Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monday 11-30 Obama Lied: Deficit Was 1.885 Trillion Dollars Not 1.417

Audio: Martin Gross Author Of National Suicide: The deficit was not 1.417 trillion but 1.885 trillion dollars. Gross calculated the real deficit by subtracting from today's debt the debt of 12 months ago. As for Obamacare, he says 450 billion dollars in costs have to be absorbed by the states that are already bankrupt. He says we spend 700 billion dollars on welfare which is $65,000 per poor family. He says much more about the need to consolidate thousands of programs and cut costs. You might remember this story I posted on Friday the 13th: October Monthly Government Deficit At $176.4 Billion, Receipts Of $135 Billion At Seven Year Low Borrowing 56 cents of every dollar you spend will not last long. Neither will this government.

And I should remind you of this: Bankers Steal Billions Of Dollars Each Week Because You Are Not Allowed To Audit Federal Spending

Susan Boyle tops charts with fastest selling debut album of all time. She has nearly 71,000,000 for this one version of her debut on
Britains Got Talent. Video: Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009

Video: Climategate - CRU Source Code Confirms AGW Fraud From Hacked Documents

Video: Holodomor. Ukraine, XX century (Ukrainian Holocaust By Starvation)

Climategate: Phil Jones has collected a staggering $22.6 See also Alumni Letters Coming to Penn State Calling for Ouster of Michael Mann

Recession is Over, Welcome Back to the Depression As our friend Nassim Taleb says, a turkey's life is very agreeable...until the very last day. Until then, his whole life is a bull market. Everything looks good. Good food. A roof over his head. Plenty of company. Even free health care.

Tajik Grip on Afghan Army Signals New Ethnic War

U.S. Food Stamp Program Expanding By 20,000 People Per Day growth has been swift in once-prosperous communities effected by the housing bust.

Spiraling to Bankruptcy If the Government confiscated everything, the social programs would still be $50 trillion short and the Government would still be bankrupt. Furthermore, no company or individual would be left with anything


Amy Goodman, a critic of Afghan war detained at Canada border I guarantee you that tens of millions of Obama voters had Hope for at least some Change after the election.

Hiring Is Rising in One Area: Low-Paid Interns

Kazakh Bank Lost Billions in Western Investments Dubai yesterday. Kazakhstan today. The Ukraine, Iceland, Latvia and Greece to follow. Then England and Japan. Then the U.S. The only question is not if but when. Several states and cities in the US should go belly up sooner rather than later.

Recycling centers close, eliminating 'green' jobs in the wake of Sacramento's raid on bottle deposit funds. Operators are suing the state over its raid on deposit funds, and regional conservation groups have eliminated jobs for at-risk youths. Reporting from Sacramento - Recycling centers across California are closing, and scores of troubled youths are being tossed from "green" jobs onto unemployment rolls in the wake of Sacramento's raid on bottle deposit funds.

'Climate change' data dumped...

Leaked emails won't harm UN climate body, says chairman Rajendra Pachauri says there is 'virtually no possibility' of a few scientists biasing IPCC's advice.

They Aren't Really This Stupid, Are They? There were 50 of the most senior and smartest real estate people in the room. They ripped the Treasury spokesperson to pieces. It looked like one of the town hall meetings of August ... They said for jobs to be created you need to lower rents so the cost of occupancy was at a level to encourage more hiring. If the loan is kept at old levels and building values not reduced, then landlords can't reduce rents to where they need to be to make taking space by tenants economically viable.

Map Food Stamp Usage Across the Country The number of food stamp recipients has climbed by about 10 million over the past two years. There are 239 counties in the United States where at least a quarter of the population receives food stamps, according to an analysis of local data collected by The New York Times.

The Concentration Camp That Is Gaza
An internment camp is a confined establishment meant on housing individuals for punishment, and as made clear in the above definition the centre is typically crowded, exploited and the civilians are under complete restraint. The Gaza strip is a concentration camp.

Video: West Bank Criminals Rip Construction Freeze Orders

Gold price closes in on $1,200 The gold spot price surged to $1,195 this morning as the dollar saw its biggest fall in 15 months

Audio Max Keiser: Dubai suspending payment on 80 billion dollars in debt. About 50 billion dollars is owed to British banks. Max says we have ended Phase II of the Global Crisis. He says we have unwound about 20 trillion dollars in bad debt. We have another 20 trillion dollars to go. Yesterday in On The Edge Max said Phase II is also the beginning of a Currency War. He mentions other Sovereign funds in Italy, Greece, Iceland, Ireland and others as being ready to collapse. Phase II will see real estate prices decline further which will put pressure on bonds and the banks. Max noted that the dollar as a Safe Haven only lasted for 3 hours during the initial scare from the Dubai crisis on Friday

Video: The Collapse of America by excessive debt and hyperinflation

What Happens When a PI Dumpster Dives Behind a San Diego ACORN Office? [Funny, Giles at his best]

The Five Obama Fails

Multiple Videos: Doing Electronics on a Budget

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