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Tuesday 11-10 - I Spit Therefore I am

From Gilad Atzmon I Spit Therefore I am One must bear in mind that contempt towards others beliefs and spiritual symbols, is well imbued in the Jewish value system. This applies to the religious secular, left, right and centre. It is an established fact that Orthodox Jews are taught to spit whenever they come across a Crucifix or pass by a Church ... convoys of young American Jewish students make their way to the beautiful Czech capitol every summer. They apparently use the opportunity to spit on the many Churches and golden crucifixes around ... Crucifixes on Prague’s famous Charles Bridge were initially decorated with the Hebrew words Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tzvaot, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts” back in the 17th century just to stop Jews spiting on ... Jewish emancipation has led Jews towards a new form of Atheist zeal that has matured into zero tolerance towards religion ... But it goes further; the Zionists spit on human rights and universal values in the name of Jewish national revival. The Israelis spit white phosphorous on civilians in the name of the war against terror. The Marxist mocks God and religion in the name of ‘working class politics’. In fact to be a Jew is to spit on something ... it is an insult to anyone who believes that life is more than just physical matter

Gilad Atzmon will be on the Internet Radio show Fair and Balanced at 9 am Pacific and 12 noon Tuesday. Click here. They have free archives but often have technical difficulties with archived interviews.

Audio: Israel as a Sabbatean State Shabtai Tzvi claimed to be the Jewish Messiah. The majority of Jews worldwide accepted him as Messiah. He was confronted by the Sultan of Turkey and converted to Islam. Many of his followers followed him into Islam and formed a sect called the Donmeh which was still powerful into 20th century Turkey.

The founders of modern Israel were Sabbatean Jews. They inverted all religious rules. Thou shalt not kill became Thous shalt kill. Purim became a holiday dedicated to extinguishing the the light. Thou shalt not commit adultery became mandatory wife swapping on that holiday. On Yom Kippur they broke Kosher laws by eating pork.

The followers of Jacob Frank took the process to its most extreme conclusions. They had children by their own daughters. The Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt, the Rothschilds and Jacob Frank all lived in Germany during the same period. Rabbi Frank's nephew participated in the French revolution.

Rabbi’s Book:Israelis Can Kill Children, Women & Elders The book “The King’s Torah” by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira of the occupied West Bank settlement of Yitzhar accuses all nations of non-Jews of shedding the blood of Israelis and thus dealing with them on the basis of this opinion, which allows the killing of their children, women and their elders. My Comment: Edmund Husserl, the founder of Phenomenological psychology said that a paranoid remembers in detail the pain he feels but never is aware of the pain he inflicts on others.

The New Career Path: Day Labor Work, Competing Against Immigrants Shaiken said shaking up the mix at day labor sites may eventually produce conflict in the greater society. “It essentially shreds the argument that Americans don’t want certain jobs,” he said.

In the current economy, he added, “we’re almost sure to see die-hard opponents of illegal immigrants seize on the fact that we have legal workers in day labor markets,” heating an already-inflamed debate.

At the same time, Shaiken said, the issue won’t become central to the debate before Congress over what is known as comprehensive reform, including a pathway for legalizing millions of workers. “The point is, do we really want a labor market with day labor work as a career path?

Antonio Bernabe, day labor organizer for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, said the appearance of more and more U.S. citizens seeking day labor work on corners and in parking lots poses new challenges for organizations such as his. In recent months, he said, he has found himself explaining to a whole new group the legal rights of workers, as well as approaching local authorities to discuss the entry of new people into what he called “the world of day labor.” That group includes blacks and Asians, he said.

Hopefully, This is a Public Relations Trial Balloon. Obama's Afghan Plan: About 40K More Troops CBS Exclusive: Sources Say Force Will Grow to 100,000 - Nearly Filling Gen. McChrystal's Request; Long-Term Stay Planned ... The president still has more meetings scheduled on Afghanistan, but informed sources tell CBS News he intends to give Gen. Stanley McChrystal most, if not all, the additional troops he is asking for.

