Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wednesday 12-02 Pres Drives Country Off Cliff

I went to an anti-war rally before the Iraq invasion. A young well-dressed man had a home-made sign which read "Drunk Frat Boy Drives Country Into A Ditch." To be fair to Bush and to Obama we have to acknowledge that the Federal Reserve is responsible for our present economic distress. They systematically created fictional debts which cannot be repaid and are presently drowning us in a sea of debts.

Both Bush and Obama used 911 as an excuse to wage war against Afghanistan. Yet we know that tens of tons of nanothermite were used to bring down the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7. Thermite was invented in 1893. It is a cutting agent often used by welders. It contains metal oxides and other minerals, such as, aluminum, magnesium and boron. Nanothermite was developed for military applications by the US. Israel also has a top secret thermitic research center near their nuclear works at Dimona. The point is that nanothermite cuts through molten steel at temperatures up to 5,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Nanothermite can be sprayed over steel columns and burn through them in seconds when ignited.

40,000 tons of steel was melted at the WTC on 9-11. 424,000 cubic yards of concrete were pulverized into powder. An as yet unknown restricted access super secret military explosives must have been used to pulverize all the concrete. The Zionist and Military Industry Complex controlled press would have us believe that 40,000 tons of steel were melted and 424,000 cubic yards of concrete were pulverized by 10,000 gallons of jet fuel most of which was consumed in an explosion.

Osama bin Laden could not have bought nanothermite from above top secret military research facilities in Israel and America. Nor could he get access to classified military explosives capable of pulverizing all that concrete.

Yesterday my lead story was the fact that 2009's budget deficit was 1.885 trillion dollars and that we borrowed 56 cents of every dollar we spent in October. America is being driven off a cliff by Zionism.

Boy, Were You Ever Wrong (About Zionism) Now there is only one thing for you to do, and I hope I have given you a small push in that direction. Do your homework. Do some research. Learn what motivates the Jew and his rancid activities. Does your mind still intrinsically call me an “anti-Semite” even now? It’s okay. I once was as you are. I know what you’re going through. Trust me, I do. Open your mind, think outside the box and dare to believe the unbelievable truth. It is the truth, and when you finally connect the dots you will never be fooled again.

Massive International March To Enter Gaza By End Of December would start on December 27 and end on 3 January 2010 with the participation of 2,600 world figures in a massive march called the “Big Freedom”. This will be the most important march for freedom in this century.

At midnight last night, the United Kingdom ceased to be a sovereign state

Where's The Breaking Point? I'm asking how much abuse you have to have personally served upon you by the banksters and other scam artists in this country before you have had enough, and start doing unto the other guy - because he has done you.

The 'good war', Obama? US bombs another wedding party, kills another 60 civilians in Afghanistan Nuremberg trials were implicit in finding German Generals guilty of...waging aggressive war...and crimes against humanity...when they ordained that the defense of doing what they were ordered, was not a legal defense.

Top 100 Global Thinkers According to the Council on Foreign Relations Ben Bernanke was chosen number one for staving off a Great Depression. Obama was selected the world's second greatest thinker for reimagining America's role in the world. Others on the list are Dick Cheney and NY Time columnist Thomas Friedman. Others listed are Robert Zoellick, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Two Despicable Bankers), John Holdren and Steven Chu (Two certifiably crazy Greenies inside the White House.) George Soros. And Christopher Hitchens, the Jewish Leftist who supported Bush's Iraq invasion for Israel. It is worth your time to look over the this list. There are some informative entries.

116 U.S. Troops Died in Afghanistan While Obama Pondered Reinforcements Obama should have made his decision before he took office.

Ventura says MSNBC nixed his show for not supporting Iraq War

Saudi Columnist: Obama Will Be President of the 'United Collapse of America' Hamad Al-Majed is the founder of the Saudi National Human Rights Association and a lecturer in education

States Would Be Slammed Hard by Obamacare The "healthcare reform" bills in Congress would hit 39 states hard with new expenses by raising Medicaid eligibility above the current income cutoffs. Hardest hit would be Texas ($2,750 million a year in extra state spending under the Senate bill), Pennsylvania ($1,450 million), California ($1,428 million) and Florida ($909 million).

Special Report: Record numbers of Ontarians are being sent to the U.S. by their government for routine health care that should be available at home up 450 per cent since the beginning of this decade. Brokers say that for every patient sent south by the Ontario government, there may be up to 10 others who go - and pay - on their own.

Benign neglect may turn the dollar from a safe haven to a dangerous place to be As I explained before, the Carry Trade is a process where bankers borrow billions at near zero interest to invest overseas in commodities and currencies hoping that a drop in the value of the dollar will make them rich. This is bad news for the dollar.

Supreme Court rules to keep detainee abuse photos secret

Angela Merkel alarmed by worsening credit crisis The German government is rushing through a fresh package of measures to shore up ailing banks and prevent a second wave of the debt crisis suffocating large parts of manufacturing industry. The Germans are exposed to bad loans in eastern Europe. Otherwise the Germans are in better shape than we are.

Boost US debt ceiling to cover 2010, Hoyer says

Jewish Progressive Endorsement of Murder. Gutsy progressive congressman Alan Grayson leads a double life

Goldman Tells Employees Not To Have Christmas Parties In Their Homes Thia is from a conservative columnist at the Telegraph: Who would want to be a Vampire Squid at Christmas?

Gold, the Comex and Exchange For Physical (Does Comex have enough gold?)

Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery

Feds ‘Pinged’ Sprint GPS Data 8 Million Times Over a Year

Gold and Silver Soar as Bank of Japan Commits 10 Trillion Yen ($115 Billion) to Combat Deflation BOJ Spawns Speculation and Carry Trades. Japan' public debt is 170 percent of GDP, the highest in the G20.

Showdown over Joblessness for Blacks Obama has said he will hold a seminar about unemployment sometime soon. Seminars produce lots of jobs.

Australia's Parliament defeats global warming bill The leaders of both parties had agreed on a bill that would have increased utility bills 60% but the Climategate emails undid the whole thing.

DER SPIEGEL: 'Never before has a speech by President Barack Obama felt as false'...

Gold price hits record high above $1,217 an ounce

Guardian Editorial: Imposing idiot sanctions on Iran is a direct route to war Britain has no interest in bullying Iran over nuclear proliferation. The very trap that led to Iraq and Afghanistan looms again

Psychic computer shows your thoughts on screen

Vitamin D3 prevents diabetes, improves insulin sensitivity, say multiple studies Also good for preventing flu and some cancers.

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