Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thursday 11-05 Why Do They Hate Us?

I have heard this glib response to the question as to why they hate us: "They want our stuff." There is an alternative explanation. Read on.

Former UK ambassador: CIA sent people to be ‘raped with broken bottles’ Do you suppose that getting raped with broken bottles would make people angry? This is a YouTube video from Real News with Ambassador Murray telling the truth about our Uzbekistan torture program. It was discontinued when we did not want to pay increased rentals on our military bases. The Uzbekis also used to torture people by immersing body parts in boiling oil. I believe oil boils at about 279 degrees if my memory serves me correctly. UK/USA made use of Uzbek torture

Tens of Jewish settlers break into, occupy home of 83-year-old Palestinian woman You give money to blood thirsty maniacs who break into the home of an 83 year old woman and terrorize her. Do you think she has the right yo be angry with American taxpayers?

Italian court sentences 23 CIA agents over rendition flight This video was made prior to the verdict. Video Max Keiser Extraordinary Antics of CIA Agents in Italy Max Keiser comments on the CIA trial in Italy. These men were convicted in abstentia. Max shows how well the CIA lived in a posh Milan hotel. Max says, "these guys were living it up on their black American Express cards or in their case Black Ops American Express cards. Don't leave home without it."

At Supreme Court: Can prosecutors be sued for framing defendants? Would you be angry if the police and the prosecutors conspired to use false evidence to imprison you for 25 years?

Exclusive: U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets
Do you suppose people overseas resent the US government spying on them as much as we do?

Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?

Goldstone Report Submitted To International Criminal Court The address of the ICC is listed at the URL. You are encouraged to write a formal letter to the prosecutors encouraging them to prosecute Israeli war criminals. International law will never work until war crimes are prosecuted.

Economic Crisis Hits States and Municipalities 27 states have reduced health benefits for low-income children and families; 25 states are cutting aid to K-12 schools and other educational programs; 34 states have cut assistance to state colleges and universities; 26 states have instituted hiring freezes; 13 states have announced layoffs; and 22 states have reduced state workers' wages. Since the worst of the states' budget shortfalls lies ahead, we can expect all of these numbers to deteriorate further

Pelosi Arrested Us for Asking for Healthcare 12 single payer activists who were escorted from the reception area of Nancy Pelosi's office in the San Francisco Federal Building and arrested by members of the Federal Protection Service of U.S. Homeland Security.

Chicago Metro Area Sales-Tax Receipts Plunge, Property Taxes Rise Chicago is no longer the "Second City" when it comes to the sales taxes. Thanks to a 1 percent sales tax increase that went into effect Tuesday, we're number one in the nation. The 1 percent increase hikes the sales tax in Chicago to 10.25 percent.

Tickerguy's English translation of the FOMC statement: Activity in the housing sector has increased over recent months.

Four year olds and cats are cashing the $8,000 homebuyer credit, as the IRS has recently disclosed. This of course supports housing.

Household spending appears to be expanding but remains constrained by ongoing job losses, sluggish income growth, lower housing wealth, and tight credit.

A huge number of people are out of work, those who have jobs are having their wages and hours cut, your house is still going down in price and Citibank just raised your credit card interest rate to 29.9%. This is all bullish for the economy, of course

Video: Ratigan's Four Simple Yet Brilliant Proposals On How To Fix The System
First: Inject transparency, primarily to bring almost $500 trillion in swaps to the forefront.

Michigan woman dies after Medicaid dental care is cut She had an untreated dental infection.

ADL demands that Goldstone repudiate his own report Goldstone's background: head of the South Africa Reconciliation Commission ... serves on the Board of Trustees of Hebrew University and has a daughter living in Israel." The ADL press release is here.

Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad. copyright treaty whose text Obama’s administration refused to disclose due to “national security” concerns, has leaked ... it will be impossible to run a service like Flickr or YouTube or Blogger, since hiring enough lawyers to ensure that the mountain of material uploaded every second isn’t infringing will exceed any hope of profitability ... Mandatory prohibitions on breaking DRM, even if doing so for a lawful purpose (e.g., to make a work available to disabled people; for archival preservation; because you own the copyrighted work that is locked up with DRM)

Video: Maricopa County Sheriff's employee takes documents from defense attorney A detention officer with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is caught on tape swiping a document from a defense attorney's files behind her back. Officer Adam Stoddard then hands the document to Deputy Francisco Campillo to make photocopies.

So much for Europe
Polls indicate that two-thirds of Germans want their troops pulled out of Afghanistan ... NATO members currently field 42,000 troops in Afghanistan. American troops there currently number 67,000 ... More than 10,000 protesters marched in London on Oct. 24 demanding British troops be withdrawn from Afghanistan

Matt Taibbi: What about Goldman’s Ex-Boss? deal contributed to the more than $14 billion that over 18 months was handed to Goldman Sachs, whose former chairman, Stephen Friedman, was chairman of the board of directors of the New York Fed when the decision was made ... Goldman took out billions of these CDS positions with Cassano, who had written upwards of $440 billion of these CDS without having even a fraction of the money he would have needed to cover that bet ... Goldman instead hastened AIG’s demise because it was, perhaps, the one way it could cash in fully on its reckless deals – by forcing it into the arms of the government and getting the taxpayer to pony up for Cassano’s dumb calls

Dumbest Generation Getting Dumber In 2006, U.S. students ranked 25th of 30 advanced nations in math and 24th in science ... comparisons of fourth grade reading, math, and science, US students scored in the top quarter or top half of advanced nations. By age 15 these rankings drop to the bottom half. In other words, American students are farthest behind .. While the academic performance of white students is grossly inferior, that of black and Latino students is a national disgrace ... 48 percent of blacks and 43 percent of Latinos are 'below basic

Videos on Israel's Overwhelming Influence on US Foreign Policy Webmaster's compilation of a dozen videos exposing the improper influence of Israel over United States' foreign policy.

John Crudelle: Obama gibberish on jobs makes my job easy

J.P. Morgan Settles Alabama Bribery Case J. P. Morgan Securities will forfeit hundreds of millions of dollars in fees on derivatives contracts that it sold an Alabama county, under a settlement announced Wednesday that could offer hope to other governments staggering under similar deals ... charged in a lawsuit on Wednesday that J. P. Morgan had made unlawful payments to friends of Jefferson County’s commissioners

Is India clearing the way for gold ‘moonshot’?

Mish Shedlock: Bank of England Throws Money at Economy

Women with breast cancer have low vitamin D levels, scientists discover D3 raises blood levels better than does D2.

Obama's Half Bro Says Dad Beat Him

A personal note. Last night until just past midnight. I watched V for Vendetta. Some of my favorite lines. When Evey Hammond is threatened with death by firing squad if she does not betray V, she says, "Thank you. But I would rather die behind the chemical shed."

When Creedy shoots V, he asks why he did not die. V says, "Behind this mask is an idea. And ideas are bullet proof."

Today is November 5th Guy Fawkes day. In the movie V the hero promises to meet again the following year on Guy Fawkes day with the people of his nation to overthrow the government. In the movie V does not survive, But the tyrants are vanquished and freedom is restored to the people of England. The dollar will collapse soon. Perhaps our freedoms will be restored to us within one year from today.

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