Who Will Be Sent to Afghanistan? Sixteen soldiers killed themselves in October alone, 134 so far this year, essentially ensuring that last year’s “record” of 140 suicides will be broken. This represents a startling 37 percent jump in suicides since 2006 ... the Army is digging deep for deployable troops; in fact, it’s dipping into a pool of soldiers who have already been damaged or even broken by their experiences in our war zones – and that’s just to meet present deployment needs ... the Joint Chiefs of Staff urged President Barack Obama to send fresh troops to Afghanistan only if they have spent at least a year in the U.S. since their last overseas tour

Chris Hedges: Afghanistan’s Sham Army American military advisers who work with the Afghan National Army, or ANA, speak of poorly trained and unmotivated Afghan soldiers who have little stomach for military discipline and even less for fighting. They describe many ANA units as being filled with brigands who terrorize local populations, exacting payments and engaging in intimidation, rape and theft. They contend that the ANA is riddled with Taliban sympathizers.

Bill Gross: China and Japan have been generating Negative 14% Returns on their Treasuries over the last year Bill Gross is the founder of PIMCO now the world’s largest mutual fund company. This story is also from him: Russia, India, Sri Lanka beat China to the Punch, Bailing on US Dollar and Buying Gold…Physical Gold Scarce Back in June Bill Gross told you to get out of the dollar before the central banks do. Now central banks around the world are doing exactly that.

Effort to Assist Older Voters May Raise Costs for the Young The House bill cuts drastically benefits to the elderly on Medicare. But it also does this: The bill would limit how much insurers can vary premiums based on the age of the person buying the policy ... the ratio can only be as much as 2 to 1, meaning older people could pay no more than twice what the youngest customers are charged ... It suggests that under the House's 2-to-1 cap, a 20-year-old would pay $3,169 in annual premiums and a 60-year-old would pay $6,339 for comparable plans, if they both had incomes above the subsidy-eligible level. Under a bill passed by the Senate Finance Committee, which had a 4-to-1 age-rating ratio, the 20-year-old would pay $2,258 and the 60-year-old would pay $8,357 ... The House bill also requires almost all Americans to carry health insurance or pay a fine ...

Bailout overseer Elizabeth Warren: banks recklessly gamble knowing US taxpayers will pay losses Professor Warren: As an economics teacher, I respectfully inform you that this is not capitalism. We have another name for corporate and political partnership for mutual benefit at public taxpayer expense: fascism.

So It's Official: IMF / Carry Trades The U.S. currency dropped against 12 of its 16 major counterparts as the International Monetary Fund said traders are probably using the dollar to fund so-called carry trades around the world and it may still be overvalued. As I explained before, Hedge Funds and governments overseas are borrowing in dollars and either investing or in the case of governments spending in their local currencies. They assume that the dollar will continue to decline so they are being paid to borrow money., This is called the Carry Trade and devalues the dollar and cuts the purchasing power of your money.

Ellen Brown Author, "Web of Debt" Says Goldman's Profits Come from Our Pockets: Why We Need a Tobin Tax "The homeless in America have Goldman Sachs to thank for their homelessness and starvation right now. They took the money from their pockets, they put it in their bonuses for this year. . . . That's a financial terrorist crime."

Which will come out on top: paper or gold?

Paterson: NY State Will Be Broke Before Christmas Delivers Scary News To Legislature, Says Only Way To Fix Problem Is To Have Immediate Cuts To Education, Hospitals

The Balance Sheet Recession: $4.2 Trillion Lost in Residential Real Estate Value. Yet Mortgage Debt Down by $140 Billion. $4.2 trillion has disappeared and needs to be reconciled.

WHO publishes plans to take over the whole of society in pandemic emergency The plan outlines how WHO will take over a country’s essential services, including water and sanitation; fuel and energy; food; health care; telecommunications; finance; law and order; education; and transportation under the pretext of a pandemic emergency.

Man provides photo for his own wanted poster - A British man on the run from police sent a picture of himself to his local paper because he disliked the mugshot they had printed of him as part of a public appeal to track him down.

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