Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Edition: Your Tax Dollars At Work Killing Babies

Video Depleted Uranium Deforms Babies In Fallujah Iraq If you find this opening video too depressing, scroll down to watch the final video in today's edition.

Huge rise in birth defects in Falluja Doctors in Iraq's war-ravaged enclave of Falluja are dealing with up to 15 times as many chronic deformities in infants and a spike in early life cancers that may be linked to toxic materials left over from the fighting.

Obama Promise To End The War, 2007 - "You Can Take That To The Bank"

Audio: Daniel Estulin reports on the results of the G-20 Summit The G-20 met behind closed doors. Estulin penetrated three layers of security. He has detailed minutes of the meeting here. Nov 2009 G20 Meeting notes Most of the meeting members were Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and the CFR. The Russians and the Chinese said no to Obama admin plan to devalue the dollar. The delegates laughed when a Canadian complained about the privatization of profits and the socialization of losses. The delegates rejected a tax on banks to fund Bailouts. Estulin said an immediate collapse of the dollar would bring down the whole world into a Depression and a Dark Age.

Estulin said the Bilderbergers have been planning to end American sovereignty since their first meeting in 1954. He also says they have designs on Africa. They want an African Union to be patterned after the European Union. Estulin lists the key Globalist meetings for 2010. He also said no one person or group is in charge of the G-20. George Soros' Human Rights Watch was invited to attend the Summit. Estulin says NGOs and the IMF will be used to plunder Africa. Estulin says the Globalists will be depopulating Africa through genocidal policies.

Goldman Kitten Payments Go A Stray Apparently, in August, five abandoned kittens were found close to the firm's new HQ building, which is under construction in Battery Park City. Goldman is said to have told the couple who found them that it would sort out the payment of any vets fees (you know, for worm and flea tablets and two sets of injections, etc), which would clearly help in the quest to rehouse the felines. But fast forward to earlier this week, and the vet bills remained unpaid. Was Goldman doing the Devil's work ?

Video: Between the Lies - full length 911 film. Has news footage from 2001.

Audio Max Keiser "Either Decapitalize Your Enemy Or He WIll Decapitate You. Buy Gold." People with money hidden in Swiss banks are converting to gold to hide from American and European tax officials. Max and Stacy discuss Barrick's statement about peak gold. Oil is at $100 in the futures market. Russia, China, Korea, Japan and Latin America have been creating economic growth without America. Not a good sign for the dollar. Max repeats his advice that anti-war and social activists should buy gold and accelerate the drive to $1,500 an ounce so the bankers and the warmongers will be out of business. "Either Decapitalize Your Enemy Or He WIll Decapitate You. Buy Gold."

New Derivatives Legislation "Was Probably Written by JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs" the new derivatives legislation is so bad that it probably increases - rather than decreases - the risk to the financial system ... Michael Greenberger, a University of Maryland law professor and veteran federal regulator, studied the House committee's 187-page bill and detected the fine needlework of Wall Street lawyers. "It had to be written by someone inside the banks," Greenberger said, "because buried every few pages is a tricky and devilish 'exception.' ... The Blue Dogs claimed they were speaking for business, not bankers, but this too involved a little sleight of hand by industry lobbyists ... Money also explains why the committee is top-heavy with Blue Dogs. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put them there, along with other freshmen and sophomores, knowing it can help them win re-election. She was encouraged by Representative Rahm Emanuel...

Dollar Overwhelms Central Banks From Brazil to Korea Brazil, South Korea and Russia are losing the battle among developing nations to reduce gains in their currencies and keep exports competitive as the demand for their financial assets, driven by the slumping dollar, is proving more than central banks can handle ... Governments are amassing record foreign-exchange reserves as they direct central banks to buy dollars in an attempt to stem the greenback’s slide ... Brazil’s currency needs to weaken as much as 19 percent for sustainable economic growth

Obama Will Push 'To Give Legal Status To An Estimated 22 Million Illegal Immigrants' Early Next Year : Under the administration’s plan, illegal immigrants would have to register, pay fines and all taxes they owe, pass a criminal background check and learn English. At 17.5%+ unemployment, this is a non-starter.

South Korean Economy Grew at an 11% Annual Rate in Q2

Globe reporting Obama has Lung Cancer. : Chain-smoking President Barack Obama has lung cancer, White House sources fear as the Commander-in-Chief suffers chest pains, dizzy spells and has lost 25 pounds! This is a tabloid publication. But it was a tabloid that broke the story about Monica's blue dress.

