Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend Edition: Warren Buffet: Americans As Sharecroppers

Video: The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You The title does not make sense until you watch this video and understand that the bankers and your political leaders are SELLING YOU IN TO SLAVERY.

In his annual letter to stockholders Warren Buffet said America's future is to become a society of sharecroppers.

Audio: Max Keiser says most of the 10,000 Hedge Funds are moving into gold. In this video Max Keiser says: China will add 300 tons of gold to its reserves over the next six months.
Max interviews Ellen Brown who favors a debt free currency like Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln did.

More Extortion By The Banks BEAR STEARNS, AIG, LEHMAN, FANNIE AND FREDDIE - ALL BLEW UP SPECIFICALLY DUE TO EXCESSIVE LEVERAGE. ALL HAD MORE THAN DOUBLE THE PREVIOUS LIMIT. ALL OF THEM. NONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE BLOWN UP UNDER A 12:1 LEVERAGE LIMIT. Be aware Congress: The People aren't as stupid as you think ... There is a breaking point beyond which the people of this or any other nation simply will not tolerate the blatant extortion and theft of any hope for a better future for themselves and their children

PELOSI: Buy a $15,000 Insurance Policy or Go to Jail : Mandate Can Lead to 5 Years in Jail Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail ... Section 7203 – misdemeanor willful failure to pay is punishable by a fine of up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year ... Section 7201 – felony willful evasion is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years” ... I wonder if she realizes how long it will take for these provisions to get around the Internet? Poll: Huge majority doesn't want Democrats' health care bill [ only 26 percent want Congress to pass the current health care proposal]

What the Pelosi Health-Care Bill Really Says:Here are some important passages in the 2,000 page legislation: Wall Street Journal Sec. 224 (p. 118) provides that 18 months after the bill becomes law, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will decide what a "qualified plan" covers and how much you'll be legally required to pay for it. That's like a banker telling you to sign the loan agreement now, then filling in the interest rate and repayment terms 18 months later ... A family earning $102,100 a year before taxes will have to pay a $15,000 premium plus an estimated $5,300 out-of-pocket, for a $20,300 total, or 20% of its pre-tax income ... the bill fundamentally changes how Medicare pays doctors and hospitals, permitting the government to dictate treatment decisions ... Secs. 1158-1160 (pp. 499-520) initiates programs to reduce payments for patient care to what it costs in the lowest cost regions of the country. This will reduce payments for care (and by implication the standard of care) for hospital patients in higher cost areas such as New York and Florida ... Sec. 1161 (pp. 520-545) cuts payments to Medicare Advantage plans (used by 20% of seniors) ... Sec. 399V (p. 1422) provides for grants to community "entities" with no required qualifications except having "documented community activity ... Sec. 222 (p. 617) provides reimbursement for culturally and linguistically appropriate services with no co-pays for language services ... Secs. 2521 and 2533 (pp. 1379 and 1437) establishes racial and ethnic preferences in awarding grants for training nurses For the text of the bill with page numbers, see this

Obama Puts Monsanto Lobbyist In Charge Of Food Safety

1001 WAYS THAT ZIONISTS USE TO TAKE OVER LAND AND DISTRACT ATTENTION AT THE SAME TIME….. Israel builds massive security industries while more than 1/3rd of its population lives below the poverty line. As Gideon Levy put it in Haaretz yesterday: “Every few weeks you have to sow fear, every few months you need to make threats, and once every year or two you have to have another little war. Blind cooperation between the defense establishment and the media holds the promise of another round of fighting. In that way, it’s possible to escape some of the blame from the Goldstone report

When Asked Where the Constitution Authorizes Congress to Order Americans To Buy Health Insurance, Pelosi Says: 'Are You Serious?' by emailing a press release on the “Constitutionality of Health Insurance Reform,” that argues that Congress derives the authority to mandate that people purchase health insurance from its constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce.

The Disastrous Performance Of Private Equity: Of The Top 10 LBOs, 6 Are In Distress, 4 Have Defaulted

Israel Depressed: Arms Shipment ‘Story’ Ineffective!

