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Monday 11-02 America's Social Contract Is Null And Void

The Government Has Broken the Social Contract with the American People
What is clear is that in the United States, where the sovereign is the elected government, an elite segment of society, namely bankers and other extremely wealthy individuals ... are grabbing as much of the pie as they can. All this while the sovereign has at best lost the ability to resist this crime, or at worst, is actively complicit. But the vast majority of citizens are sitting by ...

There are two ways out of this mess. Either the sovereign must start playing his role and start enforcing the law and justice for all, or alternatively the citizens must stop submitting to this sovereign, overthrow this system government, and start all over again

Video: Geithner's crimes through AIG : will the truth come out? Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are in part one of the is video. Tarpley's reference to Reagan is gratuitous because CDS were invented more recently. Brooksley Born at CFTC tried to regulate CDS but was stopped by 4 Jewish men in the last years of the Clinton admin: Rubin, Summers, Greenspan and Levitt. CDS are still unregulated and would remain so even under the latest bill by Barney Frank.

Kucinich: Health reform legislation ‘a bailout for insurance companies’ The House's most unabashed progressive condemned Democratic leadership for removing his amendment that would allow states to create their own single-payer systems.

Developed countries face threat of soaring prices and food shortages--Goldman Sachs analyst [promises] crisis as nations gather in London UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation says the number of starving people has risen from 830m to 1bn in two years

BREAKING: Unidentified flu outbreak in Western Ukraine : The number of dead has climbed dramatically. Doctors advise Western Ukrainians to stay at home and use preventive medication. The first pedestrians wearing face masks have been seen on Lviv This is not Swine flu. It is deadly and contagious. Doctors have died. It has been tentatively diagnosed by doctors as viral pneumonia.

Video BAYER AND BAXTER KNOWINGLY INFECTED HEMOPHILIAC PATIENTS WITH HIVAIDS TAINTED VACCINE!! French officials were sent to prison for killing people but no American executives were jailed. They are now allowed to make Swine flu vaccines for us.

CBO: Public option premiums higher than private plans If they allowed us to buy insurance across state lines, insurance would be even cheaper.

Citi-Citi-BANG-BANG!Of the company’s $1.2 trillion in credit commitments outstanding in the second quarter, $873 billion were credit card lines. And the charge-off rate on those things is over 10%!

Bob Chapman is alleged to have said on Friday that a business man had been told that all of the banks will be sending their toxic assets to Bank of America. BofA will be blown up and the American people will be asked to pony up another ten or twenty trillion dollars in Bailouts. Max Keiser says the bankers will ask for Bailouts as soon as the Goldman Sachs bonuses clear the banks in January. Max has also said that American politicians will be so unpopular that they will have to flee the country. The Chapman report at this point is unconfirmed. BofA has the greatest number of branches nationwide so it would be easier to get public support for them than for a smaller bank.

Plan C as in Commercial Real Estate - FDIC: 115 Bank Failures in 2009. Total Assets of FDIC Insured Banks $13.3 Trillion. $3 Trillion Backed by Shaky Commercial Real Estate.

Observations On The US Government's Escalating Near-Term Funding Mismatch The rush for near-term safety ended up creating a historic precedent of negative yields on near-term Bills: investors were willing to pay the government to hold their money for them. So where do we stand a year later? ... over 40% of the $7 trillion in marketable treasury securities, matures within one year, a dramatic increase ... Almost $3 trillion in US debt will have to be rolled by the end of 2010 ... Keep in mind, at September 30, the average interest rate on Bills was a historically low 0.347%, and Notes yielded a QE-facilitated 3.043% ... 2009 will be the first year in which the interest expense alone will be over half a trillion dollars ---- My Comment: Suppose we add 3 trillion dollars in Treasury bill rollovers to a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit. The result is 4.5 trillion. Suppose we factor in the recent development that China and Japan are no longer net buyers of T bills Now what do you predict will happen? As soon as Obama unveiled his budget, his Stimulus bill and his Spending bill, I wrote on my other blog that he will not br able to finance the sale of that many Treasury bills.