We Don't Need Any Steenking Consumers You need no further proof that the stock market has exactly nothing to do with the consumer or the broader economy - that it has become nothing more or less than a raw casino that responds to one and only one thing - the Federal Reserve and Federal Government's encouragement of intentional dollar debasement - than this chart, especially today.

Less than 10 minutes after disastrous consumer confidence numbers were released the dollar basically imploded (as you'd expect - the dollar is fundamentally underpinned by the government's ability to tax, and without confidence and jobs that ability to tax disappears) and as it did the S&P 500 marched steadily higher by 1%, propelled by the simultaneous implosion of the currency.

CNN: Obama to sack advisor who recommended closing Guantanamo

Army says morale down among troops in Afghanistan Both surveys showed that soldiers on their third or fourth tours of duty had lower morale and more mental health problems than those with fewer deployments and an ever-increasing number of troops are having problems with their marriages

The Antarctic Ice Sheet is Growing Thicker

New geologic evidence of past periods of oscillating, abrupt warming, and cooling

Last month the coldest October for 64 years

Video: Israelis Denying Water to Palestinian Farmers

Politico: After spending binge, White House says it will focus on deficits “We've got to show people that we are responsible stewards for their taxpayer dollars and that we're taking some serious steps to at least lay the foundation -- the pathway -- for bringing those deficits down over the next several years.”

Obama Wants Spending Cuts, He Should Start With Military

Mexico Becomes World's Cheapest Country for Manufacturing U.S. Goods

Debating the Holocaust: A New Look At Both Sides (Perfect Paperback) ~ Thomas Dalton I personally have not seen this book.

Trucker protest causes traffic in downtown L.A. To sell more trucks they passed a law saying we have to buy new trucks and printed dollars so we can afford to make the payments. I think California has been copying Obamacare

From whence the troops? [ Obama voters may want to consider what the logical answer is...hmmm...] Obama should have made his decision about Afghanistan long before election day. Obama's Afghanistan dilemma fuels comparisons with Johnson and Vietnam in '64 [ and on Stage Right, cue "conscription" or in Obumski Speak "National Volunteer Service" ?]

Rahm Emmanuel told to back off by Committee on Oversight & Govt. Reform

Video: George Carlin and Bill Hicks tell it like it is

Mexican Leaders Call For UN ‘Peacekeepers’

Weak dollar no quick fix for narrowing trade gap the monthly trade deficit jumped 18.2 percent to $36.5 billion. Weak dollars just increase the cost of doing business. Here is a thought. We could drill for oil so we did not have to import so much. We could kick out 20,000,000 illegal aliens so they do not contribute to our trade deficit by demanding imported oil. And any food they do not eat could be exported. Besides that freeing up those jobs could put Americans back to work and save state governments a lot of money.

Gallup poll more voters would pick a Republican candidate in the 2010 elections than would pick a Democrat. Republicans up ten points since July. NOW IS THE TIME TO DUMP BOTH PARTIES. VOTERS IN EVERY CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT SHOULD HOLD MEETINGS TO SELECT ANTI-GOLDMAN SACHS CANDIDATES TO RUN IN BOTH THE DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES.

Super-rich buy gold and sell hedge funds to protect against further currency devaluation

The big banks have 200 trillion dollars in interest rate derivatives so a rise in rates would bankrupt the government in Bailouts.

Bilderberg busted in EU parliament Italian MEP objects to people at secret meetings setting public policy.

St. John Chrysostom–My Favorite “Anti-Semite”

Gates signs order barring release of torture photos

FAA and NORAD Changed Records to Accord with Cheney Lies

Mish Shedlock - Bair: "Bank Bailout NOT a good thing"; Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp (PBGC) Bailout Coming (After the banks and the FHA we do the pensions.)

Federal Government Budget Deficit in October is Three Times the Annual Budget Deficits of the Banana Republic of California. Maybe Arnold can issue California IOUs to buy Obama war bonds to occupy Afghanistan and fire drones at wedding parties in Pakistan.

Reviving Local Economies: Set Up Your Own Silver Exchange After I spoke in Columbia, South Carolina last month, one group working to revive their local economy asked me to put my explanation where my mouth was. They want to start using 90% silver coin as local money, but how do they start? I was forced to explain how we can reverse Gresham’s law.

Video Michael Jackson the Jews suck, they're like leeches. The Jews Do It On Purpose

Video Bill Hicks: What is the point to Life I deliberately balanced the opening video with this closing one to show that we always have a choice between fear and love.

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