Chase's head of global commodities, has lowered the price of her 6,800-square-foot townhouse at 150 Reade Street, which she listed for $14 million just last month. It's now on the market for $11.9 million. Blythe Masters is the billionaire who invented Credit Default Swaps.

According to this same article, for 60 million dollars you can buy a five bedroom apartment at 834 Fifth Avenue and ride in the same elevator as Rupert Murdoch. I would advise against it as when the poor folk come armed with pitchforks, shotguns and rope you don't want to be standing close to the Prince of Darkness.

I just thought of an idea to make money. Create a 52 card pack of cards identifying the men and women behind the current economic collapse. Blythe Masters could be the Queen of Clubs. The Ace of Clubs would have to be Alan Greenspan. Robert Rubin should be the Ace of Spades.

'Hamas building its own phone network' These guys could be instant billionaires in America if they built a network that did not allow either Israeli or American authorities to tap our phones and read our emails without a court order.

“Islamic Jihad” arrested cell links to Israeli intelligence A terrorist cell busted in Yemen last month after a suicide attack on the US embassy there had links with an Israeli intelligence agency, the state-run Saba news agency reported. The report, quoting an unnamed source, said investigations and data retrieved from a computer seized from the cell, showed there was correspondence between the Islamic Jihad group’s deputy leader Bassam Abdullah Fadhel Al-Haidari and an Israeli intelligence agency. Saba quoted the source as saying that the correspondence between the two sides included a request from the Israeli side to implement terrorist attacks inside Yemen.

Who Is Buying All These US Treasuries (And Can They Keep It Up in 2010)?
Foreign entities were net sellers again of $110.3 billion of Agency debt and $73.1 of US corporate debt. So who is buying our debt? Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve.

26 Mile Long Glut Of Idle Oil Tankers A 26-mile-long line of idled oil tankers, enough to blockade the English Channel, may signal a 25 percent slump in freight rates next year.

If you leased a couple dozen oil tankers and bought all that oil, wouldn't you be on the phone to Netanyahu and Obama demanding WAR NOW?

US High School Science Labs now “Racist”? The proposal would trade labs seen as benefiting white students for resources to help struggling students.

Berkeley High School is considering a controversial proposal to eliminate science labs and the five science teachers who teach them to free up more resources to help struggling students.

Gaza aid convoy led by George Galloway declares hunger strike

Top 1 Percent Control 42 Percent of Financial Wealth in the U.S. - How Average Americans are Lured into Debt Servitude by Promises of Mega Wealth. A recent study shows that over 70 percent of Americans derive their monthly income from an actual W-2 job. And 27 million Americans are unemployed and underemployed. We have 37 million Americans on food stamps and many wait until midnight of the last day of the month so checks can clear to buy food at Wal-Mart. 93 percent of all financial wealth is controlled by the top 10 percent of the country.

Top Ten Most Glaringly Blatant Instances of Zionist Control in Canada for 2009 9. Canada excuses Israeli War Crimes 7. Canada Boycotts Anti-Racism Conference, then Boycotts UN Speech 2. Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism Stealth plan to criminalize criticism of Israel 1. Canadian government says Christian churches anti-Semitic Anglican, Catholic, and United Churches are part of KAIROS, an aid group that was shocked to hear Immigration Minister Jason Kenney say its funding was lifted as part of the effort to cut off anti-Semitic organizations.

Abortions, Cancer, Diseases and ... in Gaza The position paper presents the impact of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) use to of internationally prohibited weapons against the civilians of Gaza. As a result, the number of children born with birth defects, abortion, and cancer diseases has increased dramatically since the Israeli operation “Cast Lead” on the Gaza Strip. The disastrous consequences of the three-week conflict continue to affect the lives of the people of Gaza. The illegal use of the chemical weapons in the densely-populated areas would cause a long-lasting tragedy and plague the future generation.

Portuguese activists fight state water company deal with Israel’s Mekorot

How Overhauling Derivatives Died Lobbying by Wall Street has blunted efforts to step up regulation on derivatives trading by carving out exceptions or leaving the status quo in place.

A Three-Month Flat Market? Yes...If You Exclude The Constant After Hours Manipulation

Mexico weighs options as lawlessness continues to grip Ciudad Juarez after military occupation In a macabre daily ritual, assassins now appear to time their killings so that they get play on the afternoon and evening television news shows.

What they don't say is that the Mexican army takes bribes and allows Sinaloa hit squads through road blocks so they can assassinate men from other drug cartels.

Dark days at the center of Europe The Eurocrats demanded Lithuania shut their only nuclear power plant and raise electric rates 30% even though their GDP contracted 18% in 2009. Lithuania almost made the top ten list of nations likely to default on their national debt.

Taking Down The FED With RICO I wrote this one year ago. It has cycled around the Internet and was posted here in its entirety. No attribution to me but that does not matter. Our words go far on the Internet.

Music Video: Chris Botti - Time to Say Goodbye A Musical tribute to those friends and to those unknown who passed on in 2009. Would like to especially remember those who died in America's wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen or under the brutal American sponsored Israeli occupation of Palestine.

My prayer for 2010 is that no more people die from the diseases known as the American Empire and its co-conspirator Zionism.

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