Video The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder - TrailerVincent Bugliosi famed Charles Manson prosecutor wants to prosecute George W Bush for war crimes. He makes some good points. wait until the dollar crashes and people figure out that 911 was an inside job.

Chicago Property Taxes Increase 9.6%; Obama's Property Tax Increases 1.0%

Barack Obama Continues Bush Administration Policy Regarding Posse Comitatus Posse Comitatus means power of the county. It used to be a law that US military were forbidden to act as a local sheriff and arrest American citizens.

FBI documents reveal secret CIA prisoners ‘manacled to the ceiling’

NJ Court Rules 2nd Amendment Does Not Apply in State I only passed through Jersey once. I don't know if this court ruling or the arrest of Corzine's aide on drug charges or the earlier arrest of Jersey politicians for helping the rabbis peddle human organs will change the outcome of this three way race for Governor.

DHS Extends Privacy Protection to Illegal Aliens

THE EDITOR'S COLUMN: It's been quite a year since Obama's election

"Get out of Iraq." — Not yet.

"Fight the real war in Afghanistan." — Needs more study.

"Close down Gitmo." — Not yet.

"Health care for all." — Not yet; but so far they're up to 1,900 pages of baffle-gab proposals

"Transparency in government." — Sorry, they're all locked in a closed-door meeting. Check back someday.

Move America into a post-racial era. — Easy. Now anyone who disagrees with Obama's ideas is a racist

All joking aside, Obama does have one huge achievement: He has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

400,000 Names on FBI Terror Watch List

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: It is Japan we should be worrying about, not America Credit default swaps (CDS) on five-year Japanese debt have risen from 35 to 63 basis points since early September. Japan has suddenly decoupled from Germany (21), France (22), the US (22), and even Britain (47). Regime-change in Tokyo and the arrival of Yukio Hatoyama's neophyte Democrats – raising $550bn (£333bn) to help fund their blitz on welfare and the "new social policy" – have concentrated the minds of investors at long last. "Markets are worried that Japan is going to hit a brick wall: the sums are gargantuan," said Albert Edwards, a Japan-veteran at Société Générale. The IMF expects Japan's gross public debt to reach 218pc of gross domestic product (GDP) this year,

Video: Goldman takes on new role: taking away people's homes The couple wound up in a desperate, six-year fight to keep their modest, 1,500-square-foot San Jose home, a struggle that pushed them into bankruptcy. The lender with whom they sparred, however, wasn't the one that had written their loans. It was an obscure subsidiary of Wall Street colossus Goldman Sachs Group Goldman subsidiary MTGLQ

Why haven't any Wall Street tycoons been sent to the slammer? The FBI has more than 580 large-scale corporate fraud investigations under way ... To date, the closest thing to a prosecution of a major actor in the financial meltdown is a civil fraud case that the Securities and Exchange Commission brought on June 4 against Angelo Mozilo, the perma-tanned CEO of mortgage-lending giant Countrywide.

"BIG BRO" [NSA] Building 1.5 BILLION DOLLAR SPY DATA BASE The data center will be built at Camp Williams, a National Guard training center 26 miles south of Salt Lake City which was chosen for its access to cheap power, communications infrastructure, and availability of space, Gaffney said. The complex will comprise up to 1.5 million square feet of building space on 120 to 200 acres ... the 30-megawatt data center will be cooled by chilled water and capable of Tier 3, or near carrier-grade, reliability ... As part of its mission, NSA monitors communications "signals" for intelligence related to national security and defense ... On Nov. 30, the Department of Homeland Security will formally open a new cybersecurity operations center, the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, in Arlington, Va. The facility will house the National Cyber Security Center, which coordinates cybersecurity operations across government, the National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications, which operates the government's telecommunications network, and the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Pandit ‘Near Death’ Cash Hoard Signals Lower U.S. Bank Profits (Bloomberg) -- Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are hoarding cash as if another crisis were on the way

Video Clearwater's Skyrocketing Retail Vacancies This videographer thinks the collapsing retail mall businesses will be great for small businesses because it will open space for flea markets. I'm thinking that they will be taken over by illegal aliens.

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