Bad News For Goldman: Senator Sanders Proposes Legislation Naming TBTF (Too Big Too Fail) Firms, Demands They Be Broken Up Within A Year Don't worry FED, your time is coming. There will be much greater things you need to worry about than the survival of your various Wall Street masters...Just give it some time

EXCLUSIVE: Rare virus (Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever) poses new threat to troops
Sgt. Robert David Gordon, 22, from River Falls, Ala., died Sept. 16 from what turned out to be Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever after he was bitten by a tick. The virus is transmitted by infected blood and can be carried by ticks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Obama Administration is captured. Is this change we can believe in? I will leave that for you to decide.


Satirical Video: Video iWatch parody Satire on LA snitch program. Warning some strong language.

Obama's Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting Pastor Manning did warn us. Video: Hon. James Manning: Rush Limbaugh Fumbles Obama’s Birth Certificate

(Video) BELL TOLLING for the Swine Flu
TERESA FORCADES, MD and doctor in Public Health, reflects on the history, and gives scientific data, of A type flu and lists all the irregularities related to this subject. She explains the consequences of the declaration of a PANDEMIC, the political consequences from this declaration and makes a proposal to keep calm. She calls for an urgent activation of all legal mechanism and the participation of all citizens in this matter. English Subtitles.

Another Casualty of the Retail Collapse: Borders to Close 200 Waldenbooks Locations

Michigan woman imprisoned by Israel following settler take over of Palestinian home Related CNN Video here

If Incomes are Down, Where is the Economic Spending coming from? Industrial Production Still Lower, Credit Contraction, and Average Work Week at Record Low. Wells Fargo Considering Converting Option ARMs to Interest Only Loans.

State investigators taking dozens of computers from ACORN (National HQ) office on Canal Street An ACORN official also said Caldwell's investigators will copy the hard drives from ACORN's computers and return them next week. The computers contain all payroll information for the national organization, the official said.

Video Justice Denied: Voices from Guantanamo

This is not your mother's America...nor your father's

Botox Diffusion Alert: Pelosi Statement On October Jobs Report

Bloggers' Right to Free Speech and Use Anonymous Sources Questioned in New Hampshire Supreme Court

LA Doctor Allegedly Faked Exams For Immigrants

Top Bailout Recipients Spent $71 Million On Lobbying In Year Since Bailout

What's really in that burger? E.coli and chicken feces both allowed by USDA

Israel's Super-Thermite Lab Solving 9-11: Thirteen Chapters Now Online

How many countries do you have to be at war with to be disqualified from receiving the Nobel Peace Prize?

UN Affirms Israeli-Hamas War Crimes Report The vote was 114 in favor and 18 against, with 44 abstentions ... The Assembly requested Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to report within three months on the implementation of the resolution ... Last month, the 15-member Security Council debated the report but refused to take a vote primarily because of the opposition by the United States ... The report was also the subject of a vote Tuesday by the U.S. House of Representatives, traditionally sympathetic towards Israel. That vote, condemning the report, was 344 in favor and 36 against.

Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Carbon Dioxide is sold as a fertilizer like enrichment process to greenhouse owners. So if we do what the Congress wants which is to cut CO2 in the atmosphere and switch to GMO crops both of which reduce food production we will have to beg HHS and WHO for a super mega dose of a vaccine with mercury, squalene and aluminum so we all keel over before hunger pangs drive our neighbors to commit random acts of cannibalism.

FHA delays the release of disputed audit of its finances Try telling the IRS to delay the audit of your taxes.

Audio: EXCLUSIVE - Flu Shot Victim Desiree Jennings CURED of “untreatable” Neurological Disorder

Woman passes driving theory test at 950th attempt Now she must pass a driving test before getting her license, Mr Choi said. Mrs Cha She told the Korea Times newspaper she needed the license for her vegetable-selling business

Fork-lift driver's warehouse disaster: video

"Restless Vagina Syndrome": Big Pharma's Newest Fake Disease

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