Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend Edition Losing 5.9 Billion Dollars A Day For 1,000 Days

U.S. Homeowners Lost $5.9 Trillion Since 2006 Peak That loss works out to 5.9 billion dollars every business day over the last 1,000 days. I lived in Modesto when I was in second grade. California was flooded with legal and illegal aliens. They were brought here to drive up the price of real estate. But all those immigrants also needed gasoline and drove up the price of imported oil making a two and a half hour daily round trip commute from Modesto to work in San Jose or San Francisco prohibitively expensive which made all those homes unaffordable.

The last four administrations have been shipping American jobs overseas. Eleven billion dollars of Auto Bailout money was used to ship our jobs from General Motors overseas to Brazil, Europe and China to produce hybrid and electric cars no one in this country will ever be able to afford.

There will be no recovery until we get rid of Wall Street's control of America. We do not have idle auto plants and idle electronic plants. Those plants have been shipped overseas. The dollar been losing a little over of 6% a year in purchasing power since 2000. The federal government is borrowing $52.77 of every $100.00 it spends. This will not last. When it ends, we will have to cut our consumption of oil in half. We will probably raise prices rather than cut wages to solve our unemployment problem which will hit 25% as soon as we lay off the federal, state and local workers we can no longer afford to pay.

All of this was deliberately done to America by Goldman Sachs, the Bilderberg Society, the Council on Foreign Relations and the London and New York banks.

It is not too late to say no to the Lords of Wall Street.

Cleaners 'worth more to society' than bankers - study The research, carried out by think tank the New Economics Foundation, says hospital cleaners create £10 of value for every £1 they are paid.

It claims bankers are a drain on the country because of the damage they caused to the global economy.

Police Officer Responds To "Six-Figure Federal Salary Gravy Train" Post I am 29 years old and I make about $130k a year with overtime. Most of the officers make this and some even make $185k a year. A few supervisors in Internal Affairs have made of $200k along with detective sergeants

Gilad Atzmon: Debunking anti-Semitism studies and Yehuda Bauer in particular Gilad Atzmon questions the foundations of Israeli Holocaustist Professor Yehuda Bauer’s pseudo-theories on the causes of anti-Semitism and his belief that Jews must always seek influence and domination. According to new research conducted by Bielefeld University, “about 37.4 per cent (Europeans) agree with the following statement: Considering Israel’s policy, I can understand why people do not like Jews.”

Non-Binding "Sham Agreement" Reached At Copenhagen. “Rich Countries ... Sought to Bribe and Bully Developing Nations" And then there was this confrontation: Obama Press Secretary Gibbs threatens to leave climate meeting after Chinese block US press

US Attacking Yemen After All Just one day after a very public denial that American forces were in the process of attacking sites in Northern Yemen, President Barack Obama ordered multiple cruise missile attacks on sites across the tiny, coastal nation.

Farrakhan: Jews and the slave trade

Gold, the Comex and Exchange For Physical you can no longer get bullion via using comex contracts

Sheila Murphy Cockrel Detroit's Last White City Council Member she is leaving the council partly because she is tired of the scandals

Video: Christmas in Afghanistan

Video: Depression Stories

Policy laundering From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The term policy laundering is used to describe means to disguise the origin of political decisions, laws or international treaties. The term is based on the similar money laundering.

Piers Corbyn is an astrophysicist who studied the sun and has applied his knowledge to long range weather forecasting. This is his website. He says we could be in for a one hundred year period of Global Cooling.

Global Cooling reduces crop production. Genetically modified crops also reduce food production. Bio-fuels reduce food production and raises the price of food beyond the means of the poor to pay which means the poor will die in large numbers.

This is not the time to pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. We might not be able to supply all those people with food at an affordable price especially after the dollar crashes and we pay from seven to eight dollars for a gallon of gas.

The price of peace: Interview with detained activist Twenty-three-year-old Sami from al-Essawaya village near Nablus has always believed in peaceful coexistence with Israelis. However, he and his family have paid a dear price for his convictions ... Like many of the 11,000 Palestinians kept in Israeli jails, Sami was not formally charged but went through debilitating sessions of interrogation and torture. “The soldier said ‘if you don’t want to work with us we will beat your family and your father will not be allowed to work in Israel

Video: Flu shot victim Desiree Jennings: Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey offer support I remember reading that someone had claimed a novel treatment had cured her. I guess that didn't work. Note that the newscaster said experts say that the vaccine is safe. I heard a doctor say that she could not have gotten those symptoms from mercury and that her illness was caused by squalene.

Local girl banned from singing 'Christmas'
his daughter's charter school has banned her from using the word "Christmas" in the school talent show. A small town Charter school near Boise Idaho? The Zionists are really using the federal government to control the goyim.

Pennsylvania's "Nightmare Solution" for Gov't Layoffs Guaranteed To Backfire Governor Rendell thinks casinos are the solution. Governor Ed Rendell has his head buried deep in the sand, or do I mean deep in the pockets of the of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the largest of the state employees' unions. Even IF casino gambling raised money (which it won't), it would not solve problems with union salaries and union pensions

China Faces Crash Scenario Problems in China continue to mount. Money supply is growing rampantly out of control, property prices are in a bubble, exports are weak, commodity speculation is pervasive, and GDP growth is more of a mirage than real.

Money Supply Growing Record 29.74%

The European AIG: How Moody's Downgrade Of Greece Can Start The Avalanche A poor bond rating could break up the euro.

Pakistan's interior minister Rehman Malik faces arrest as crisis deepens The move followed a supreme court ruling earlier this week which overturned an amnesty introduced by former president General Musharraf to bring back the late former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and her senior aides from exile in 2007.

Under the deal, more than 8,000 cases, including corruption, were dropped and beneficiaries included President Asif Zardari and Mr Malik.

Who's in charge in nuclear-armed U.S. ally Pakistan? Makes you wonder what will happen if hundreds of Pakistani politicians are either jailed or flee the country to avoid arrest. I mean who will be in charge to respond to a joint US Israel attack on Iran?

Being Human An essay for the modern world

WSJ: What a sovereign-debt crisis could mean for you

GOP threatens read-a-thon to slow health care bill For the past few days Democrats have been angrier than Republicans at this bill that Harry Reid locked up so nobody could read the final version.

Final Copenhagen Text Includes Global Transaction Tax

Fake sugar may alter how the body handles real sugar

Homeowners often rejected under Obama's loan plan Obama mortgage plan simply gets participants to waive their rights

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